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The Saddest Thing I Own

The Saddest Thing I Own

A collection of life's saddest objects, their sad stories, and our reasons for holding onto these sad things.


Posted On Tuesday November 17, 2009 By Summer

The saddest thing I carry with me is my own burden and the inability to love another.

I had a fine childhood. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

Every time I get involved in a relationship, I have to find means to eventually end it. I cannot make myself happy, and I bring all of my signficant others down. I sit and sulk in my own self derived pain. I am unable to create if I am not in pain. I’m not sure what is wrong with me.

I have lost great loves. I have lost budding relationships that could have really been fulfilling.

I have lost each one of these to gain nothing, to sit in sorrow and end each day alone.

Tags: illness, lost, love, mental

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My Cousin :( Rip Derrick Michael!

Posted On Tuesday November 17, 2009 By Christina

an aeropostale hoodie, a hat, and a half of a 1 dollar bill dated around 2001.

My cousin took his life in September and I can’t get past it. I love him and miss him and cry.

My aunt gave me his hoodie and hat for Christmas because she knew I wanted something of his.

The half of a dollar bill we ripped one in half on his birthday one year and said whoever got their licence first we would tape it back together and put it on thier dashboard. He got his first, but lost his half lol.

I love you Derrick

Tags: cousin, dollar, hoodie, licence, ripped

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A Collection

Posted On Saturday May 16, 2009 By Drace

A collection of memories stored in a purple heart wood box. A collection stored in my heart. And a single photo of the most influental woman in my life.

My aunt died when I was 7. She would throw the biggest 4th of july parties. The whole town would show up and she had such an amazing fireworks show. She gave me the love I have for pets and the great out doors. She gave me the ability to look up and really see the silver lining. She was not able to have children of her own.

Razia my first kitten… She was stolen from me while I was out of my apartment. She was what kept me going when I lost my first job and my then finace left me for another girl. She was my child.

In my box I carry a belt buckle, my best friends father wore it all the time. when we where 16 he passed away from cancer. Her mom couldnt tell her. So instead I was asked to do it. The day before this happened our other best friend had died.

Although bad things have happened in my past, I’ve learned to hold my head up and take just one more step… and then another. I’ve got half of a tattoo series completed. A sleeping kitten and a sleeping Dragon both upon my shoulders. and above them will read

It Cant Rain All The Time

I lost my job on the 17th and on the 18th my car cost me every last penny I had. But I paid it. I need it. I will go forward and things will be better.

I will always carry my memories, my purple box, my luggage.
But I’ll do it with a smile on my face even when its almost impossible to smile.

Its who I am.

Tags: death, memories, optimisim, pet, rain

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