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What is ABSML?

short version

ABSML has been described as a text generator, "Mad Libs on steroids," and a Snowclone Machine.

regular version

As an author of content on the web, surely you are already familiar with HTML and XML.

These languages allow us to write code that make up the internet as we know it today. But like it or not, the internet is boring and dumb. A.B.S.M.L. (pronounced ABSML) is different because it is a language which writes itself, thereby making the internet interesting and smart. ABSML could be considered a text generator, but it's much more sophisticated than that.

How does it work?

ABSML inserts text into user created sentence templates. As we learned in elementary English, all sentences can be broken into component parts. For example:

 [Greeting] [noun], are you ready to [verb]?

could become:

 Good evening, Iowa City are you ready to rock?

or wildly different:

 Hey, McEnroe are you ready to serve?

With ABSML the sentence will read differently each time it is parsed.

ABSML tags replace parts of speech and sentence components. In the right combination, the tags create prose, while based on formulas and code, does not appear formulaic.

What can I use this for?

We're not sure. The creators of ABSML have used it for a variety of art/programming projects. ABSML is free and open for others to use through our online editor and through an API.