Installation hyper-spaces


Installation hyper-spaces> with Jamil Mehdaoui + Claire Gasteuil

Installation Concept> ANTONELLO da Messina: St Jerome in his Study, 1460

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  1. Mindsigh » Blog Archive » Brad Kligerman - Artist in virtual residence Says:

    […] Kligerman has set out to use his architectural sensibility in building both a display space and a series of visual works. He has explored the play of light on virtual objects, and has built an installation called “Hyper-spaces”. […]

  2. Metaverse Territories » Insideout of an Image-Space Says:

    […] [Le Monde] a remarkable image from the interactive dance performance directed by choreographer Sasha Waltz, near Avignon, France. Conceived as a hyper-space, each member of the audience is encouraged to participate in their own interpretation of the event. By mingling within the action, becoming entangled in the action, one searches for a unique vantage point to reveal the work’s personal meaning –a singular representation space. The body is essentially separated from point-of-view, like the virtual camera of a virtual world, to frame and re-frame the action, mixing image and body, artifice and edifice, real and virtual. […]

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