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The Saddest Thing I Own

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My Cat Knew He Was Dying

Posted On Monday March 26, 2007 By Peg

Our beloved 16 year old male cat, Mr. Mcgoo, knew and practiced five tricks; he walked on a leash. He was the most intelligent cat who ever owned us. One morning when he was on his kitchen stool, he was crying. Tears were flowing off his face and as I wiped away his tears and kept asking him what was wrong, he looked at me intently. He continued to cry. Later that day, he came up into our laps as we were reading the mail. He came to my chin first and kissed me; then he went to my husband and kissed him the same way. Three days later he died. The vet called while he was in town eating breatkfast and told I should get down to the hospital. I got there in time to be with Mr. McGoo to hold up his head, for me to hold him and tell him how much we loved him; he gave three last gasps and was gone. He hung on long enough for us to say goodbye. It hurts so much that HE knew he was leaving us and we did not. Although he had had CRFs, he died of heart failure. We siimply cannot get over the grief even though we adopted a new kitten. Mr. McGoo’s companion for seven years nearly died from not eating, drinking and shutting down her systems. To this day, four months later, she will NOT lie down on any of Mr. McGoo’s favorite spots. She comes to us during the day and cries and paws us although not hungry. Will we ever get over the grief, heartache and loss? Should we get another cat that looks more like Mr. McGoo than the semi-feral, hyper gray one we adopted? Would Casey, the 7-year old feel more comforted seeing a cat that looked like our beloved black Mr. McGoo? Please, help!!

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Other People's Thoughts

When my dear old 17 year old Smokey died, my 4 year old Persian was depressed…not eating like he used to, etc. I had always fed them hard food. So I bought some of that smelly wet food (Fancy Feast since there is a Persian on the can). My 4 year old ate it up, he loved the taste. I don’t think he got over Smokey being gone because of the wet food…but it did help him eat more. Sorry for your loss, hope this helps in some way.

— Miranda    Monday March 26, 2007    #

I once had a cat named Dutchess
She had been through several
illnesses in her life but we called her the “Ultimate Cat” We loved her soooo much. I went on a vacation with my sister and when I called home I was told that she was dying and should the vet keep her on IVs until I got home., I hurried home and was able to be there with her when she died. I held her while the
Vet gave her “the shot”. We had to put her down as she had liver failure and her fur and eyes were yellow. She looked up at me and
purred and then closed her eyes and left me. I will never forget her and will love her always. My son who is 40 years old now still
talks about her and how she was “the Ultimate cat” I’m sorry for your loss but Mr Mcgoo is waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge

— Sharon    Tuesday March 27, 2007    #

We just lost our precious 16 year old cat Blaze,she died this past Tuesday March 27. Although she was suffering serious health issues, we were not prepared to lose her. She suffered Monday night and Tuesday as we rushed her back to Houston for a blood transfusion and I cannot get that out of my head. I wish I had ended her suffering Monday…I guess I still had hope that we could save her. Like “Sharon” I was there holding her as she left us, it absolutly broke my heart and it will stay broken for a long time i’m certain.

-Shelby Friday March 30, 2007

— Shelby    Thursday March 29, 2007    #

time. the other cat will in time get used to being alone. we all do. introducing another cat may make the other car run away! you don’t want that to happen.

— dajebus    Sunday April 1, 2007    #

I just put my cat of 15 years down this afternoon. Church was like my son he had been going though stress because our dog passed over Memorial weekend. Church started acting strange three days before our dogs death. After Chimeara died Church started excessivly grooming himself and ended up takeing fur off himself. The last two weeks of his life he started to look real bad. He lost alot of weight and wouldnt eat. I took him to the vet to find out that he had cancer. Animals go through hard times when there friends die, show them lots of love to help them through the grief.

— John    Thursday June 28, 2007    #

I share your pain. Recently, our 14 year old cat, Groucho, so named because of his little, black mustache,failed to return for his evening feeding. We searched, even after dark to no avail. In the morning I decided to look in the National forest, about 150 yards from our home. I found him dead under a tree, just outside the forest fence. It appeared that he had been shot with a pellet gun! This little guy was a very unusual cat. He would come when called, visited all the neighbors who all knew him well, was a great rodent hunter, would give a high five for treats which were stored in a container on the kitchen counter, loved to have his tummy rubbed and loved most dogs! Two of our other five cats are still greiving. One is his brother, Moses, and the other, his best cat friend, Miss Kitty. These critters have taught this man what wonderful pets cats are and how devestating losing one can be!

— Richard    Saturday July 7, 2007    #

Dharma, our beloved 14-year old black persian is dying. It has been a slow decline, but in the last year and a half we’ve had several health crises. He’s on 3 pills and special food, but only seems “healthy” for a couple weeks at a time before another problem or bad stretch comes on.

It may sound selfish, but we have barely traveled in the last year and a half and every time we make some plans Dharma seems to go downhill just as departure dates are looming.

I wish I knew when it was time to humanely end this. Our younger cat realizes he’s not the same and I think she’s feeling neglected as so much time and energy go into her “older brother.”

Yet, each time he bounces back and then we just cannot imagine putting him down. I am greatly discouraged today because he is again hiding and not eating and looks miserable. Back to vet again. Oh this is so hard because we love him so much.

— Aaron    Thursday July 19, 2007    #

We know only to well what you are going through, as we had to put our beloved Suggles to sleep on saturday 28 July 2007 due to kidney failure and he was only 4 and a half years old. Our hearts are broken and we have Bugger Bum who is the same age and he is missing Suggles bad too. We got a new kitten about 3 weeks before Suggles went to sleep her name is Witchi-Poo but she is not a replacement for Suggles but a play mate for Bugger Bum. But in time we are hoping to be able to smile again as all we do is cry for our beloved Suggles as we miss his kisses and cuddles so much.

— Wilma & Greg    Thursday August 2, 2007    #

I have lived in a closer rapport with my cat, Hector longer than I have lived with any other creature, dead or alive. She (a sexing error as a kitten) is over 18yrs old, hypo-thyroid , and undoubtedly dying. I have made a promise to myself to keep her company and comfortable for as long as is sensible. I feel that our love for each other gives her strength, though she is very thin.
Unlike some of the other cats reported, she is not in pain, she doesn’t vomit, she goes for walks somewhat unsteadily, stills purrs, but her speaking is less frequent and of altered quality. I watch her constantly for signs that she would like to go and I will help her if she needs it. My prayer would be that she should die a natural death, here in the home that we have shared. Reading about other people’s experiences at this painful time has been very helpful, especially in coming to terms with the inevitable.

— Deborah Condon    Saturday August 4, 2007    #


I think it unfortunately might be the time to let your cat go. We kept ours alive through kidney problems for maybe a year, using first fluid injections and then adding steroids. The good stretches made the bad seem worthwhile, but remember that cats are usually very good at hiding their pain and suffering from humans.

When our cat got too sick to stand up easily, we had her put down and I swear she looked at us with thankful eyes as she was released from this world. For your sake and the cat’s, do the right thing. Give the other cat a little time to greive before bringing in any other pets.

Good luck and god bless.

— Bud    Wednesday August 15, 2007    #

On July 28 my beloved 14 yr old cat Alladin just dissappeared. He never left the house except to use the bathroom in the front yard, the litter box being way to undignified (except if it was raining or cold!) He had no health problems that I knew of and was eating well and in good spirits, but some of the other cats had been acting strangely around him. One in particular two days before he left, got up on the sofa and literally put her arms around him and slept that way all night.Everyone is telling me that he went off somewhere to die. But I have searched my neighborhood and put fliers in mailboxes to ask if anyone has seen anything. I can’t get closure. He was an amazing cat. Has anyone heard of a house cat going far away to die? Thanks for any help.

— Leslie Ferguson    Sunday August 19, 2007    #

my cat of a year has died yesterday and i dont know why

— laura    Saturday September 1, 2007    #

Peg, please try Bach flower remedies for your other cats grief. Star of Bethlehem. Just like two drops mixed in with the cats water. You can also use it yourself! You can find it at reputable health food stores like “Whole Foods”. Good Luck! Happy Paws! Leslie

— Leslie Ferguson    Wednesday September 5, 2007    #

My cat was fine until about three weeks ago and all of a sudden she stopped eating. She started going under the bed and wouldn’t come out. She’s old so I figured she was getting ready to die.
I took her to the vet. She did blood work and everything was negative and the vet said she wasn’t dying.
I took her back home. She was staying in places she never stayed in before so I believe she was looking for a place to die.
I had to take her back to the vet three more times. The last time the vet xrayed her. She had an enlarged liver caused from not eating. I had been force feeding her but it was too stressful for her and she wasn’t getting enough to sustain her so I finally stopped.
The only alternative was to have a tube put in her stomach and I’d have to go out of town for that and I don’t have any money so that was not an option for me.
Neither is putting her down. I just can’t do that.
Now she is going down hill very fast and I don’t think she will last another day or two.
I am so heartbroken. I wish I could have helped her. She’s like my baby. I will miss her so much. I have four other cats and one of them is old. I hope I don’t lose her anytime soon. I’m devestated enough already.

— Sharon Mote    Wednesday September 5, 2007    #

We’ve had this cat since he was a kitten 17 1/2 years ago. Today he was missing and was found in the closet weak and unable to get himself out from behind a box. He staggered and couldn’t stand and fell. I fed him half and half. His eyes were closed and he had trouble licking and swallowing. He was wagging his tail as if he knew something was wrong, then went to sleep. Although he lays flaccid, he continues to breathe. I really think now is the end.

— Blue and Lonesome    Wednesday September 5, 2007    #

We had just brought home our new precious Siamese kitten to join our existing family of 1 cat and 1 dog. He was 4 weeks old, just a baby, and we thought we could take care of him. He was so playful and charming the first night and we instantly fell in love with him – not knowing all would turn around soon enough. The next morning as we were off to work, we played with him and fed him, loved on him, and told him we would see him later. I anticipated playing with him all day long, and rushed home early to see the little tyke. When I arrived, his body was lifeless in the bathroom corner, no food or water had been eating. He let out a soft cry and I asked him what was wrong. He could not move and his limbs were lifeless. I rushed him to the hospital and they did the assessment. Come to find out he had gone into a metabolic shock from not eating or drinking and he had a vicious parasite eating his intestines away. After a night of blood transfusions and a full day on IV’s, we got to take him home. We cared for him all night, but in the end, it was too late, he gave up around 5:30 AM as he twitched and died in our arms. His last breaths were painful and sad as he left this world. I so wanted to put him out of his misery, but a part of me could not be so cruel. Needless to say,one shovel and a grave in our backyard later, and our new family member was extinguished from this earth for eternity. He was the cutest and sweetest kitten I think I have ever know, I am scarred for life and I don’t know if I could ever get another kitty – too many risks.

— Extremely depressed and cant move on....    Thursday September 13, 2007    #

I lost my cat Mackey this weekend. My heart is broken. We loved her so much. Now I am concerned about Milo our other cat. He is missing her and has been looking for her. My black lab Sherman, also looks a little sad. I appreciate the comments on this web site as it will help us a lot in how to deal with Milo.

— Mary    Sunday September 16, 2007    #

my thoughts are with you all. my cat went missing just over a week ago. i put flyers through all doors and shops. rang everywere up to report him missing. i had a call last thursday that he was on a garden across the road. my husband brought him in he couldnt move his legs. i though he had been run over. we took him to an emergency vet who said there was nothing he could do and to have him put to sleep. i couldnt stop crying. i love him so much. i regret not staying while he was being put to sleep. i feel guilty. they said he had a blood clot called saddel thrombus. cant work it out as he was alright before he went missing. apart from he wouldnt eat his dinner and ignored me which wasnt like him. i wish i knew why and wish i had been with him when he went but at least i could say goodbye to him. he was 7 years old a beautiful big fluffy cat. a kitten has come to us. a stray and doesn't want to go he goes everywere that my oscar went. does the same things.

— mary    Friday September 21, 2007    #

Cats are just like people, aren’t they? My 12 year old sunny, an orange tabby just passed on September 16, last Sunday. It is the most painful thing to me. He hasn’t been eating much for about a week. His activity level was down. I have been wanting to take him to the vet, but the one clinic that I used to take him and close to my work is booked. I should have taken him sooner. I finally took him to the vet the day before he passed unexpectedly. The vet took two tubes of blood for blood work, and we won’t know the results until Tuesday. She gave me some antibiotic. I gave Sunny as instructed after going home. It was 5 oclock in the afternnon. When he came home, he still went to his bowl and ate a little bit, also drank some water. At 8 or 9 o’clock he was still up and eat a few grains of food I put in front of him and drank a litte bit. The whole night was very quiet which is not normal. But I thought it’s the antibotic. Usually I would hear his movement in the house, and he would sleep either on my bed or next to my bed on the floor. The next morning when I woke up, he wasn’t in the bedroom. I saw him in the far end of the living room, which is unusual for him in the morning. His head was up looking at me. From afar I thought he was doing better, but when I walked toward him, I saw him in the worst shape, the skin all soggy, the eyes don’t look right. He let out a few very sad and loud cry. I have never heard him like that. He was vomitting and panting, with some liquid hanging from his mouth. I panic. I know I have to get him to the ER fast, but I have no idea where ER for animals is. I called to find out the address and then went online to look for direction. As an inexperience driver, I have no clue how to get him there. I quickly showered, but then I heard him twitching and vomitting. I was ready to go out of the door, but it’s too late.
It was so sudden and took me off guard. I cried all day Sunday and my heart broke. I still don’t know how I lost him. I cannot believe he is gone. The blood work shows the number is low acorss the board. The vet said he probably has leukemia or cancer. But friends said he shouldn’t pass so fast. Maybe dehydration?
Sunny and I had a very special bond. I know he loves me immansely, like I love him. He is like my son. I am really heart broken.
Hope you guys can see that at least you get to hold your kitten until they passed. When he was dying, I didn’t know he was dying and I still running around to try to get out of the door to send him to the hospital. I didn’t get to say good-bye to him.

— Mei    Friday September 21, 2007    #

I have been sat reading these pages as i sit here with my 21 year old cat Abbey, she came to us after being abandonded as a kitten in a box on a vets doorstep. she was cold hungry and infested with worms. she has ruled our house ever since and in finding it very difficult sat here with her as she is clearly ebbing away. she is old for a cat and she does not appear to be in pain although she hasnt eaten now for two days. the family have all agreed that in the morning i will have her put out of her misery. i do not want to see her suffer. poppy and daisy the other 2 cats have been fussing around her. she looks so beautiful and regal lay on her sheepskin rug in front of the fire i will miss her so very much. I have lit candles and we are having our last cuddles and snuggles. her tail is swishing about but she lies still and motionless. god bless you abbey i love you so much.

— jo cowell    Sunday September 23, 2007    #

It has been 2 months today since we put our beloved Snuggles to sleep and the pain is still as deep as it was that saturday afternoon 2 months ago. I still find it very hard to get through each day. The only thing thats that helps is thinking of all the good times we had it was so short only 4 1/2 years with our beautiful big boy. I would give not wish him back as hewas so sick but hell how i miss you Suggles. Just to hold and cuddle you is my greatest wish but i know that happen when we said goodbye 2 you 2 months ago. Dad is missing his kisses and cuddles so much too and more than anything you are not there to just up on his knee as soon as he sits in his chair. Missing You & Loving You So Much Our Darling Boy.

— Wilma & Greg    Friday September 28, 2007    #

I adored my Nina. She was a 10 year Burmese who was the sweet and friendly. She only weighed 5.5 pounds and for her entire life looked and acted like a kitten. She had known heart problems (a heart mummer and enlarged left atrium), but a fancy cardiologist did an echocardiogram and told us it was OK to have her anesthetized to have her not too dirty teeth cleaned. Two weeks later she suffered congestive heart failure. We took her to intensive care at Angell Memorial Hospital, and she was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopothy and given a life expectancy of 3 – 12 months. For 3 weeks we took here back repeatedly, but they could not stabilize her. Everyone one on the staff and every person in the waiting area gushed over her – she was that sweet and cute. Unfortunately, to keep her lungs clear they had to give her a relatively high does of diuretics. The medicine made her feel sick and she spent her time sitting off by herself not wanting anyone near her. After 3 weeks she stopped eating and drinking and I had to take her to be euthanized. She was too wonderful to have to suffer when at best she would live only a matter of months. I miss her terribly and talking about her or writing this note makes me cry. The worst part is that her suffering and death were unnecessary. One vet’s bad judgment – he was behind schedule and in a hurry – killed her. It’s one thing when a loved pet dies of illness or old age, but when they suffer and die for no reason, it is so hard to watch. I keep asking why I listened to the cardiologist and the guilt is awful. We are picking up 2 Burmese kittens this weekend and at best it is bitter sweet.

— Audrey    Sunday September 30, 2007    #

My cat is nearly 17. He has lived in five different houses with me. In the last week or so he has defacated in a number of places around the home rather than using the cat litter. Yesterday he was outside and has been missing for over 24 hours. In the last couple of years he has become skinny, thyroid problems due to old age. I am concerned that he has gone off to die. I am still grieving my 3 year old cat that had to be put down this last february after being hit by a car and last year my dog had to be put down after 14 years. I currently live alone so it is very sad.

— Nick    Monday October 1, 2007    #

I put my boy of 17 years down today. He lost alot of weight at a rapid rate about 4 months ago so I started feeding him soft food. He had a good 4 months and seemed to have no pain…just so thin! In the last few days, I noticed a loss of energy. He couldn’t jump up to the area that his litter and food is in. Last night I spent a couple of hours holding him and listening to him breath with difficulty and promised him that I would help him “pass” today. When I got up at 5:30am this morning, he was nowhere to be found…he had given me the slip. I left work early to give one last effort to look for him before it was too late. I found him!!! He was weak and near death in the spot outside that he had chosen. I scooped him up and took him to the Humane
Society to “help” him over the bridge. I’m so glad I found him and didn’t need to wonder if he was out there somewhere suffering. He’s happy and healthy now. He was a great cat. I miss him.

I’ll always remember you, Sable. XOXO

— Kelli    Tuesday October 2, 2007    #

I lost my cat Milo September 27th. He was 13 years old. I took him to the Vet this past May and they told me he was diebetic. For several months I gave him insulin shots and was able to keep his glucose level stable. One day in September I came home and he was not moving. I rushed him to the Vet and it took them several days to stablize him. I finally was able to take him home and was very greatful. A couple of weeks later I found him lying still on the floor again. I took him to the vet and the news was not good. I didn’t want to have to make the decision to put him to sleep so I took him home and held him for many hours letting him know that it was ok to go. I think all that time he was holding on for me. That night he took his last breath looking at me as if he was saying goodbye. That experience broke my heart but I was glad I was holding him when he died. Everyday I think of him with a sorrowful heart. He was my baby and I know that I will miss him always. His sister is really sad right now. I’m making sure I give her plently of love and let her know that I miss him too but everything will be ok. If there are any suggestions on how I can cheer her up please let me know. Thanks to everyone that posted their stories. It really has helped me feel like I’m not alone.

— SB    Tuesday October 2, 2007    #

My Dear Dami boy has died… I knew how old he was getting. He was 13. My wife saw him that day in a cage at the Humane Society as she walked by he swatted at her. Needless to say he was ours. We named him Damion ( he was the cat from hell ) If you went for a walk he walked behind you , never a day did he not greet you at the door. His favorite past time was to jump out of no where and attack. If he was outside laying in the hedge Only 1 call for him and he came running. My daughters will miss him deeply. He loved to lay by the pool soaking up the sun. Dami Boy !!! When our tears have passed you will stay in our hearts forever. I can’t say how he managed to touch our lives the way he did. I just know to us he was the Best Damn Cat in the world ! With so much suffeering in this world and animals abused everyday I am angry, I wanted just one more day! Can’t be selfish it was his time and I held him as he went very quickly and painless. It was the right thing to do…They can’t tell us no heroics! But we can give them dignity and let them go… They touch ALL our lives forever. I just always know that everything that lives must die ! We loved you Dami Boy!!! Always Will!

— Damions Dad    Sunday October 7, 2007    #

Our beloved Jon was put down yesterday. We had him for 10 years. When I got home yesterday I held my wife and just cried. Our other adopted cat Bells seems to more affectionate towards us now. The sadness of not seeing him when we come home is breaking my heart. We will never forget you Jon. OK now I’m crying again

— Paul Isaac    Tuesday October 16, 2007    #

On Monday morning, Oct. 15, 2007, my cat of 15 years, Mama Cat, just walked out the door and I can’t find her since then. She has been acting strangely in the past year, meowing in the roaring fashion of a lion, which I attributed to cat senility. I’ve had her in 6 homes in the past 15 years, including a stint in Germany, and she has always stayed close to home. She is very friendly and has the sense to avoid cars. If she has gone away to die I can only hope she doesn’t suffer. I’ve taken good care of her through the years and fortunately I have her 14 year old kitten, Thomas. But I’ll miss her.

— Ralph, Henderson, NV    Tuesday October 16, 2007    #

Reading the messages is so sad….. my 14 year old cat fluffy has just died. She lived with my mum and dad when i went to uni and became their cat….she idsappeared last sunday and as she very rarely stayed out overnight (my mum treated and pampered her like a baby) on mon morning when she wasnt there mum just knew it didnt look good. I cried myself to sleep a few nights. We went home today a few days later to see mum and dad and we finally found her in the field behind our house…....... i am so so so gutted as i loved her so much. I am even more gutted for my mum who is heartbroken. We buried her there this evening. Mum was worried a neighbouring farmers dog might have got her so in a way it was good to have closer and to have found her so we could bury her. It was so so so sad however…. it was sad as we didnt get to say goodbye while she was still alive…. poor fluffy. When a pet dies it is SUCH a loss to a family. I feel for who all v muc
helen (Northern Irish)

— Helen Davison    Saturday October 20, 2007    #

PS they say a cat knows when she is going to die and to be honest i think fluffy went away to die. mum had just fed her and she disappreared. she was gone for 6 days until we finally found her in the field behind our home. she must have felt funny and just went to be alone – perhaps a cats instinct. she was loved so v much. We miss you fluffy – thanks for all the happy times you gave us
helen x (Northern Irish)

— Helen Davison    Saturday October 20, 2007    #

This is for my buddy Dwight, whom I am mourning at this time. Brother to Riley and Mister, both gone, and missed by his surviving brother Dakota as I had to let him go on Sat. 10/20/07 after 14 years of showing me his love and his life. He could have been a Maine Coon, or Norwegian Forest but the breed doesn’t matter, that’s just for a visual. He was an abandoned alley cat with an almost indescribable heart and personality and I will never forget him. I grieved for Riley, whom I lost many years ago (I would come home from work and he would be sitting on top of the storage shed,waiting for me to pull up… Riley was given to us by neighbors because he spent so much time with us. They finally let us have him and the funny part of it is they named him Bailey… Bailey…Riley…seems like destiny to me) I also grieved for Mister, another orange feral alley cat. He ate at our house for about a year before he would let us pet him and then he was ours. In the end he was eating ice cream from my spoon. I have been blessed with a rich legacy of felines in the last 15 years and I thank God for that. I guess if I never wanted the grief of putting down a feline or canine best friend,maybe it should be a parrot or turtle… they might outlast me. But lately it’s been cats and that’s ok because God has given me cats and I will do what I can to nurture them.This post is part of my closure for my friend. When you met Dwight and observed him, to me, he should have been in the movie “Bambi”.That’s what his look and personality reminded me of. I guess I would describe it as one of truly innocent and giving love. The hardest thing to do is let them go. I have seen that in the posts I have read here. I would say that I beleive it is important to show the courage to “finally do it” as colossally difficult as it seems at the time. I am learning this as I go along and my heart goes out to those of you who are at this point.I’ve read a lot of the same signs in these posts that I have dealt with and it appears to me THAT WE ALL SEEM TO WAIT TOO LONG BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM.To delay our grief it is quite possible that we prolong theirs. I took Dwight in because of respiratory problems and dehydration,he spent the night at the vet and I went for a consult the next day about xrays and bloodwork. Possible cancer affecting his breathing… constant steady weight loss(down to 5 lbs.) I said I’ll take him home for a couple of days with Clavamox and vitamins. I observed him for a couple of hours (hoping he would settle down) and then I figured it out… it was time to end the suffering… they don’t know what’s going on… or maybe they do (according to one post). I took Dwight back to the vet and said goodbye and it was one of the the most difficult things I’ve ever done... I remember the words of the woman at the pet cemetary where I’ve arranged for a cremation and she said... “Don’t wait too long…don’t allow him to suffer”... I have probably been guilty of that in the past and I will be better for that in the future... I love you Dakota… God bless you Dwight, Riley and Mister….

— gremster    Tuesday October 23, 2007    #

Our 8 month old kitten died last night. One minute he was sitting on the couch with me and the next thing I know he was behind the couch. I hear a tiny meow and a light thump. I called out for him but he did’t come out. The boys and I were watching TV and I get up to check on him. I saw his lttle paw under the side of the couch so I reached in to pull him out. He was lifeless, his eyes were opened and glazed over. My husband tried to breathe life into him as one of the boys tried effortlessly to get his heart beating. It was no use, he was gone. We held him for a while hoping for some miracle but knew there was nothing left for us to do to help him. So at 11 at night the boys and I buried him in the backyard. We are all devastated. I wish I knew what happened.I wonder if I got up a minute sooner if I could have saved him. He was still just our little baby.

— Licorice's Mom    Thursday October 25, 2007    #

I have a beautiful Morris kitty, that I sawa last year thrown from a truck at a Sprint phonre store. I took him in and found out he had feline luekemia. He is about 2 years old. Has had dental surgery twice and a surgery two weeks ago to remove two tumors on his side and leg. Now the tumors are back and he is having surgery tomorrow again. This time, he may lose his leg. I am so sad that this kitty, whom I love so much has gone through so much. He is the move loveable lap kitty. I don’t want him to suffer and pray I am doing the right thing.

— Sprints mama    Monday October 29, 2007    #

My Guardian Angel, Sammy

I, having five chronic illnesses which one of them is being an insulin dependant diabetic.

Sammy being a stray cat came up on the front porch one day and I would feed him and keep him cold water to drink. He started sleeping on the porch swing at night then there was a cat fight and I got up out of bed and brought him inside the house. Several days later I took him to the vet and Sammy was checked out, giving him a bath, then was given the shots that he needed. I had him neutered and I started keeping him in the house with me.

Over a period of time Sammy in several ways started waking me up at night when my blood sugar would drop low. He weighed nineteen pounds and would get up on my check to lay down then he would lick my chin to wake me up. I learned that he was looking after me and had saved my life many times over. If any of you know about diabetes, there were times that my blood sugar would drop down to twenty four at night. So you see, I am certain that Sammy was sent to me,

To be my “Guardian Angel”.
— Diana    Wednesday November 7, 2007    #

I had a cat named Pansey. I had her for 21 years. She was the same age as me. My family got her when she was a kitten and I was a baby. Actually, she came to us. She was a little kitten and kept coming to our door for food…eventually we brought her in. I used to hit her on the head when I was a baby, but she never scratched me. She was the sweetest cat. She’d always stay near us no matter where we were inside or outside the house. She would come over and kiss us a lot. And she’d purr whenever we’d pet her.She loved to be pet. She would often play the piano. I’d come home from school and she would be moving her paws back and forth on the piano. Strange, but she really did. She loved the piano. Whenever I played she’d either jump on the bench with me or lay next to the piano.
The year before she died she began to get sick…she would let out these horrible crys at nighttime. She sounded like she was in a lot of pain. A month before she died we had to close her off to the kitchen because she wasn’t using the litter box much anymore. About a week before she died she got confused. She would go to the bathroom by putting her two front paws in the litter box and her two back paws and the rest of her body out of the litter box…so we put the litter box in a kid pool and cut am opening in the side. She was suffering so much but we refused to put her to sleep. We loved her tooo much.
She began falling a lot. She would try to walk but then her body went thump. Her bones were twisting and she could barely walk at all. One night I got down on my hands and knees and prayed to God, “Lord, take her take her. She is suffering to much. I can’t see her suffering anymore. Please take her. Then I went over to the piano and improvised a song for her and song, “Pansey, Pansey, I Love You…” It was the best song I’ve ever played. I felt like God was helping me play the piano to her. After I got done, I saw her next to me. I don’t know how she had gotten over to the piano. That night that I prayed to God to take her I went to bed at around 8:30pm My dad came to me at 9pm and said that my dear cat Pansey died. Me my sister and brother each cut a lock of her hair off of her tail and we put it in plastic bags to keep. Pansey will never be forgotten. She was the sweetest cat.

— Corinne    Wednesday November 7, 2007    #

My 2 year old cat/kitten died in my arms at 2:15 am last night. I was so horrible and I can’t sleep or stop crying. Does it ever get better? It has been 26 hours an I am still crying.

— Julia    Sunday November 11, 2007    #

My beloved 20 year old long haired black cat died on Tuesday. Her name was Tasha and she was my best friend. She was my constant companion. I loved her so much. She has always been there for me and never let me down. The most horrible thing is the way that she died. My 5 year old daughter always wants a warm towel from the dryer so I had a load in and I warmed them up and left my dryer open so she must have jumped in then and I was running back out to go get my other daughter at dance and I just shut it real fast and turned it on to fluff them back up, then I heard it as a walked out the door, thank God my husband handled everything, she was still alive and lasted all through the night the vet told us to pack her in ice, he took her to the vet the next morning and she had died. I am just heartbroken, I think how could I have taken such good care of her for 20 years and then something like this happen. She had basically been healthy, although she had been drinking alot more and losing bladder control. I will miss her forever. I will never forgive myself.

— Sandy    Sunday November 18, 2007    #

I have a cat named Boo…...he is 12 years old and stopped eating and drinking….it seems painful for him to groom or eat and drink…I can’t get him to the vet until tomorrow and doing research on the internet sounds like he might be too sick to survive since reading all that might be wrong with him is not good and it seems to have happened to him so quickly….I’m so afraid that I might have to put him down (for fear of no cure) and don’t want him to suffer. He’s been a house cat his whole life and has been my “Heart warmer” for so many years….since my divorce in ’92 he has given me something to come home too for the last 5 years and when I was sad or lonely he would sit on my chest and make my life so good by the way he would sense my sadness and cheer me up. I’m scared my hero is ready to die and I just want to let the world know that my Cat is the greatest thing in my life. I feel so powerless and sad right now. I’m taking today to love him every minute and take some movies and pictures of one “HERO” of a cat. I’m having a hard time trying to realize my life without him. I sure am blessed to have had him as part of my life “even if it might be for just one more day” and trying to realize my life without him “how painful that is going to be”.
I love you BOO......Put us in your prayers for tomorrow. And thanks for helping me deal.

— Scott    Saturday November 24, 2007    #

I am truly sorry for your loss. I am 16 years old. I recently loss my cat Oscar at a very young age of 3 years old. He as a kitten picked me to be his owner. For three wonderful years he was my best friend. My female dog Bailey was firmly attached to him. She thought he was her baby! One day, she started being agressive towards him. We couldn’t figure out why. It turns out that his liver was failing him. He died about six months ago.He turned yellow all over…his mouth,nose,pads,ears,fur,skin.He stayed in my bedroom for the next week,constantly wanting to be held and cuddled. About 3:00 in the morning one day he woke me up with a horribly sad cry.He then began seazing and had to be put down.Bailey my 11yr old Dachound was incredibly lonely afterwards…so was I. I then got a pure bred Hemmingway. I named him Kiko and I never in my life have ever been so protective of my cat. He is my baby…not a day goes by that I look at Kiko and don’t think about Oscar. So, cats are unique animals…they love you more than you will ever know and have a loyalty to you that will never be forgotten. They are our friends,family,companions,and comfortors…even when they may be gone.

— Jessica Kraus    Saturday November 24, 2007    #

My cat Fifi hasn’t eaten since Thursday about 8:00 PM. Today is Tuesday. She threw up several times on Thursday night and Friday in the early hours. She ate or drank nothing on Friday and Saturday and drank a little on Sunday. On Monday I took her to the vet and he gave her a shot of vitamins plus an appetite stimulant etc. She ate nothing yesterday, drank a little water in the evening. Her Creatine and urea are really really abnormally high and the vet says she has Kidney failure. Today I have spent virtually every moment with her and made the decision not to prolong her agony and put her down this evening when at 1:00 PM, she perked up and ate a bit. This is the most she has eaten in almost 5 days and it has me all confused however, I feel like I must give her a chance if she is telling me that she needs more time. It could well be just one day or it could be 1 week but I feel I should listen. My primary motive is not to make her suffer and not to prolong her agony. I love my Fifi sooooo very much but her life (and death) come first. Ooohh this is hard. I have had a ton of people praying for her and in my world miracles are possible.

— Fifivixen    Monday November 26, 2007    #

My cat became ill shortly after I returned to university in October, he basically stopped eating. We fed him on raw eggs which worked for a while, but then he became bored of them. We also tried butter and tuna brine which helped him hang on until the 3rd November when my sister was planning to come home. Unfortunately by the time she came back at midday he had disappeared. By the time evening came and the fireworks began going off we knew he had passed on.

We found it very difficult to take because I always assumed he would come inside when the time came. But reading this page has helped since it clearly seems like common behaviour for cats to vanish in this way. Also, 13 years is quite a long time for a cat to live (apparently…although it will never feel enough)!

All the best wishes to those experiencing difficulties with their cat, I know how hard it can be.

— Bartosz    Friday November 30, 2007    #

Today my beloved cat, Feck, my loyal friend of nearly 12 years, lays dying and I feel so utterly saddened that I cannot help her. In May of 1996 my husband and I went to our local animal shelter in hopes of adopting a cat. On the third visit I found her…a 10 month old, gorgeous muted tortie tiny little girl named “YoYo”. My husband jokingly, and for years, good naturedly teased me for choosing “YoYo” (whom I renamed “Feck”, after Dennis Hopper’s character in the film “River’s Edge”) because her profile at the shelter said “YoYo likes to talk!”. And, boy, did she ever. Her first year with us was spent not only “talking” a lot, but running up and down the hallway of our then apartment like a little pony, all night long. She has hilarious and so much fun! She was a spitfire, all energy and love. My husband could get her to jump about 5 feet straight up in the air with a piece of string or the command “get that bug!!!” When I was 9 months pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter, Megan, Feck would sleep on the top of the swell of my belly as I sat on the couch at night. When Megan arrived, Feck was a little freaked out, but then quickly bonded with my pudgy bald baby and the two of them have been best buddies for Megan’s whole life. Megan calls Feck her “big sister” and many nights Feck slept on Megan’s bed, just near her head. Feck has always been the cat to not only greet you at the end of the driveway after work, but to flop on the ground and offer up her impossibly soft and fuzzy belly to you in welcome. Our neighbors both at the apartment we lived in when we adopted her and the house we have now lived in for ten years just adore her, and she has many friends up and down our block. She’s always been a mad “purrer” and over the years earned at least a dozen nicknames, lovingly bestowed upon her by myself, my husband and our daughter: Feckweed, Weed, Fecky Lou, Lou, Puff, Little Muffin, Onionhead, Little Ants, Comfort & Joy, Poof R Noof and on and on. Now, Feck’s voice has fallen silent, but for an occasional weak “mew” upon waking her or touching her. One week ago she stopped eating and started acting lethargic and not at all like herself. I took her to the vet who strongly suspects a thyroid problem based on her age (12 and a half), weight (thin), behavior and rapid breathing and heartbeat. We have opted not to do a blood test or try to pursue meds/treatment because we do not wish to prolong the inevitable; believing that animals know when it is time “to go”. So far, she appears to be in no pain or distress but is sleeping almost all the time. She is still taking water, but no food. I can’t stand the thought of taking her to a cold, clinical place to have her put down, but I will do that in a red hot second if I sense she is suffering. The hardest part is the sudden onset of her symptoms, or apparently sudden. A week and a half ago she acted and appeared perfectly normal. So far, she sleeps, and I know the time is imminent. Our house will be so quiet without her and I swear my heart will never heal. Feck is and always will be the best four legged friend I have ever had. She’s not even gone yet and I miss her already.

— Alli Bowman Tuesday December 4, 2007

— Alli Bowman    Monday December 3, 2007    #

Goodbye Old Friend

Yesterday, December 11, 2007, my husband, daughter and I took our dear old friend, Feck, to the animal hospital to be euthanized. Over the last week, she continued to deteriorate, not eating at all and eventually having trouble walking. She stopped asking to go outdoors (where she always loved to be) a few days ago and even while she still went outside, would hunch down in the dark under our juniper bushes, knowing she was defenseless to any predators who might enter our yard. Inside, she would stay in one of our two bathrooms (in the dark) or would lie in our unlit hallway off the living room, close enough to hear her family’s voices but still distant from us. I believe she was separating from us as she was dying. At 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning December 11, Feck cried out to me in the dark and I jumped out of bed and flipped the light switch, and there was my poor baby, too weak to get to the front door, urinating all over our bedroom floor and herself. She looked at me with such shame and embarrassment (Feck was a cat who in 11 years since she was “weaned” from her litter box, never once had an “accident” indoors)and I know in my heart that this was undignified for my beautiful girl. Feck deserved way better than that; she deserved to be let go with honor and love. So, it was that afternoon with heavy, heavy hearts (and many sobs) that we put her in her kitty carrier and took her from her home for one last visit to her vet. She creid weakly on the drive to the hospital, and it broke our hearts. The room was prepared when we got there, and we each had a few minutes to say our goodbyes before the doctor came in. My husband gently removed Feck’s collar and rubbed her neck and ears and then the doctor and his assistant came in. We all decided to stay in the room as her little leg was shaved and the injection was administered. Feck bled a lot from her leg, which really bothered me. What’s worse, our old girl still had a surprising amount of fight in her, and she yowled and struggled with the vet and scratched his assistant. It absolutely kills me that she was so scared in her last moments, but we had to do this. The vet and his assistant left us alone with her so we could be with her while she passed. She refused to die though, and when the vet overheard me tearfully ask my husband “Why is this taking so long?” the vet came back in the room and removed Feck, we assume to give her another injection. It was absolutely agonizing for us and I would suggest to anyone out there who has to make this most difficult decision that you think carefully about being present when the injection is done. In hindsight, I wish (I think) I had not been there. I am wracked with guilt that she was scared and that it took so long (and a second injection) for her to pass. It is also heart-wrenching to witness the “light” leave your beloved pet’s eyes. The doctor returned with Feck and placed her gently on the table and this time she wasn’t breathing and we knew she had passed. We took a few moments, then placed her in her kitty carrier and took her home for the last time. We took her inside the house and each said one more tearful goodbye. As I petted her, I felt how unbelievably soft her fur still was, and I realized I would miss feeling that for the rest of my life. Earlier in the day, my husband had prepared the spot, and we laid Feck to rest in the sunniest part of our front yard, alongside the garage and beneath the bench that she loved to sleep on and under when she was healthy and whole. We each kissed the top of her sweet little head, then curled her into her snug little kitty bed that my daughter had sprinkled some catnip on and in which we had placed Feck’s “Paco the Taco” mouse toy. My husband placed one of her front paws over her eyes which is how she often slept. At this point I had to go into the house but my daughter stayed with her dad as he carefully shoveled the earth to cover our Feck. My husband then raked the lava rock back over the area and placed the bench in its place. I had so much trouble sleeping last night, and I am drawn to the place where my beloved cat lies. I try not to think of her little body, cold in the earth, but it is so hard. I’m not sure when I will move beyond the pain of this loss, I probably never will entirely. Feck was the four legged, pointy eared love of my life and I will miss her until my dying day.

— Alli Bowman December 12, 2007    Tuesday December 11, 2007    #

My cat Pandora died last night. She was only 5 years old. She died on my kitchen floor after I hear her fall. She had been fine all day…there was no warning that something was wrong. I brought her to an all night animal hospital and the doctor there said she most likly threw a clot or had heart failure. I have never heard of a cat dying like she did. I heard a bang in the kitchen and ran out there to find her on the floor panting and she died a few seconds later with me petting her and asking her what was wrong. My other cat and I have spent the day in bed in and out of sleep. I didn’t know that I was going to feel this devastated by her death. She was such a special cat and my heart is breaking.

— Adria    Thursday December 13, 2007    #

I knew something was wrong with my 10 year old cat, Tom, when he stopped trying to eat all the others’ food. I assumed it was because I had been treating his food with a powder for his bad gums, and that he simply didn’t like the taste. Yesterday morning, he ate most of his breakfast, but when I offered him more later, and even a crunchy treat and some catnip, he showed no interest. I thought if he hadn’t perked up by today, I’d make an appointment and take him in Monday morning. I went out to run errands and came back around 5:00 to find him in great distress. His breathing was very labored and he was drooling. I scooped him up and rushed him the 25 minutes to the special care animal hospital nearest me. After talking to the vet, who said he was improving with oxygen and that his color was better, I went home to await the results of the bloodwork they intended to do. Several hours later I got a call telling me his heart was failing and they were really just keeping him alive until I got there to say goodbye! He wasn’t responsive at all when I arrived, and was being kept alive by artifical means. The doctor assured me that his heart was bad, and that it wouldn’t have shown up on bloodwork I’d had done on him only 6 months ago. I still can’t help feeling it’s my fault. If I didn’t have 4 others at home, I would wish I died with him. I don’t think I’ll ever recover. How on earth do you go on from here?

— Lynda Kester    Saturday December 15, 2007    #

I adopted “Picky” when my neighbor had passed away 2-1/2 years ago. Her son asked me if I wanted the cat, and I am not a cat lover. He said that he would have to put her down. Now, that did not sit well with me putting down a completely healthy cat even at 17 years old. Well, Picky has been our pet for over 2-1/2 years, and my son and I have come to love her very much. She is 19 years old now. She is not eating, but does drink a lot of water. She also has a thyroid problem, and an abcess in her mouth, making it difficult to eat. Picky, is down to around 4 lbs. All she does is sleep. My son and I are having such a difficult time deciding to put her to sleep or just die naturally. Reading some of your stories, does make it more difficult in making this decision. Picky has not been hiding, she is in full view of the family. I have prayed so that we make the right decision which needs to be made rather soon. It hurts us both to see her like she is. She needs to find her place on Rainbow Bridge.

— Anne-Marie Tadlock    Monday December 31, 2007    #

On Monday when Orion, a beautiful siamese/ragdoll 9 month old male, suddenly started sleeping all the time and not careening around the house with his friend, Athena – a 6 month old pale orange manx female, I knew something was wasn’t quite right. We scheduled a vet appointment for the first available, Friday Dec. 21. By the time we got in to the vet, he had spent the last two days hiding in the bottom of our closet – barely taking enough of his favorite foods to make it through the day. At the vet, his temperature registered 106degrees and blood work was done to try to figure out what was going on. He tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus – we were told we shouldn’t take him home for risk of exposing Athena. We did the only merciful thing we could – we put him to sleep. As we said our goodbyes, his breathing was so labored and he obviously was in pain as we took him from his carrier for the last time. He always gave hugs – up over our shoulders with his head down on our neck…he gave me one last hug. We had to have Athena tested too – she tested mildly positive. We are still waiting – if she can stay healthy for another couple of months she has a good chance of shedding the virus…
Today, Jan 3 Athena refused to eat. She threw up 2 times too. Now, she’s sleeping on the lovesac – where Orion spent his last few days before the closet. My mind is reeling with the possibilities that we might lose her too. I don’t want to take her to the vet – last time I did, I came back one less cat. I’m so torn up about this. You see, it might be my fault… We got Athena in November as a friend for Orion. I didn’t know anything about FeLV – we didn’t have her tested before we brought her home. My breeder (for Orion) hasn’t gotten back to me about her cats tests… So I don’t think we will ever know where it came from. We just wait and see…

— Beth Gouldin    Wednesday January 2, 2008    #

I lost my cat of approximately 18 years 2 nights ago and I am devastated. Frosty (a beautiful white fluffy British shorthair) was a part of the family since I was a toddler and I can’t imagine life without her. My family and I have been staying at my grandmothers house for several months as she had cancer and my 2 cats had been living there with us. We have to move back home tomorrow as my grandmother recently passed away and I don’t want to go back there without Frosty because it wouldnt be the same without her. I’ve been crying for days and I’m going to miss her so much. I was there when she died and it was heartbreaking to watch. We knew she was going to die because she had been ill for about 10 months with bad kidneys and she hadn’t been eating or drinking for the past few days. She was skinny and weak and didn’t have the strength to walk or even stand up. My mum and I put her in a box and took her upstairs to sleep in her room with her because we knew she wouldn’t make it through the night. I stroked her for a bit and spent time with her as though it was our last time together and then I went to bed. My mum shouted after me because Frosty was following me but she ended up going across from my mums room and into my brothers room opposite and she went and hid under his bed. We stroked her and tried to get her to come out but she wouldn’t. She had stopped purring and I could tell she was about to go. She sat up right to face my mum and started crying really loudly and it was so upsetting because we had never heard so much noise from her and we didn’t want her to die in pain or be scared. She laid herself down and it sounded like she was struggling with her breathing. We watched her for a few minutes just comforting her and then she was gone. It was so traumatic to see it happen and I felt guilty for not having her put down. I am going to miss her terribly and I don’t think I could ever replace her. She depended on me so much and was the most demanding cat ever and its going to be strange not having her around.

RIP Frosty – I love you so much. You will be missed xxx

— Lauren Juliet    Friday January 4, 2008    #

I wrote an entry here on November 27 when Fifi gave me the biggest scare ever. I thought I was going to have to put her down that day but then she started eating and gave me another precious 5 weeks with her. Today I put her down – a few hours ago. I adored my darling Fifi. She was my daughter and had been with me almost eighteen years – a good and long time. I took her to the vet today because she appeared to have developed a very bad infection in her mouth. It was a tumour that was actually eating the side of her mouth away. There was no turning back today. I had to put her down. I love, love, love, love, love my baby girl and now she is gone. Oh Fi, I will always miss you. You were the sweetest cat ever and in all your pain, you were still sweet and gentle and your lovely natured self. God bless you my baby girl. I will never, never forget you.

— Fifivixen    Sunday January 6, 2008    #

Today at 4:43 I put down a persian cat that arrived at my door just before the rain storm about 8 days ago. I had tried feeding her for 10 days, but This morning, after not eating for several days I noticed her ears and skin were yellow. Liver failure the vet said. I held her softly while he gave her a little sedative, and then he shaved her little leg and injected her. She took a deep breath and was gone. I am still crying even though I knew her for only a short time, but I could not let her starve and die slowly.
I am heartbroken to have had to do this.


— Debbie    Sunday January 13, 2008    #

I lost my cat today. Cookie’s x-rays showed that her lungs were extremely congested. In the past weeks she had been losing weight and sneezing. Four nights before she died she knocked on my door and meowed in her talking meow to sleep in my bed but because she was sick I didn’t let her in. The next night she slept in the kitchen and her breathing became harder. The second to the last night she slept on my bed and at 3 am I woke up because she was having extreme trouble breathing. That day we took her to the vet and her breathing improved slightly but thats when we discovered her lungs were congested. The vet gave her antibiotics and suggested she wasn’t in pain. I beg to differ. The last night (last night) I looked into her eyes before I went to bed. Her eyes seemed cloudy. I blessed her and thanked her for being with us and said it was ok to go if she needed. She slept in the dining room, the room where we had our ThanksGiving and XMAS dinners. It wasn’t a particulary hidden place because the dining table is high. I went to bed at 10 PM. My brother came home late and closed the dining room door but the cat still had an outlet back to her bed in the kitchen. Anyway, I got up at 7 AM today and found her dead, vertical on her side to the large windows which shed light underneath the place where my Dad sits for dinners. She was stiff. Not sure why she picked that spot maybe because it was nearer the radiator or the windows? I’m sad that she suffered but I’m glad she died naturally at home. She came into my life when I was going through a difficult time. I hope there is a heaven for all of us.

— cookie    Saturday February 2, 2008    #

My cat is at least 14 years old, she tries to eat but it just falls back out of her mouth. When she does get something down it immediately comes right back out the other end. She can no longer make it to the cat box and is dropping poo everywhere. She smells like death and is skin and bones. I just can’t bare the thought of taking her to the vet knowing it was my decision to end her life. I don’t want her to suffer anymore, she just lies in one place all day and night and only moves to try and eat food. I know its the end but I just can’t do it. How do you get the nerve to take a family member to their death? Please help…

— Mary    Sunday February 3, 2008    #

This morning, we had to put our beloved 8 1/2 year old grey tabby Gracie to sleep. I named her “Grace” because it means “Gift from God.” She was that to us. Grace showed up on the doorstep of my parents’ home while I was there taking care of my dying father. My husband and I brought her home to join us and our other cat, Chandler. I didn’t realize what a gift Gracie would be until a month after my dad passed, Chandler suddenly died. She was only 6. Gracie was a huge comfort. About 6 weeks ago, Gracie suddenly started growling and hissing at me. I didn’t think much of it. I started reading information that said it could be a sign that the cat is sick. I took her to the vet. He put her on prozac. She did not improve much. I took her back 2 weeks later for a check-up. The other vet felt her stomach and determined that she was constipated. That was last Monday. She went in for an enema on Tuesday. I gave her a bath that night. She was giving kisses, purring, etc. By the next day, she was having difficulty walking. She’d just fall over. She wouldn’t eat or use the bathroom. I had to take her back to the vet. We brought her home Friday, hoping being home would turn it around. I had to feed her with a syringe. On Saturday, I would put the food and water in her mouth, and she would let it come out the sides. I knew she wanted to go. So last night, I wrapped her in a baby blanket, and I held her close all night long. Saying goodbye this morning and seeing the sadness and pain on my children’s faces was awful. I am so so very sad, and I feel so guilty that I didn’t take her in sooner. She was so loving and sweet. I will always miss her.

— Jayne    Sunday February 3, 2008    #

My 9 year old cat Tootie, an all white male with one brown and one blue eye, has stopped eating and drinking for the past two days. 5 Days ago I took him to the vet because he was only picking at his food. The doctor said there were tumors on both kidneys and a blood test found him positive for feline AIDS. I know it will be a short time before I take him to be put to sleep. I feel bad because I let him go outside and he probably got bitten by some other male cat that had the virus. But cats just love to be outside especially when the weather is nice. I have cried more in the past 4 days than I have in the past 10 years. I will miss him greeting me on the hill next to my driveway when I come home, and will miss watching him playing with his tail with that excited look in his eyes. I love him so much.

— Maryann    Tuesday February 19, 2008    #

To everyone who is hurting, I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you comfort. It is very hard, words cannot even begin to…..

Mec, you were the greatest gift. Thank you so much for the time we had together. I love you. We will always miss you. A piece of me will always be with you my sweet baby.

To those who feel remorse over not being able to say goodbye, or things that you could have done etc…do not continue to hurt yourself. Your cat was loved by you, they felt it. You gave them the gift of your love in exchange for the gift of their time. Please try to see that the things you did while there was time and the love you gave are really beautiful things. They knew.

I hug you all.

A special hug and kiss for Mec, to whom we had to say goodbye tonight, may all your dreams forever be full of mice and little rabbits my love.


— m & k    Wednesday February 20, 2008    #

My cat of 16 years (though she was a rescue cat and was probably 18 years old) had to be put to sleep today. I found her laying on the bathroom rug early this morning, a place she never lays down. I went over to pet her and something felt wrong to me. I picked her up and she was like a limp rag doll. I put her down to see what she would do and she could barely move her back legs. She layed back down again and was very still. We rushed her to the vet who said she was a very very sick cat…probably some kind of “brain event” as the right side of her body was almost paralyzed. She was also very dehydrated though we have been seeing her eating and drinking yesterday and drinking today before we took her to the vet. The vet was very kind and said we could hook her up to IV’s etc but she felt the cat was suffering. This was the hardest decision I have ever made but I looked in her eyes and her spirit seemed gone to me. She was unresponsive to my touch. I had to let her go. The pain and guilt I feel now is overwhelming…did I miss that she was sick earlier, had she been declining and I didn’t know it? She has been my companion for 16 years… I have lost a loyal loving friend. Goodbye Miss Ivy. You will be missed more than words can say.

— Judi Jensen    Friday March 7, 2008    #

Our cat shadow died this morning. Yesterday we noticed that she began acting differently. She did not wine for attention in the morning like she has done for the last fifteen yeas. As the day progressed, she began hiding in abnormal spots around the house. By the end of the day she would only lay with her head planted in the floor, eyes wide open (and dilated). She did not react to anything. If you touched her whisker or ears she did not blink or twitch. If you rubbed her back her butt did not go in the air. In fact she did not want to even be touched. It was late Sunday and we decided to leave her be. We figured that if she wanted to be alone that we would respect her wishes and that we would take her to the vet in the morning. Next morning we made an appointment for nine thirty tho have her examined , but by nine she had passed. We felt bad that we did not act sooner. If we had she might not have died in pain. It harts me to think that just twenty four hours ago my cat Shadow was be bopping around the house as happy as ever and now she is gone from us. I am glad she is at peace now. We have plans to berry her ashes in her favorite garden when the ground thaws in the spring. Every one pleases take time to show you loved one(s) how much you care for them because in no time at all they can be gone from this world.

— Matt G.    Monday March 10, 2008    #

This site has helped me so much.
Reading the other posts lets me know that I am going through a normal grieving process.
I lost my Samantha cat December 31, 2007. I have grieved for her all winter. Today is Easter and I am having a difficult time. She was so sick, I had her for sixteen years. She was probably about two when I adopted her from the Humane Society. So she was about 18, give or take six months. She had been on thyroid medication for several years, and that was under control, all her tests this summer were OK, but she kept losing weight and the vet said in the end it was probably cancer. She started missing her litter box and then developed breathing problems. The last morning she wouldn’t eat and couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t let her suffer. She was the only cat I ever had and I don’t see how I could ever have another. I love her so much, even though she is gone.
Right after she passed I could swear I heard her meow for her food early in the morning (I used to hide her pill in some very yummy cat food) and once or twice I could swear she was back in the bed with us and on my pillow. My heart goes out to all who have lost their dear friends. Thanks for allowing me this outlet to put my grief into words.

— Karen    Saturday March 22, 2008    #

My cat of almost 20 years passed away yesterday at 3 pm. I am so broken hearted. I cannot get over it.We had talked to the vet and decided to try this lasix as one last option. If it didn’t work, we’d have him euthanized. I think the vet saw him on wednesday or thursday. He gave my cat an injection of lasix and left us with pills and instructions. I was to call on Monday and let him know how he was doing. I called him on thursday because it seemed to be taking an unusually long time and my cat seemed to be suffering. I was assured that he was not suffering, (feeling any pain). Well, he died yesterday (Easter) and I will never get over it. We were very close. He was my best friend. I wanted to get a hold of the vet yesterday and have him euthanized but it was easter and I couldn’t get anyone. I did my best. I bought these naturally scented lavender wipes for dogs and cats and I heated it up in the microwave for 10 seconds and I wiped him down and sang to him and brushed him for a long time. I cleaned his eyes and nose. I tried to feed him with an eye dropper but he had quit eating days ago. Not even drinking water. I tried to feed him the replacement milk you can buy for kittens cause it has vitamins and minerals in it. I bought a litter box more accessible for him and all kinds of treats, etc. I never left his side. He would at times cry out and I would come and brush him and talk to him and lay with him. Yesterday I put the radio on softly with easter hymns and I lit a soft scented candle and lowered the lights and spent time with him. He had such a hard time breathing. My heart was breaking .He could no longer hold his head up. He let out a loud cry of distress and took his last breath. I was praying thru it all (not out Loud) and I prayed when he passed. We buried him with his favorite pink hairbrush and a small rock with “jesus is the rock” painted on it. (He just loved hymns). I have 2 other cats and I am keeping an eye on them but they do seem distressed. My husband was also very close to my cat. We had him most of our married life. His name was Taco.As much as I love cats, when the other 2 have finally passed, (I’m not hoping or wishing for that) I do not think I will ever get another pet as the pain is just to much. I have been having some chest pains and it started when he became ill. It is just stress but I just can’t seem to snap out of it. I will, though. In time.

— Vickie    Sunday March 23, 2008    #

I just wanted to add this: “I love you Taco and I miss you.” “JESUS IS THE ROCK”

— Vickie    Tuesday March 25, 2008    #

My cat Putty just passed away a few hours ago. I had her for 15 almost 16 years. She was all I had most of my life. She was with me through the hardest times of my life. I woke up to a loud siren noise and turnt around and saw her on the floor laying there. I said something i dont remember what and she stopped making the noise. I knew something was wrong cause she never lays on the floor. I got down off my bed and touched her and she was breathing weird and making little noises. She was purring so hard though. I think she was happy I woke up. She died in the next hour. Ive had to watch a few of my other cats die but none of them died peacefully like she did. It was almost as if she died lady-like. I think she had a heart attack. A few minutes before she died I heard this “POP” noise in her chest. Then the passing came for her. She was a gift from God to me. She helped me so many times in my life. My other cat Dante sat with her all night while she passed. Of course I knew this day was coming… and now it has. Thank you so much for always being there for me Putty. We all love you so much and will always remember you and I will miss you forever.

— Kahea    Sunday March 30, 2008    #

Two months ago my, my beloved cat Max died of kidney failure. He was almost 19 years old. I called him the “Pet of my Prayers” because he came to me at a difficult time of my life in 1989 and I specifically prayed for a male cat with with no tail – and we found him in my mother’s yard just three weeks after this prayer. Although I lived alone and Max lived at my parents house, he was so loyal and came running to me when I came to visit. He owned the whole neighborhood and went from roofs, to trees, to fences – he truly epitomized what what they call the manx – ‘the dog cat’. His personality was so unique that I’ve never seen a cat interact and react as he did. He lived with my mother until the year 2000 and then came to live with us. My daughter was two years old at this time and Max was her first pet. What a loving pet he was!! Sweet and loyal to the end. Just a few years ago our vet diagnosed Max with the preliminary signs of kidney failure. Perhaps I was in denial, but I never came to terms that Max would die of this, neither did my vet say that it was fatal. So I just gave Max the prescribed medications with a few vitamins for cats. He was my walking skeleton the last few years, but I truly regret not looking into alternative treatment for CRF. It may have made a difference. The week before he died he stopped
eating, and I didn’t notice because he always slept
so much. He was drinking water even up to a
day before he died, but I wish I had taken him to
the vet. However, the day before he died, he took
one last walk around the house with my daughter.
The day later, my husband was gone for the day
and my daughters and I went to visit my mom
who has ALS for one night. And ironically, that
night we were gone, Max died. I feel so bad that
we were gone that evening, but my husband has said he believed Max would hang on for
another week so we went to visit my mom. My
husband came home that evening and at 8:00 pm my husband called to tell me that Max was fine and alive and sleeping in his basket on our warm
heated bathroom floor. However, the next morning, my husband called to let me know Max
died sometime after he called me because at
about 10:30 pm he noticed that Max was dead.
It was so difficult to tell my daughters that Max
had died the next morning, but we came home right away and we buried him in our yard in the same basket he was sleeping in . My older daughter truly regrets not being with him when he died but I try to reassure her that he had no control as to when he would die. He was safe and warm and was not in pain, and we had given he lots of kisses the day we left but he just wanted to sleep. Our other cat Honey was in the house with
him so he was never alone. I’m still grieving his
death and still miss him very much. But a good
note to all of this is that, the week after he died
I put up a flyer in the old neighborhood where
Max used to live with my mom to ask anyone if
they’ve seen any cats that look like Max – he
was neutered at the age of about four. Well, I
DID get a call and I found TWO families who have
manx cats and one swears her cat looks just
like Max! Possibly his great-grandson! So thats
a consolation to know that some part of Max still
lives on in his living relatives. I’m just waiting for
a call to let me know when the next batch of
manx kittens are ready to be given away. Although no cat will ever replace Max, I’ve learned
allot from this experience and wanted everyone out there who’s lost a pet, we all have regrets.
But as long as you gave them love and gave them
a good life, they were happy. We humans cannot
do things perfectly, but we live and learn and try
to do better with our next pets, as they need us

— Patsy    Thursday April 24, 2008    #

I lost my beloved cat Max two months ago to
feline kidney disease. He was almost 19
years old. I called him the “Pet of my Prayers” because in 1989 at a difficult time in my life I prayed for a male cat with no tail, and at my mother’s house thats exactly what we found! Male kitten with no tail!! He owned the neighborhood as he was very active and his personality was like
no other cat that I’ve ever had. The way
he reacted and interacted with people was
more like a dog. He epitomized what they call the manx – the ‘dog-cat’. He came to live with us in the year 2000 when my mother sold her house and he was my daughter’s first pet. She loved him very much as he was very loyal. Two years ago
our vet told us he had the preliminary signs
of kidney disease and perhaps I was in
denial thinking he would not die of this and
neither did our vet tell us. So the last two
years he’s lost more weight until this last
February a week before he died he stopped
eating but did keep drinking. My daughters
and I had plans to visit my mother who has
ALS for one night and Max was getting weaker. My husband felt Max would hang
on for another week, so we left for that day
and my husband was only gone for that
morning and afternoon and came home later that day. My husband called that evening
that Max was fine and breathing. However
the next morning my husband called to let
me know Max died sometime after we talked
the previous evening. I feel so bad that my daughters and I were not home to be with him. He died comfortably in his basket on the warm bathroom floor. We came home the next morning and buried him in a garden
area of our backyard. I cried for two months
straight ever day when I went by his grave
and have regrets that I didn’t look into
alternative treatment for CRF and wasn’t
with him when he died. However, I want
everyone to know who’s lost a pet that we
all have regrets about what we could have
done. But remember that you gave them
love and a home and they appreciated that.
We can learn from our previous mistakes
and try to do better with our other pets
because they need us too.

His memorial headstone reads “Max, our
beloved cat, you’ll be in our hearts always”

— Patsy    Tuesday April 29, 2008    #

I have cried many tears tonight reading the posts here. Our cat Susie has stopped eating gradually over the last month and despite several visits last week to the Vet and some medication she has relapsed over the weekend. She cries for food but cannot swallow. She is just bones and baggy skin and I fear the worst. I shall take her back to the Vet tomorrow. We know she has ‘a thickening in her intestines’ and at the age of 16 there will be no surgery for her. A rescue cat who has captured our hearts, her tiny frail body holds a loving heart. She learned to trust us has tolerated my pathetic attempts tonight to spoon feed her. She has a brave heart and I feel that she knows her time is near and I’m afraid she won’t make it through tonight. She is sleeping upstairs alone as she can’t tolerate my touching her for very long. Her deterioration has been rapid and shocking. She has a lovely little face and gentle paws and I will miss her terribly. I hope she knows how much we have loved her and that her passing will be painless and peaceful. I desperately wish I could help her now.

— Maureen    Sunday June 8, 2008    #

I found this place on the web because I am watching my best friend of 18 years struggle with arthritis, lymphoma, CRF, and an infection from a tick bite. I thought I was sad until I started reading. Fonzie is still eating, using the box, purring, goes out on the desk sometimes, but it makes me ache to see him getting old. But, I know it is my fear for myself without him that is the biggest issue.

I’ve never gotton over losing my precious girl Pearl 3 years ago at age 15 from mammary cancer which is not treatable and eventually goes to the lungs. For two months, Fonzie and I sat with her and played spritual music and watched her waste away to nothing. Finally, she began to struggle to breathe & that was her day to leave this life.

Even though we know how loved our kitties were and that they knew it and had the life they wanted, it is agonizing. I just wanted to say to everyone who wrote so beautifully about their angels, that I have a beautiful friend and helper to recommend, an animal communicator and maker of flower essences for animals and people. Her name is Sharon Callahan, and her website is Please visit it and read her article about when a beloved friend dies and the other articles as well. You will be comforted. For those whose kittie cried out in “pain”, Sharon writes that the animal often does this, not from pain, but when the soul is releasing from the body. You will also find suggestions there for creating a memorial alter or something to celebrate the life of your precious kitty. She’s a beautiful lady with a true gift.

Thank you for your wonderful stories about love. I hold you all and your beloveds in my heart…...............Hollis

— Hollis    Thursday June 12, 2008    #

My little 14 year old Girlie died this morning at 5am. She had been sick for over a year, and had a kidney removed in November. The vet said she should be just fine with only one kidney, but after the surgery she continued to decline. Only 5 1/2 pounds at the time of surgery, she became so skinny even though her appetite was voracious. I knew she was close to death last night and could not sleep but after around 3pm went into a light snooze. She was lying on my suitcase, near my bed, her favorite spot, and I was awakened by her seizing and odd breathing. I knew immediately that she was dying, and it took about 15 minutes for my sweet girl to let go. She lost control of her bowels and her little tongue seemed to turn purple before she finally died. My other cat Bubba, who was always looking after her,came over and licked her little face three times, then walked away. I hope that she realized that I was there telling her she was my sweetheart and to go ahead and go. I wish she could have just gone to sleep and died easily, but at least I was with her. I loved her very much. This is absolutely heartwrenching, and I’m glad I found this site because I know that it’s not uncommon to love a cat so very much.

— Deborah    Saturday June 14, 2008    #

My beloved “first born” kitty disapperaed today. She has been in kidney failure and just just down to about a pound or two and on IV for hydration. She pretty much stopped eating yesterday and usually stays inside except to go out and smell the roses for a bit but never over an hour. This mornign the kids let her out when i slept in, she is always trying to claw at the door to get out lately. We searched for her and couldn’t find her. A neighbor had seen earlier drinking water from the leaking pipe of their pool filter…he said she had come by yesterday too. But she is gone all day and i can’t find her anywhere. I am afraid she went off to die.
And i feel awful because the lately she scratches at my door at night which i had to start keeping closed when we got kittens about 8 months ago because they would keep me awake all night if i let them in. And she started peeing in my room if i let her stay in the room. So if she scratched at teh door i would open it and skirt a little water, trying to teach her not to scratch….and now i feel awful for doing that )-:

I am so heartbroken right now…i hate that i can’t find her. I am afraid she is laying somewhere dying and maybe raccoons will get her. I always thought i would be holding as she passed. She is my little baby girl. I have known her longer than any friend i have now )-:

— pamela    Saturday June 21, 2008    #

Tonight I lay on the bathroom floor with my beloved Maco, my 15 year old himalayan who has been gradually declining. She has thickened intestines, which is either irritable bowl syndrome or feline cancer, so she takes predosone (it also helps her arthritis). She seems to be in no distress, though today she stopped eating. Last night she started bumping into things – - her sight was going, though today she seems able to see at least large shapes. I pray that she goes peacefully – -I wouldn’t be able to bear seeing her suffer but I can’t imagine her final minutes being scared in a cold vet’s room. She has never been large – 7.5 lbs when she was healthiest – - she is probably now about 3.5 lbs. I want to comfort her as much as possible. I hope that she dies peacefully – - she has been the sweetest animal one could ever want. A true friend to the end. She does seem fixated on going outside – -quite odd since she has always been an indoors cat, so I took her outside in her little bed today to sit for a while. She seemed to be at peace outside, napping in her bed and listening to the birds. I am watching her closely for any signs of distress – - if we must put her down, i will have someone come to the house. I really love my Maco.

— Kim    Thursday June 26, 2008    #

I had to let my precious Eugene go on January 7, 2008. He was suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. He was almost 18 years old and I still cry for him often. He was an absolutely perfect (purrfect)companion and friend. I just hope and pray that I will see him again one day.

— Patty    Tuesday July 8, 2008    #

I’m not sure if this is still in activity, but as I was reading all of these, I cried. God bless you all, and God bless your little angels—young and old—who have left you but who are now watching over you. (hugs) I need to thank you, for you’ve all given me the ability to mourn the loss of a tiny week old kitten my uncle had given me to try nursing back to health. It’s mum abandoned it and we didn’t know how long it’d been alone.

I took it home, fearing the worst but hoping the best. When a mother abandons her young like that it usually is for a reason.

I had noticed immediately upon first caring for it the night my uncle gave it to me that it was making odd clicking noises when it breathed. I asked him if that was normal—I didn’t know, I’d never had a kitten before. He said it was, though perhaps it was a misunderstanding.

He would suckle a bit. He had a good strong suck on him, but he couldn’t suckle for long. I feared that he was too weak, but I was determined to help him as best as I could.

Taking him home that day, I scoured the internet for everything kitten: about diseases, signs and symptoms, how to feed it, when to feed it, how MUCH to feed it, and what formula to feed it. I went out and bought the formula—because up till then my uncle only had condensed milk on hand—and immediately began setting up a schedule of feedings.

He took the bottle well enough, but again, it was never a long suck, but I would try encouraging it by moving the nipple of the bottle in and out gently. It worked sometimes, but most of the time he rejected it.

I began to despair, noticing from my newly gained internet knowledge of kittens, that bright yellow stool was a sign of dehydration. So I tried forcing him to eat.

He got stronger that day, managing to get down almost 1 tablespoon of formula in two sittings, and I was starting to think he’d last. But that night he took a turn for the worst. He wouldn’t eat. Just wanted to sleep. Would lie in the little blanket lined box or against my chest, nuzzling close.

It was this nuzzling that got me attached, I think. It was a Sunday so the vets weren’t open, and the closest emergency vet clinic was an hour drive. We thought and prayed he might just be tired and had gotten enough food from earlier.

Still, I stayed up with him all night, watching him sleep, praying for someone up there to reach down and hand him a miracle. But in the morning, at around 7:30 am, he started breathing irregularly and crying in between gasps. The vet was now open so I rushed him over, holding him warm under my palm while he relaxed as best he could in the box on my lap. I knew it was over, but I knew that though he may have come into this world alone, I was not going to let him leave it alone.

He fell asleep and then slipped away. By the time the vet went to take him, he was too far gone. We stood around and accepted that nature could sometimes be cruel to even the most innocent babies.

And I guess it’s hit me harder than I’d have thought. I didn’t name it strictly for that fear of attachment. But heh. Here I am, sobbing profusely while I type this.

He will be missed. His mother didn’t want him, but I hope he knows he was loved.

— Ashley - August 11, 2008    Sunday August 10, 2008    #

I just lost my siamese cat molly, she was attached to my mom who died a month ago,after mom died , Molly would’t eat and was depressed, she litteraly pine away for my mom, how sad, she with my mom now I hope shes you Molly sweetheart.

— Kathy    Tuesday October 14, 2008    #

As a cat-lover, I know the pain for saying goodbye to someone who has shared so much of your life and loved unconditionally.

Why is it we are able to find the words to comment and comfort and respond to someone who has lost a pet, and we can’t for a human?

I have left comments on a number of the postings about pets but somehow, can’t find the words to comment on the ones about a parent or a spouse or a child…

Probably because the human/animal relationship has commonality between all of us and the relationship between us and another human is so full of unknowns… so deeply personal. There are common factors… the sort of loss, the relationship… the method of their loss. But beyond that, only you know the complexities of that relationship you shared and I won’t ever know it.

We all know exactly, in our hearts what it is to lose a pet and we can share that knowledge and understanding in a way we can’t about another person’s human loss.

— Anneke    Monday October 27, 2008    #

To all of you who have loved these wonderful creatures and given the best of care…know this..there are so many more cats and dogs who need loving families. I too know my kitty is not going to be around much longer but I know that I am a better person for knowing this little girl. she started a long trend of extending our furry family. We are the kind of people who have been blessed to be able to bond with these wonderful friends and there are so many more out there who need us. Please consider opening your home and heart again and again. Thats what they do. :(

— Sad Mom    Saturday January 3, 2009    #

I adopted a cat from the shelter who was 7 1/2 months old and have had her for 7 1/2 months. Pia has developed a neurological condition which is affecting her muscles and deteriorating her motor skills. There is no cure or medication she can take – she will eventually lose ability to do things and her quality of life will go down. Currently she is hopping around taking high steps and has some quivering in her head. She still purrs, eats and uses liter box so I will not put her down until she can’t do any of those things. I love my little cat, and it has been too short a time I have had her – I am praying for a miracle for God to heal her.

— Cat Lover    Saturday August 8, 2009    #

Since I found my cat Cleo, 17 1/2 yrs. ago in college, he has loved me more than any person. He opens doors with his paws, slaps me in the back when sitting on a waist high table, wraps his paws around my neck, when I hold him and hits a ball back to me. He is such a loving, smart, friendly cat that when he was diagnosed with CRF this April, I couldn’t bear the thought of thinking of him not in my life. Everyday now, I wonder what it will be like walking into my house and not having him to greet me? I live alone, what will it be like when I no longer hear him purr when he curls up next to me on the couch? How will I feel remembering him looking at me with his big eyes?
I can’t bear thinking of life without him.
I am so sad. How can I take that last drive to the Vet knowing, he won’t be alive on the way back? All the while, he won’t know that those will be the last moments of his life?
I can’t take thinking about all of this, it’s too sad.

— Beverly    Tuesday August 18, 2009    #

Our cat Calvin is dying.
I read these stories and it makes me cry. Calvin was everything good a cat could be. He was feral when we caught him, after watching him grow up in the “junkyard” outside our window. One day he was terribly hurt from a fight and we trapped him and with medical assistance brought him back to health.
He has FIV. He’s lived with it 10+ years. He also has intestinal cancer. A slow growing one, but now he’s lost half his weight. It started about 6 years ago, a half pound a year up until about 4 months ago. He was diagnosed a month or so back with the cancer. He hardly eats. I feed a spoonful or two as often as possible. He is so weak. He is dying. He’s been failing fast. We were to put him down toady. We chose to postpone it until Friday. Perhaps a miracle will occur in the next two days.

I love the little guy. He has been the greatest cat.

— Bob and Lisa    Wednesday August 26, 2009    #

Our Tough Guy lived to be 21 – 100.6 in people years. He was sick with the kidney ailment so many cats get, but he lived, obviously, a long time – and remained “the boss” until the end. Although the vet had encouraged me to have him euthanized six weeks before I did, I did not do it – he still had some “quality of life.” When, at last, he lay down last weekend – and I realized he was never going to get up again,never going to eat again nor ever drink again, it was time. I either had to “help” him pass or watch him starve to death. There was no choice. A friend quoted someone to me: “When we choose to hasten our pets departures when it is clear there can be no recovery, it is a noble thing we do – to exchange the suffering of our beloved pet for our own suffering at our loss. I grieve, but I find comfort in knowing that, although I am in pain, my much loved furry friend is no longer.

— Nonnie    Tuesday September 15, 2009    #

I lost my precious cat last year, after a long illness. The details are sad and painful so I won’t share them, except to say that if I had to do it over again, I would have euthanized my little friend, and done so before making him endure chemo or surgery. Please keep this in mind if your cat is suffering. It can be done by a vet at home, and it will hurt you like heck and fill you with self doubt….but sparing your beloved pet from pain and discomfort will be the greatest and most loving gift you can ever give. If you are afraid of regretting the decision, please keep in mind that every single day I regret not having released my cat from his suffering.

— JC    Saturday September 19, 2009    #

my cat wont eat, she is seven years old she, is not as active as usuall she wont eat but drinks large amounts of water. We have no idea what to do we feel that she is passing away.

— Dom    Saturday October 3, 2009    #

on sat nov 21, was the saddest day i ever experienced, my poor little kitty wasnt doing well, vomiting alot of times, i took him to the animal hospital, and the vet found his back legs were cold, and his kidneys made him suffer, he was in alot of pain, he had a blooodclot, and the vet told me even if there were able to remove the clot, it would happen again in a few months 100% i had to put him down, the whole family is still grieving after our loss, we never hought this kitty would have a huge impact in our lives, we all loved him to death, my father said money woudnt be an option if the vet could make him better and live a long time.

— john    Thursday November 26, 2009    #

Our cat penny went missing on saturday, it wasnt like her to just dissapear because she was always waiting in the garden or by the front door to come back in after half an hour! she had a sister tilly,me and my boyfriend got them when they were 3 months old in january this year, they were our first cats, penny was the most loving cat i have ever known, she would headbut you of a morning to wake you up and give you a kiss, she was constantly following my boyfriend round the house, they were inseperable, always cuddling, we got a phone call this morning after putting flyers up everywere and speaking to the neighbours, she was by the roadside, been knocked down by a car, she was soaking wet from the rain and freezing cold, we put her in a box and wrapped her up in a towel, her sister went over to her and sniffed her and we have another boy cat who is wandering around meowing for her.i have never cried so much, she was a big part of our lives my boyfriend is devastated, is it normal to feel so bad and upset.i will never forget our little penny cat.

— Mel    Monday December 14, 2009    #

I agree with JC above, I have had to put two cats to sleep, one was my most favourite Pinkus, he was 2o years old and I was advised to put him down when he stopped eating and my vet came to the house to do it – this was in 2006 and it broke my heart but I spared him the a painful death even though a part of me died with him that day. I had to put another cat down in October this year 2009, he had already been through 3 eye operations, and just as all was going well he developed a thyroid problem and lost a lot of weight and then went into renal failure. It was all too quick he was rushed to the emergency centre where he stayed on a drip and special care for four days after which we brought him home and called vet in to put him to sleep at home in his favourite spot in the sun. His name was Jefferson. Even though it almost killed me to have to do this I would still always make that choice to spare my cats any suffering whatsoever.

— Jennifer - Saturday 26 Dec, 2009    Friday December 25, 2009    #

It is New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 and my cat Stella is dyeing. I am so sad. Reading all these posts has helped me in some small way. And death is part of life, and hopefully hardest on the living. Thank you for all that shared their stories.

— Richard Milter    Wednesday December 30, 2009    #

Our big, lovable cat of 10 years has left us. I feel like one of my children has died.

We got Mathias through the Human Society. My younger son named him after a mouse – cartoon. Mathias was pure white with beautiful green eyes. He was so much part of the family. He interacted with us, like any child, for example playing hide and seek, and chase. He would herd us to the kitchen by nipping at our feet. He loved, absolutely loved to eat.

Anyhow 2 mornings ago, he clawed at a heat return register to wake us up (now this is unusual because cats like to die alone) and share his pain with us. His front leg was paralyzed and he could barely breathe. He cried in pain. He had no health problems prior, but did have a heart murmur. We brought him to the vet a 5am, where he barely survived for the next 24 hours. He was on morphine, diruetics and in an oxygen tank. The vet was so good to him and to us. The next day (yesterday) the vet suggested we euthanise Mathias. At noon, with his family around him, we put him to sleep. The hardest thing in the world to do. I have never experienced this, but knew I had to be with him and hold him as he took his last breaths.

It is tough seeing all his stuff around the house. He shed like 3 cats, we could never were black clothes, he clawed the outside of our house (posts), he clawed our furniture, he vomited so much to the point we had no choice but to buy a shampooer, he liked to be fed up to 4 times a day, and drank only out of a running tap, he annoyed the neighbours, sprayed for 2 years even though fixed (medication helped stop this), but we loved him with all our hearts. He was our child, and we love our children unconditionally.

Peace to you Mathias, you will always be in my heart. X0X Mommy.

— Coralee    Friday January 8, 2010    #

my dearly loved 18 year old burmese cat was put to sleep on 2/1/10, worst day of my life, and she knew , she was leaving me, purred and huged me all the way to the vets , still purring as she was put to sleep , how I miss her, my daughter and son in law have made her the most beautiful grave in the rose garden, and a engraved plaque, rememer qitta

— qitta    Saturday January 9, 2010    #

Our baby Edna left this world yesterday. She was an indoor cat, but somehow slipped out the door without anyone noticing. We found her collar on the other side of the back fence and feared the worst, but she came back to us two days later. I was the one who found her, and I was so happy. I thought the worst was over, and now she could regain her strength and be part of our family again. Slowly, I realized that she was in bad shape. I couldn’t get her to eat or even drink water. She wouldn’t even lick water off my fingers. She smelled horrible, and could only walk a few steps at a time before she would collapse and rest. She eventually made her way back to a closet and hid. When we took her to the vet, we discovered that she’d been attacked by a coyote, and had a puncture wound in her neck. She had gangrene at the wound and her throat was crushed, so she wasn’t breathing well. We did everything we could to stabilize her, because she was well into shock. Eventually, we realized that she was too injured and too infected to be able to save her. We put her to sleep yesterday evening.

I’m crying as I write this…to feel the joy of finding her, and then to discover that she was going to die anyway was among the most painful experiences of my life. I feel like we let her down…she must have struggled so much to get home, and then we couldn’t do anything to help her. I just hope she felt the love around her that she worked so hard to reach. She was only 3.

— LR    Thursday January 14, 2010    #

I lost my Bonnie on October 31, 2009 @ 18 years of age. The year before she had suffered a stroke, and she came back from that at about 90%. She was a really independent cat, she was buff colored and throughly enjoyed life. After her stroke, we live on a lake, we never let her out alone again. Last spring she was beginning to have more trouble walking, her rear legs seemed to have little strength. She did the same thing each time she went out, walked to the lake, drank some water, and then walked over to the tree where we kept a flower pot filled with fresh water. Sometimes she would wander around the yard. During the summer and the fall she would spend most of the day on the wicker chair on the screened porch. She sat every morning and every evening on my husbands lap, Annie our tiger, sat on my husbands legs. We could see Bonnie having a harder time walking as time passed. On a Thursday eveing, after taking her daily walk to the lake, she must have had another stroke, she lost use of her back legs, bowels, bladder. We tried taking care of her, but she did not get better. On Saturday we called our vet and brought her in to be put to sleep. On her last walk to the lake, I put my hands under her belly, she used her front legs to walk to the lake, back to her flower pot for a drink. I spread out a blanket and we lay there together for awhile. We then proceeded to the vets. She was so alert that it was hard to put her down, but our Bonnie had so much pride that we knew she would not be happy depending on us for everything. We brought her home and buried her, we put the flower pot on her grave as a marker. As for Annie, who was 17 years old, and the other kitty who laid on my husband’s legs along with Bonnie, well 4 weeks later she died of congestive heart failure. I truly believe she missed Bonnie, we tried to get her well with medications, but her heart was too damaged. We are simply heartbroken with our losses. I truly hope there is a heaven for animals as they certainly give a lot of love and add so much to our lives.

— Sue    Wednesday January 20, 2010    #

I lost my best friend, a Siamese cat several years ago. I know this sounds strange, but at times I can still feel as if he is here. I went into a bad depression state until one day I wrote a story about him. This helped me deal with his loss. Peek’s story is at the following website.

— Sue    Thursday January 21, 2010    #

About 1AM this morning I got up because my 5 year old daughter was awake and wouldn’t go back to sleep. After I got her back in bed a few minutes later, I went to lay down myself. I started hearing some awful noises from my 3 year old cat, Smokey. I got up to see if she was ok. I found her by our front door going crazy spinning around on the floor. I went back to my room to get my husband up to see if there was anything to do for her. When we came back she was in my 6 month old son’s room by the door. She had somehow managed to roll or walk the 10 ft from my front door to my son’s bedroom door. She was still jumping around so I picked her up. My husband thought she may have rabies or something and we were going to take her to the vet this morning. I held onto her for a few minutes telling her I loved her and she would be ok. She started scratching me so bad that I could no longer hold her. Her eyes were huge and she was still “panicking” in my arms. My husband got a big plastic box that we used when we were moving last year. He put blankets in there for her and we took her upstairs to one of our other bathrooms in case she went to the bathroom or anything. We heard her jumping around or running into the walls for several minutes but I was scared to go in there with her because of her scratching me. While I was cleaning my scratches, the noises stopped. I thought maybe she had finally calmed down and went to sleep. First thing at 8 this morning, I got my husband up to go check on her. I went upstairs and started to open up the door but I couldn’t do it. He opened it and she was dead. Her back legs were open almost like doing a split. Her head looked almost as if her neck were broken, mouth wide open and so were her eyes. I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else? To make matters worse, today would have been my great grandmothers 99th birthday. She passed away recently too. I just don’t understand why a cat that would have turned 3 on Valentine’s day died so young. It was horrible listening to her last night and that will stick with me forever. I feel guilty for not holding her in my arms.

— Melissa    Saturday January 23, 2010    #

Dear Skittles,

It’s now been 4 days since I found that you had already left this world without my knowledge. I miss you terribly and your room is vacant. We tried so hard to save your liver. I know you fought as hard as I did. You put up with me force feeding you, all for the love and praise. We did everything we could. You were so terribly loving and unselfish and all you cared for was my attention. I know you were in pain every moment and yet you looked at me through your blurred eyes and told me not to worry, everything would be ok. And how I believed you; we were hopeful.

I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry you suffered. I’m sorry I didn’t spend every single day of your five years alive appreciating you the way I appreciate you now. I’m sorry my best wasn’t good enough. We lost, baby, we lost. I’m sorry your final moments were spent alone, by yourself.

I know you looked for me, maybe even cried for me. I could see it in your lifeless face. You didn’t just go to sleep peacefully and it kills me. I’ve never cried harder or longer than I have for you.

I wish I could see you just one last time. Even if it’s only in my dreams. Just to see you look at me with all the love in your heart, and know that I feel the same way. That I will love you forever and this is my goodbye.

I hope your pain is gone, but the love I feel for you is not. Please be in a better place, a better journey, a better tomorrow. I await the day I hear your meow once more. I love you and miss you indefinantly.

“In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here”

— Alexandra    Thursday February 4, 2010    #

my sisters cat minstral died today 5,2.2010, he was nearly 11 months old one minute he was having tea then he just died, i have never seen my sister and nephew so heart broken they loved him so much my sister gave him mouth to mouth and massaged his heart to no avail,my heart goes out to them x

— teresa bryant    Thursday February 4, 2010    #

My cat Edgar(Eddie) has been sick for 3 months now, and no one knows why. All the tests come back negative, and he continues to get worse. I’ve exhausted myself financially and am now forced to make a very hard decision. Do I somehow stay the course, or is it time to say goodbye to my best friend? I wish he could tell me what to do…

— Mark    Saturday February 6, 2010    #

My cat Tiger died tonight. He followed my son home when he was just a little kitten. He had always had a big round belly and short little legs so he looked a bit funny. He just got really skinny and weak and died within a few days. He was a great cat. He was only 9 so something went terribly wrong. I have had cats all of my life. My oldest lived to be 21. I had one die of cancer after I spent $3000 on radiation treatment. My son is at work, I don’t know how I will tell him when he gets home. I have 5 cats and a dog now. I think I will not replace them as they die. It hurts too much when I lose them.

— Petra    Monday February 22, 2010    #

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday morning after having my beautiful 12 year old Miss Tiggy put to sleep last Friday. We could not afford private cremation and I didn’t think we could have burried her at home due to our dog. I am consumed with guilt and remorse firstly for having her put to sleep and secondly because I didn’t bring her home to be burried next to her mate who passed away 5 years ago after being hit by a car… After reading your piece I could no longer stand it and knew I had to bring her home to be burried, I called the vet and she was still there and they were happy for us to collect her and bring her home. This act also helped our children to cope with their grief and it settled their pain knowing she had been burried with Boots (her mate).

Had I not found your blog I don’t know I would have brought her home. My husband and I picked her up form the vets, they had frozen her but as we opened the bag to take her and place her in the grave I was so pleased with the care taken of her body because she was curled up as if she were asleep. Even after I had left and they thought they would be sending her off for a communal cremation they still gave her care and treated her body with respect, great respect to lay her in a way that was befitting to the precious gift she was in my life.

Today it is the guilt of having her put to sleep I must deal with, a regret and remorse for which I don’t feel I could ever overcome because I fear it was too early and I let other people convince me it was the right thing to do even though in my heart of hearts I felt it wasn’t time just yet.

However your blog helped me in as much as helping me to see I needed to bring her home. She was laid to rest wrapped in a blanket that she slept on from time to time and along side her precious Boots who she fretted for when he passed far too young….

Thank you for sharing your stoy and please know it is still touching people and for me has brought some small form of healing I would had never had if I had never read your piece here.

— Janie B    Sunday February 28, 2010    #

Hi Peg

I’m sorry the last post I made was actually in regard to the blog you posted about your cats ashes. I’m not sure how I made the mistake of posting on this piece, I suppose sitting here with a torrent of tears pouring down my face doesn’t help.

— Janie B    Sunday February 28, 2010    #

I just had to take my cat to be put down because he cried all night he lost so much weight, you can see his bones everywhere.. at night he cried like a baby. Like he was always in pain and suffering it’s hard to make a decision and to send him to sleep and end his suffering :(. I hope knows we love him and we’re gonna miss him. my cat was born in 1992.
He would eat all the time… you would feed him and five minutes later he wanted to eat again. he cries looking out the window and when u would pass by him. he wouldnt even notice or hear anything. I felt as he was just too old and loosing hair and hearing.. he would vomit whatever he would eat lost most of his teeth.. and now He’s not with us :( . sometimes I would get annoyed with his cries. because I didnt know what to do to help him out.. Now I feel bad for being mean sometimes.. poor thing.. I’m gonna miss him a lot. I hope I did the right thing. It just hurts..

— Julissa    Monday March 22, 2010    #

Yesterday – 30th March 2010 I lost my beautiful old cat Bonny. She was so poorly at the end but even so managed to give me a “hello” everytime I entered the room or stopped to give her cuddles. I phoned the vet yesterday morning and arranged to take her up – I knew she wouldn’t be returning. Even in the waiting room she was able to talk to me in her own way and kept nudging my hand for cuddles. I feel so guilty at making the decision to take her life from her – she so loved life – but at the same time know it was the right decision as she was so close to what would have been a painful death – she had kidney failure. Bonny was 25 and I used to call her the bestest cat in the whole wide world – she was natuarally my bestest friend. I miss her desperately and have spent all day in dressing gown and slippers crying and longing to hold her – I feel pain like I’ve never felt before. I want to hold her one last time and pour all of the love I feel into her – I also have a fantasy that I’ll walk in the door and she’ll be there as a kitten waiting for me with her whole life to live again with me. Bonny – I love you so very much – you really have been the love of my life and I will miss you every day until we meet again. I love you my precious, beautiful darling. xxx

— Helen    Tuesday March 30, 2010    #

My cat is dying today. He is the same age as me and we have literally been together since we were babies. He’s always taken care of me and been my prince, now I have no idea of what I can do to take care of him. It seems unfair that I’m in the prime of my youth as he lays dying, an old man, in my bathtub. In just a few weeks, it would be his 16th birthday, but the April wind has come to take him away. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I think I will always remember this as the cruelest April Fools joke life has ever played on me.

— eden    Wednesday March 31, 2010    #

i rescued my little ginger cat from the vets last summer. Frankie was blind in one eye but seemingly healthy, happy and the most affectionate cat you could hope for. But in the past few weeks he has lost so much weight, his eyes have gotten all gooey and has shed a considerable amount of fur. Today i decided to bring him into the vet, thinking that his poor eyes were the worst of it when i got a huge shock. The vet was shocked at the state of him. His fur was dropping off in clumps and every bone in hois little body was noticeable.He weighs less than a healthy cat should. Im still waiting for his blood tests and xray but i just wanna bring my little cat home again. I never cried so much

— Mina    Tuesday May 18, 2010    #

Our cat is dying and I am in tears. She was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with advanced lymphoma. I am disabled and she is my constant companion. I have never reacted with so much pain with a pet. We had another cat who died of a heart attack. She waited for us to come home one night then went to me and kissed me, then to my husband and kissed him and she fell over dead. That was hard but not as hard as this.

— Lynda    Wednesday June 2, 2010    #

My little girl Stinky passed away just over a week ago, a week after I took her to the vet. She seemed OK but she had what I thought was an abcess, a week later she was dead from heart failure. I think maybe the initial treatment pushed her over the edge but I can’t be mad, the cat doctors can only do what they think is best and I have had to trust them many times in the past.

A week ago they called me very early in the morning, I rushed down there and she was gone. Still warm I said goodbye.

I bought her home in a sleek black jar, her fur is black and sleek too. One day she was playing with me and sleeping next to me, the next she is just dust and memories, it happened so quick. I knew this day would come, but she was only 12 and I kept her safe and fed her the best food I could afford, I was hoping for a few more years.

She seemed to know, the last time I saw her alive she seemed fed up and I sort of felt it.

No amount of agonizing will bring her back though; I miss her dearly, she was my precious sunshine in a cold, bleak world. She was my constant companion when so many had come and gone from my life.

I’m glad the end was swift for you Stinky, nothing would have hurt me more than to see you suffer. And now I live alone in the world once more.

You were a special beast and everyone who knew you loved you. But I adore you as much as you did me.

Sleep well my old friend, my precious darling, you will live forever in my heart. x

— Daddy    Friday June 11, 2010    #

i lost my PRITZ last July 5, 2010, we began our friendship almost 8 years ago. being single, he was my sole companion and was with me while i was just starting to find my place in the world.

Already much has been said about our pets’ love, companionship, and loyalty… PRITZ is all that… but still much, much, much more than his unconditional love, his constant companionship, and his unwavering loyalty… he is beyond my words!!!

please witness with me the remarkable life of PRITZ by watching my tribute and other videos to him at:

— arnold salvosa    Thursday July 8, 2010    #

i miss my cat so much i just lost him few hours ago he was so special to me and i just cant stop thinking about him. he was crying wen he left me. i am so missing him now that i want to die too :( so that we can b together again i love u my baby rest in peace
i want him back :( i love you so much my baby. he was the best thing ever happened to me i cant forget the old times when we used to chat tease and loved each other.

— ma    Thursday August 5, 2010    #

my cat left me yesterday he was 6 1/2 years old he was crying when he left me. i am so sad that i cant get over it. i am so missing him now that i wish would have died with him. i cant think of living witthout him. i love you so much max baby u will be missed until my dying day.
rest in peace i love u so much and i know you loved me too.

— maima    Friday August 6, 2010    #

in 2008 my cat died i am 9 now but then i was about6 7 or 8 my Mum said at 5 o clock he died and he made this noise like he had a bad dream and died sometimes i can kinda feel that hes there cludling me and watching me play / l had 2 other cats at the time one of them hafe brothers some times i find him staring at the grave like he knows hes there

— Hannah tuseday 10 augest    Monday August 9, 2010    #

Friday Aug. 27, 2010 near midnight. Tonight we had to say goodbye to a dear furry loved one, Catzilla. He was such a good cat, always happy and ready to purr just by me walking into the room. He loved to take naps in my lap, he had such a sweet face and gentle manner. He had such a fun personality, and gave us so much joy and laughter. He was a bit over 12 years old, and developed the first symptoms of something being wrong on Tuesday. I took him to the vet, they did an xray, blood tests and a urine test, but everything came back with acceptable levels. He could barely walk, stopping frequently and walking aimlessly around the house. He stopped eating and drinking water. He would also lay on a chair and just stare vacantly most of the time. We can only assume that he had a stroke or some other kind of neurological problem. He got better briefly yesterday (Thursday) and was almost his old self, eating, purring, and even jumped up into my lap for a nap. I think now that he came back to us for that little bit to say goodbye to us. Today he started going downhill again, and by 9 PM tonight he started to have seizures and spasms. We knew that this was the end and there was no hope for recovery, so we took him to the emergency vet to have him put to sleep. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, to watch this sweet boy fade away. I wish we lived in an area where the vets made house calls, but we don’t and had to drive 30 minutes to the vet’s office. He hated riding in the car, but at this point he was pretty out of it and I don’t think he was too aware of his surroundings. The vet had a hard time getting it done, his condition was so bad his veins kept collapsing. But in the end, we did grant him release of his suffering. I know we did the right thing, and gave him the gift of peace, but that still doesn’t make it any less painful. It hurts like hell, and I miss him so much already, and I know I will always have a little bit of me that died with him tonight. There’s a hole in my heart that will take a very long time to heal. But I know that I would rather endure the pain of missing him than keep him alive and suffering needlessly. We will see each other again on the other side of the Bridge.
“No spark that burns so bright, shall ever be dimmed”
Carol Friday August 27, 2010

— Carol    Friday August 27, 2010    #

i lost 2 cats within a week of each other…oreo was a white n light brown cat and blacky was a black cat…they both were fine..oreo just couldnt walk or stand and he died on the way to the vet….a week later my blacky was weak and couldnt stand..he wouldnt eat and cryed…we put him to sleep….omg my heart hurts so bad…i love them both so much…there in God hands now and pain free…i love you guys.

— Cindy    Sunday September 12, 2010    #

Today my cat, cricket, who has been alive for 15 years lay dieing in the bathroom on a towel. her kidney had failed. she lay there moaning in pain. For weeks she has been loosing weight and her hair. she was suffering and we should have put her down sooner, but i guess we just werent ready to let go. my mom just took her in to be put down. ive said my goodbyes but shes been around longer than i have.

— Chloe    Wednesday October 27, 2010    #

You never get over it. You just learn to live with the loss.

— Cat    Friday October 29, 2010    #

On the day before Thanksgiving, I was told by the vet that my Sally needed to be put to sleep. I am a 47 year old man and have had Sally for just about 20 years. She has been my buddy and my best friend for all these years. When everything else was going wrong in my life, she was always there to purr and smile at me with that cute little grin she had. Over the past few weeks I began to see small changes in her bahavior, one being that she would rest her head on her water bowl, usually she`d just walk up to it and get a nice long drink then she may go back to eating or start grooming her legs and whiskers and mouth. Well that all changed too, she rarely groomed herself anymore except on the rare occasion. Also the other day she hopped off the coffee table and I was laying on the couch, as she jumped and landed her back legs kind of collapsed and she fell on over, she immediately got up but that go me worried that there may be more going on. Then just the other day on Monday, she was laying over by the closet door, a new spot for her, and as she tried to get up she went right back down as her back legs gave out. This went on several times as she would try to get from one point to another, til eventually she decided she couldn`t get anywhere so she would just lay there and then try again in a few minutes. I picked her up a lot of times and brought her to the couch with me to lay down, she`d lay there for a little while and then like always she`d get up to go get a snack, yet when she hopped down she hobbled on her back legs until she eventually just let her body go on down to the floor. Then she would just lay there. On Wednesday morning I had already decided if she was still the same that I would take her in and see for sure what is going on, she was laying against the wall where her water and food were and just staring straight ahead, as I picked her up she curled her front legs into her body like she was going back to the fetal position. I straightened them back out yet she pulled them back in. I got ready and put her in a towel and headed on to the vet. Of course I wanted a miracle to be performed, but I realized all too quickly that because of her age of 20 years that her system was shutting down and she was on the verge on passing on. So I had to make the hardest decision of my life to put her to sleep. She fought to the end and was my little baby girl all the way til the day she could no longer walk or eat and drink. I miss her so bad, this pain is immense and to the heart. I thank God and Sally for 20 of the best years of my life. RIP Sally….Bill

— Bill    Sunday November 28, 2010    #

I had to put my daughter’s cat to sleep yesterday. It was terrible. We only had her a week. She was 5 years old. She seemed healthy when she came. Then she stopped eating and then stopped drinking. I thought she was adjusting. We bought her different food, but that didn’t work. Yesterday she just laid on her side, her eyes glazed over, and started twitching. When I took her to the vet, he didn’t think she would make it long enough to get the blood results. I hated to put her down – my daughter was crying – I was crying. Today, I started wondering if I should have tried more, but after reading some of the stories, I realize that she was very sick. I felt it at the time, but I have been second guessing the decision. I didn’t want her to suffer, especially if there was little hope for her. I can’t believe that this happened so quickly. I always say I’ll never get another pet, because it hurts so much to lose them – no matter how long you have them. But there are so many animals that need love.

— Helen    Monday November 29, 2010    #

My roommate’s cat Ace…which is essentially everyone’s cat..hasn’t been eating or going to the bathroom for the past two days. He’s been very lethargic and slow, and not acting like the young 8 month old kitty that he is. His belly is really round and bloated. My roommate took him to the urgent care vet clinic this afternoon, and found out that he has one of the strangest feline illnesses…FIP. (I would advise anyone reading this to google that just to be aware of what it is) Since the illness has a 100% mortality rate, and we are unable to afford the possible treatments, we have no other choice but to put him down tomorrow morning. I honestly can’t believe that I might have just said goodbye to Ace for the last time. He brought so much joy into our lives, and made us all laugh and relieve stress together. I’ve only known him for a few months, but I’ll never forget what a great cat he is.

— Steph    Thursday December 2, 2010    #

My beautiful black Bruce cat passed away on two days ago. He was nearly 15 and has been my constant companion since I was 15.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer on Oct 25 and the cancer had metastasized to a tumor on his hind paw. I initially took him in thinking his paw was infected but when it never got better, we took him in again and got the bad news. He also had hyperthyroidism which had responded so well to medication. He was getting back on track and playing and jumping.

He became completely disoriented very suddenly on the day of his death, was trying to get up and kept falling over, his legs were giving out on him, but he was trying so hard ot fight against it. He was bumping his head into things. It was so painful to see. My husband and I spent the night before on the bed with him kissing him and loving him. I knew the end would be near. He regained his faculties in the morning and was alert to sounds and had slept beside me during the night and early morning. He seemed not too bad. But things began to go downhill in the early afternoon. I never left his side for a moment. I laid out the a soft bed of blankets, the ones we slept on together since I brought him home as a kitten, gave him some liquid pain medication, and after a lot of struggling to get up and breathing very heavily he laid down in a beautiful position and I laid right next to him and watched him take his last breath with my hand on his soft beautiful body. He was finally at rest. I can’t describe the sadness I feel, especially after watching him die. The images keep appearing before my eyes. I just cry and cry. I awoke from sleep and immediately cried.

It was my sincerest hope that he would die at home with me, and I am so grateful that it happened this way. The thought of dragging him to the vet was so terrible.
Bruce was a truly one of a kind. Everyone was amazed by his personality. He used to gallop at top speed from one end of the room to the other. He visited everyone’s apartments via the fire escape and no one ever minded. He loved corn and olives like crazy. He slept curled up in my hair. Sometimes I’d wake up to find his chin right on my face snoring away. The second you went to the bathroom, there’d soon be a little paw under the door and he’d play that game for hours chasing your fingers. If you opened the door, he’d go galloping off at top speed only to return.
He also loved to perch on the windowsill and talk to the birds in the funniest little sing songy language ever.

He was truly remarkable. And very very large and tall. In his heyday, he weighed 20 lbs. He was overweight. But he lost weight and became around 15 pounds and that suited him best. When he passed, he was probably 7 lbs.

I think I will miss him til the end of my life. And I will hallucinate him everywhere. My dear sweet boy.

— Arus    Thursday December 2, 2010    #

Today at around 8 pm I had to put my Persian cat named Afton down. She had CRF. She was 18 yrs old and my little girl. She new she was dying and in her last days before I took you to the vet where she stayed for 2 days; She would come up to me at night in my bed and want me to pet her for the longest time. That was something she never did as she never stayed long. But on those 2 nights she did not want me to stop petting her. I know now she was saying goodbye. I will never forget her. When I went through a divorce she knew I hurt and would come and lay near me, on my couch or bed, she just wanted to comfort me. On that night the vet called me and said she took a turn for the worse. I went to the vets and held her and said goodbye then had her put to sleep. It was so hard but I was glad I had the chance to say goodbye. I will miss her dearly, she was one of a kind. A beautiful white Persian named Afton.

— Jim Friday December 3, 2010    Thursday December 2, 2010    #

I think u should explain to the 7 year old that everything dies eventualy):

— John-Paul    Monday December 13, 2010    #

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