AVAIR Update


From the Desk of Rubaiyat Shatner, Director Ars Virtua


Let me first say that is has been a genuine pleasure working with our first Artist in Residence. Brad Kligerman is a formidable artist and thinker and his work will profoundly effect the medium for quite some time.

In the process of dealing with this attempt to create a new “native” form of art in Second Life we have come to realize just how conservative the art audience is. I suppose this should come as no surprise, especially given the proclivity to vocalization on the internet even when no understanding is held nor attempted. As a gallery director I was however taken aback by several responses to the work.

This has not dissuaded me from the concerted effort to create, recruit, mentor and commission new works that engage theory and the 3D environment. Ars Virtua is after all a New Media Center and Gallery and is committed to these new forms.

Amy Wilson, Jay Van Buran and myself have found the process enlightening, and are encouraged by the quality of the work being proposed to AVAIR. After deliberation we have chosen our second resident Micheál O’Connell.
We are excited to be working with Micheál, and are exceedingly grateful to Turbulence, the Jerome Foundation and Jo-Anne Green for making this all possible.

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