Ebb and Flow

The artists

Sonya Allin is a Computer Science student at Columbia University. She has been a member of the ParkBench Collective since 1997.

Jesse Gilbert is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, and digital audio specialist. Recent works have explored the uses of sound in networked collaborations, scavenging of sounds through the publicly licensed radio waves, and guided improvisation.

Nina Sobell pioneered the use of video, computers and interactivity in art; she also pioneered performance art on the Web in 1994 in collaboration with Emily Hartzell as ParkBench. Brainwave Drawing (1973) was the first interactive visual work displaying the non-verbal communication between two people, first viewed on the Web in ParkBench's ArtisTheater in 1996. Ebb and Flow will be the first instance of this work with music.


Jim Crawford is currently working in specialized film exhibition and distribution, and is a graduate student in Cinema Studies at New York University. He is interested in exploring ways in which internet-based multimedia art can reach a larger audience.

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