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Our Long Lost Cat

Posted On Monday May 1, 2006 By Frog

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I never thought of myself as an animal person, really. My girlfriend, now that\’s another story. She loves to go to the humane society and just play with the animals.

She also had a cat of her own. His name was Jake.

Jake would lay quietly for what seemed like hours while my girlfriend would run a brush through her thick, grey fur. He never fussed when she treated him like a living baby doll.

Jake would lay on top of the couch, legs dangling over each side. I used to joke that he was making sure the couch stayed put. He would also lay on the floor and sit with his legs under him and I would comment that he looked like a gray turkey.

One day, the front door was left open and as Jake snuck outside, the neighborhood cat, a malicious feline nuisance who terrorized him for months, chased him away from the house and out of our lives forever. We combed the area, we posted fliers, we wrote the paper, to no avail.

A couple of months later, my sister came to visit and asked my girlfriend and I where the cat was. We both started crying, which must have been quite a shock to my sister.

I never thought of myself as an animal person, really. But for some reason, I always carry this picture of Jake in my organizer, to remind me.

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Other People's Thoughts

Jake is probably living in the lap of luxury just a couple of miles away. At least, that’s what I like to think.

I’d rescued a cat – we named Meo – from a terrible NJ snowstorm a few years ago and later found that Meo (really named Timmy) had snuck out through the family garage on Xmas eve… Timmy’s owner was heartbroken, but we reunited them nearly 4 months later.

Who knows, you may see Jake again. You may not be an animal person, but Jake wasn’t just an animal. He was your friend.

There are plenty of new friends waiting at the local shelter for you to meet them. You should go introduce yourself.

— Jolene    Monday May 1, 2006    #

Jake has been missing for at least a year, so we’ve pretty much given up on him coming back to us.

My girlfriend didn’t want another cat for a while but we’ve recently taken on another one. According to her, we’re just “cat sitting” because her owner couldn’t take care of her right now. It’s not really the same. This cat is incredibly needy and sweet at times, but I’m just not terribly interested in investing too much emotion in the whole thing.

In other words, I’m an emotional baby. :)

— Frog    Monday May 1, 2006    #

Don’t be hard on yourself for grieving an animal. They really are family members. I’m so sorry you lost your little one.

— ScrappyCat    Monday May 1, 2006    #

I would love to have a cat but im too worried about letting it go outside and it wouldnt be fair to keep it in all the time.Your story is devestating I am crying my eyes out.I hope he is ok

— kyle    Tuesday May 2, 2006    #

I had a cat just like your Jake…she wandered into our yard one day and decided that we could be her new family…my mother named her Flea (short for Fleabag)...we had her for three years and one day she disappeared…sometimes I stand in my Mom’s backyard and call for her…I’m sorry for your loss…

— Ka    Wednesday May 3, 2006    #

I know exactly what your going through, I have several cats now. I have lost many in my life time some of which felt like loosing a child. I had one that looked exactly like your big beauty , ours was called Boudroux, his name just suited him, he was very aloof. Some cats are very wise, others nit wits, some are needy and others only allow you time with them when they deam it necessary. But any way it goes, they are a part of the family. You never think your going to care so much for a furry critter, but they find there way into to your heart. I know you can’t immagine replaceing him, but it will help fill that void, and truthfully like humans, they dont like you being sad. So yes, morn his loss but allow your self to open your home and your heart to another that might just need a home as he did. I can’t tell you how many have shown up on my doorstep and I just can’t seem to turn them away.. Cat Lover Forever!

— Jan    Monday May 8, 2006    #

For 16 years, I had two sisters, Tyggress and Prowler. Suddenly, Li’l Bit, a starving and sick tomcat, came mewing in distress at the front window. When I opened the door, he literally leaped into my arms. He since has recovered. Tyggress, meanwhile, got sick and deteriorated over the two years until she died last November. I miss her terribly, and had feared Prowler would pine, but Li’l Bit has given Prowler’s life new meaning. Sometimes he’s a pain in her butt; usually, they snuggle near each other, and—as she gets older—he helps groom her. Li’l Bit is so affectionate with everone I know he had “owned” a human before; but nobody ever put out any notice he was missing…and from the way he sometimes cowers, I think the first human he loved eventually started abusing him and then put him out. He needs a playmate—Prowler is too old to play—but I am waiting until Prowler dies because making her adapt to a new cat would be too much to put her through. It’s amazing how these little creatures grab our hearts with their little paws. If you never see Jake again, I pray he found another couple of loving humans to own. Meanwhile, do consider how much love you still have to give to another cat, and how many cats are out there to be adopted. You’re not replacing Jake—no cat ever could, like no cat can replace Tyggress. We love them as individuals, and that’s part of the magic. My E-mail moniker isn’t “catfather” for nothin’

— Bert    Sunday May 14, 2006    #

My cat went missing once at the time we moved to our new house. He was gone for almost 2 years. One day he came back, looking like a paper cat ‘cause he was so thin we could actually see his ribs. It took him four months before he looked all chubby again.

One day he was gone, again. Before that he looked kind of tired, like he was sick. At first I kept looking for him to bring him to the vet, but he was no where to be seen. My mom said that maybe he went to find some peaceful place to go because he didn’t want to see us cry over him. I just hope that he is ok, wherever he is right now.

— Little Red    Monday May 15, 2006    #

I thought all knew…cats are people.

— John Lapham    Monday May 15, 2006    #

i recently lost my cat (6 dayz ago) and its been hell i looked everywhere ….i miss her soooo much i came back from school one day and i ran to the garden and she was GONE!! :( sadest thing ever i dont know how much longer to look?and where?:(i wont stop crying its the worst thing

— :(:(:(:(:(    Friday June 2, 2006    #

my cat disappeared about 6 days ago. i have looked everywhere over and over. Hoping maybe i would see her in a neighbors window or something. How long should i look? is it possible she will find her way back?

—    Friday July 7, 2006    #

On my seventh birthday, my aunt took me to the Bide-a-wee home to pick out my own and very first cat. I picked out the shyest kitten in the bunch, and I remember being ecstatic as I held him in my arms in the parking lot. It remains to be one of my most fond memories. My mom suggested we call him “Little Jake,” and although I thought that was a rather ugly name for such an adorable creature, I was far too over-the-moon to argue. So, Little Jake it would be, until we got home and my dad had no qualms about saying he hated that name!! We settled on Puffy, as he was called for the next eleven years. As most cats were in those days, he was an inside/outside cat. One day, he didn’t return home. My mom and brother went up and down the block, knocking on doors and asking if anyone had seen him. No one had, and his disappearance remains a mystery to this day, over twenty one years later. For several years after, I would dream that he was still alive. I would feel happy that he was alive and that nothing terrible had happened to him, but scared that I would soon lose him because now he was that much older. Other times in my dreams, he had never disappeared, I was just too busy to notice, and I would feel guilty for not having paid attention to him. Anyway, my point is that not having known was the worst feeling and since then I have always kept cats as exclusively indoor pets. I was compelled to write this post because of the ‘Jake’ parallel. I am currently grieving over the death of another beloved pet, and Frog’s story of Jake, the missing cat took me back to that difficult time in my own life. Time really does heal all wounds, and I truly feel this and hope I always will-that the heartbreak and devastation we feel over losing an animal companion is far overshadowed by the love, grace, beauty and happiness they bring us unconditionally while they are here. Jake and Puffy wouldn’t have it any other way.

— Annie    Wednesday October 11, 2006    #

Your story touched my heart. I had two cats up until 08/21/06, brother and sister. After getting their shots for the 2nd annual visit my female cat “Shusky got wild and ran away.” needless to say, it was a hard blow to the family. We miss her soo much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I keep it in prayer with hopes that one day I will see her again. She is my Diva, a true princess. I love her soo much.

— Carol Ann Holmes    Wednesday December 13, 2006    #

My baby Ashes disappeared 3 days ago. God I hope she comes back. It feels like I lost a kid. Good luck to you and yours.

— Denise    Wednesday March 7, 2007    #

My cat disappeared 5 days ago. She’s allowed to go outside every day, but has never been out longer than 2 days. These last couple of days have been very sunny, so I guess I could tell myself she didn’t feel the need to come home, and will come back when it starts to get colder, but I’m already starting to lose hope. It’s actually my mother’s cat. If it were my cat, I would’ve put a trace chip on her, or at least put a phone number or something on her collar (which she doesn’t even have). We also don’t have any photos of her, so there isn’t much we can do. I’m really sad, and I cried a bit. I haven’t felt this sad (or sad at all) about losing a pet in my life. Pets that have died on me include fish, birds, a guinea pig and a rabbit, but those didn’t come greet me by the door when I get home, if you know what I mean. Pets that did do that (a cat and a dog), were given away, so at least I know they’re OK. I really hope I’ll see my cat again…

— Valentino    Saturday April 7, 2007    #

I am sorry your cat is gone, i know exactly how you are feeling. yesterday i had to take my cat to the vet because she had not been eating or drinking much and i have had this cat for 4 and a half years and she was all white and named Heidi, well she was sicker than i thought and had to have her put to sleep and i treated this cat as if it was a baby and i have been crying ever since and i cant eat or anything and i could not even go to work today. it is an empty feeling whether they ran away or died, they both hurt a great deal.

— maureen    Monday April 9, 2007    #

I too have a cat named Jake who has up and vanished on us. Its so heartbreaking I know exactly how you feel. Jake came to us a few years ago..just showed up on our doorstep, and we have recently moved. Im HOPING he will come back or show up at our old house, but its the not knowing what happened that is the hard part.

— Tracy    Monday May 7, 2007    #

Our kitty got out of the house and lost earlier this month. She almost always stayed in the house, and never went farther than the deck or the fence on the few occasions she was out. We were having a medical situation with another animal in the house, and suddenly I noticed I hadn’t seen her in her usual spots. We put up signs, pictures, and offered a big reward, but found out that she had died in a freak accident very soon after getting out. Our neighborhood is full of cats running around at all hours, to whom nothing ever seems to happen, so the odds of what happened to her were actually quite low, yet a witness came forward and showed us her grave. It surprises me how bad I feel and how much I miss her and wish I had her back. So, I understand why you cried.

— Barb    Sunday May 13, 2007    #

My little cat disappeared 3 days ago and hasnt been seen since. I dont know if I can cry anymore because i miss him so much. He is my little baby and I miss everything about him…...him jumping on to my bed when im ready to go to sleep and him waking me up by nuzzling my face with his nose when he wants a feed! I hope he comes back, I cant bear to think what it would be like without him. Ive just moved to a new neighbourhood so Im hoping that he is just having a look around before he comes home. Cats really are friends and companions.

— Julie    Tuesday May 15, 2007    #

i have just lost my pet cat chloe, she was 13, and loved very very much.i feel lucky she came into mmy life, and i know she will be in rainbow bridge waiting for me to come one day, rainbow bridge is vey privelidged to have her with them.i send chloe my love forever and god bless and my thanks for having me in her life to share her love and kindness,i hope my hurt goes away i hurt so very much, it helps reading other peoples comments, knowing your not alone. i miss her so much, i wish someone could help me,but i know i just have to go through the griefing process, but i was lucky she was my cat i my life.

— jan hulse    Tuesday May 22, 2007    #

I lost my cat Gracie yesterday. I miss her so much. She not just mt pet she is my family. Is it possible she’ll find her way back. Gracie please came back. We love you.

— Jessica Paczesny    Friday June 1, 2007    #

Gracie is back home. We love you Gracie.

— Jessica Paczesny    Saturday June 2, 2007    #

My cat of fourteen years disappeared, and it was hard. My friend told me of his 10 year old cat running away. One day he was sitting in a park near his home, and his cat came running up to him and jumped in his lap. Hope is a powerful thing. If nothing else, maybe he was just on some sort of fun kitty adventure. Maybe my cat is too.

— julie    Wednesday June 6, 2007    #

My little’un Socks went missing yesterday. Hes not even a year old and Im really worried. His older brother, bear, wont stop meawing and Im really starting to worry. He so loving and friendly and I live in a rough part of town and cant help but think the worst…Arrghhh its just so frustrating and I cant concentrate on anything. I hate to think what Im gunna be like when I have kids….

— JP    Thursday June 7, 2007    #

My kitty Friskie, who just turned 16 in April, disappeared overnight on June 5th. She was an outside cat and has been gone before but not for this long. Her brother, Blackie, died on March 20th (first day of spring) and she has been meowing quite loudly ever since, I guess in an effort to call him home. Ever since Blackie died I’ve contemplated what it would be like when Friskie would be gone too, but I thought she would be here for awhile yet, she was so healthy and still as lively as ever, even the vet who saw her in April said if he didn’t know better he would have thought she was half her age. The evening before she disappeared I looked out the window to see her laying under my husbands car and thought she looked like she wasn’t feeling well and started to go out and check on her but then decided I should just leave her alone. Then the next morning she was gone. I have been kicking myself ever since wondering if there was something wrong and if only I had followed my original instinct and checked on her maybe she would still be here. I’ve heard cats will go off somewhere when they know they are going to die. I’ve driven all around looking for her thinking maybe she got hit by a car, then walked through fields nearby and passed out and put up flyers in the neighborhood (using one of many photos taken just recently). Perhaps a coyote got her. Its the not knowing that is killing me. At least with Blackie and their mom, Miss Kitty (who died 4 years ago) I knew what happened. I can’t give up hope that she may show up yet (her mom disappeared like this once shortly before she died). I will continue to look for her everyday and pray that wherever she is, she is loved.

— Martha B.    Tuesday June 12, 2007    #

My cat is only 9 months old and he’s been gone since last night. I’m really worried…he’s never been out this long. My Siamese cat who is 8 years old is even looking around for him and meowing, because they became really close. I can’t stop crying and I just want him to come back. I can’t believe how attatched I became to him. He’s a little tiger cat and is tiny because he was the runt of the litter. He’s so adorable and friendly. I just want him to come home. ;(

— Trisha    Friday June 15, 2007    #

I feel everyone’s pain from all the posts I’ve read…my kitty Charlie ran away 9 days ago. It seems like he’s been gone for months.I think I could find closure and move on if I at least knew what happened to him. We moved to a new house over 40 miles away and he ran away the first day we tried to let him out. He has always been an indoor/outdoor kitty. We love him and hope he returns soon! He was indoors the first two weeks we lived in the new house… does anyone know is this long enough for him to know where his new home is??? I’m afraid he went exploring and couldn’t find his way back… my friends think he either is traveling back to our old house OR was killed by a coyote.

— Jax    Wednesday June 20, 2007    #

Our cat, Krissy went missing on June 21st. She has never not come back from a day outside. She is the most lovable cat we have ever had. Her brother, Harley would always jump on her and give her a hard time, but she always went back for more. It’s been 3 days now and she hasn’t come back home. I cry all the time, wondering what happened to her. Hopefully she will come back. We go look for her every day and night, hoping she is just in the woods and doesn’t want to come home yet. We miss her so much. We don’t have children, so Harley and Krissy are our little ones. I can’t imagine life without her.

— Deb    Sunday June 24, 2007    #

Today I had to put my cat Sumba to sleep due to kidney failure. She was in my family for 15 years. She loved to play with the ring around the milk carton. She also played with the water in her dish all day long. She was loved very much. I will miss her. I will remember her for as long as I live.

— Theresa    Thursday June 28, 2007    #

My beautiful orange tabby Hobbes is lost and I miss him so much. He has been gone 10 days now. We have had him and his brother Nemo for 8 years now. He has never been gone longer than a day. We have posted flyers and we keep looking for him but we have had no luck. Nemo keeps waiting for Hobbes to come home and it is breaking my heart. I miss my baby boy Hobbes!

— Lorrie    Friday June 29, 2007    #

My cat Snowie has been missing for one week now. She’s an indoor/outdoor cat and always comes home after her trips out. I’ve searched in fields nearby, put flyers in neighbours houses and contacted the local shelter but to no avail. I miss her so much. I’m crying everyday and praying like I haven’t prayed in years. Please come home babes.

— Ruth - Ireland    Monday July 23, 2007    #

today July 23 2007 my neighbor find my cat dead under is porch, he was gone since 3 days, it was the first time he was not at home for the night. i was searching my cat since i lost Eti on friday july 20. when my neighbor asked if i was still searching for my cat i said yes and he told me he found Eti. the first thing in my mind was it’s not Eti but it was. i found no trace of violence on him no fracture nothing.i realy don’t know what happened to my cat.

For sure i would not think it was so hard to lose an animal that i loved so much, i still see Eti in the window telling me he want’s to be inside the house. i remember when he sat on me and pur to let me know he loves me.

— Sylvain    Tuesday July 24, 2007    #

I am praying for all your little lost ones that they find their way back home. Two stray cats showed up on my door step one day, and I have been taking care of them ever since. Chances are, a cat lover like me, is taking care of your little ones.

— T.S.    Tuesday July 24, 2007    #

well i have a small kitty i got in the middle of september 2006. she is an outdoor/indoor cat but mostly spends her time outside. then she got lost on july 31 07. we have a simese cat that and some other cat but they arnt mine. did they chase her off? will she come back? please i need help.

ps:i live in a horse ranch with alot of others near me. in between the ranches are alot of pine trees.

— jason    Friday August 3, 2007    #

hi my cat has just gone missing ive had him for 9 years its such a horrid feeling i just want him home we all miss him its horrid i want him back

— Laura green    Tuesday August 7, 2007    #

Being a “cat person” myself, I feel your grief. I had Callie Sue for 19 plus years before having to put her to “sleep”. I still miss her. I was given two cats soon after her death, tho I had no wish to have any more pets. But 9 years later, they are still with me. I was never blessed with the two legged children. But greatly blessed with four legged kids. Like the saying goes “ Cats are kids with fur coats on”

— Annie    Sunday August 19, 2007    #

My cat “Tisha” has been missing for 5 days. She is 6 yrs old. She is an indoor/outdoor cat. I had her declawed (front) before she started wanting to go outside so much , but she enjoys playing in the field behind our house for a few hours and then shes at the back door wanting in. I’m feeling guilty that something has gotten to her and she could not defend herself.

— Lori Dennis    Wednesday August 22, 2007    #

We adopted a sweet little cat last weekend and I’m sitting here close to tears because I can’t find her, she’s disappeared. We’ve been so careful (or so I thought) to lock the catflap behind our other cat so she doesn’t go out before she’s familiar with us and the flat… I’ll never forgive myself if she doesn’t come back. I don’t know what to do. I’ve looked everywhere.

— Fanny    Saturday August 25, 2007    #

Im sad…... Ive been taking care of a stray cat that my family and I call Baby Cat for 1 year. He hasnt come home in 3 days. He is always here every night and sometimes during the day to play with my other cat puss. Puss and Baby Cat always play with each other and sleep together in my garage. Now I havent seen him since Sunday night and it is now Wednesday night. I need to keep hope that he will come back. I keep looking outside to see if he is there, but nothing. I put a nice plate of tuna, maybe he will come back home to eat it. Iam not a religous person, but for once in a very long time I am going to pray that my Baby Cat is ok. Pray that he is safe. Pray that he comes back home to me soon…..

— Alex    Wednesday August 29, 2007    #

i miss you Benny. I will never stop thinking about you or praying for your return.

— cyndy    Friday August 31, 2007    #

I got a new cat on August 18th, 2007. She was the live-in sister of my cat Duke. We only had her for 2 1/2 days before she escaped out of my garage door. She was driven up by a friend who lives in Ohio, while i live in Michigan. She was (is) a black tortise shell cat named Angel. She was a very sweet kitty but i don’t think she got a chance to know us, get used to our smell amoungst other things. I feel so guilty that she eascaped! We’ve done posters, checked animal shelters numerous times, talked to neighbors, handed out flyers. I’ve looked all i can look. Both my husband and i work and you know what? You can literally spend the WHOLE day looking for them! Everytime i go to a shelter and look, i know that she’s just some where in my neighberhood. But because she only with us for just a short amount of time, i can only hope that someone else has found her and is taking really good care of her. Some one said it eariler on a post: it’s the not knowing part that gets to you. I just wish i could replay what happened that day so i could have caught her and not be going through all of this emotional turmoil.

— Maya    Saturday September 1, 2007    #

I have lost my “peanut” who was a beautiful blank maincoon kitty only about 2 years old. I found her when she was 5 weeks old in a box at Starbucks. She was one of 5 kittens but she was not siblings with the other 4 that were double her size. The owner was just dumping them all off and left to fend for themselves (she at only a half pound). I took her in and nursed her back to health and she quickly became part of the family. She wasn’t like a cat as she was my husband and I’s best friend. She acted like a dog, bunny, kitty and baby. Her back legs never fully developed so when she ran, she hopped like a bunny. She loved only us and it was a very special relationship. She rarely ventured out of our large yard so we never imagined her ever being threatened by a coyote, bobcat or other wild animal. We were away for a few days and our adult children were taking care of the house when Peanut met her horrible fate. We found her remains in the field just across the street from our home. She was killed just a couple of hours before we came home so the guilt is unbearable. We’ve been crying constantly for days and can’t seem to figure out if we can ever get back to normal. It’s difficult being in our home as there are reminders everywhere. How do we cope? How long does it take when you love something so unconditionally? Obviously we all love our children, but when it’s a special bond of a pet, they require nothing but your love. They don’t talk back, they don’t constantly ask for material things etc. They just love you! It’s very difficult to figure out how I can be grieving so bad when it’s my pet and not my child. please help me see what can make life better again as I am just miserable.

— Shelley    Thursday September 6, 2007    #

i have my cat his name was miming. i have him for almost three years. i miss him so much. the last day i saw him was he was in our house playing. he is outdoor cat. he was gone on sept 12, 2007 and that day was the b-day of my lost brother. i hope to see him again. and i pray that he’s ok and maybe someday he will come back. i miss him so much. i want to cry everytime i remember him.

— may    Monday September 17, 2007    #

my boyfriend’s “kitty” (as that is all he ever called her) followed him home one day six months ago and became is joy. Kitty went outside a week ago and never returned. my boyfriend has hunted up and down every street in every direction for days and days looking for her. i see how terrible the pain is for him. not knowing what happened to kitty is just awful. i think he believes it was a coyote. i feel very sad for him.

— alicia    Friday September 21, 2007    #

My cat disappeared on Friday. She has been missing now about 72hours and I am frantic with worry.

I have no idea of what has happened to her. I live in a quiet residential street with very little traffic. My cat has free access to and from the house.

She was in Thursday night when I went to bed. Friday morning she did not come for her breakfast when I called her.

I have searched the surrounding area on foot and by car. I have asked neighbours.

I pray that she will return.

— Nick    Sunday October 7, 2007    #

I’m so sorry to hear about your Jake! I saw his pic what a handsome cat. He looks just like my Mr.Jingles (except Mr. Jingles has much longer hair) Well my baby got out 3days ago and he has never been out before. We just moved a month ago to a new house which is 50 miles away from our old one. Im racking my brains where he could be. My 7 yearold and 4 yearold are so close to him we can not stop crying. Im trying to be postive about it but so scared We will never see him again. so i know how you feel Mr. Jingles & Jake are in my prayers.

— Denelle    Tuesday October 9, 2007    #

I had always been more of a dog person. We have a cat, Crystal, that my wife brought with her when we got married that I didn’t really want, but I wanted to make the transition for her and her young daughter as easy as possible. I always told them that we would never have another cat, and for about 10 years that was true.

A little over a year and a half ago, they found a kitten at a local pet store that my wife couldn’t stop thinking about. She had seen many before that were adorable, but he was somehow different. She was obsessed the night before she brought him home, that he wouldn’t be there the next day when she went back. I relented and they were ecstatic the next day to find him still there waiting.

We eventually, and appropriately, named him Anakin (We often joked that he was struggling with his dark side as he could be so adorably mischievous). Anakin was dark grey with white marking on his chest, and on his paws and face. He had long hair that was the softest anyone had ever felt. Even visitors would comment on how unbeleivably soft his fur was, so we know it wasn’t just our biased pride. I found myself off work for several weeks due to an injury shortly after he adopted us, and before I knew it, he was one of my best friends. We played for hours, day in and day out. After I returned to work, the bond we created prevailed and grew. No matter how busy I was outside, I couldn’t restist stopping to scratch his chin or ears, or stroke his invitingly soft fur, almost every time I’d walk inside. He never seemed to mind my waking him up if he was sleeping either. And he would always come over to me if he saw me sit down for a minute, to sniff curiously for clues as to where I had been and what I had been doing, before jumping up to lay against my leg.

Everyone also commented on how large he was, with massive paws. I had insisted that he be de-clawed in the the front so he would’nt destroy the furniture, and I never minded later when he pawed at the furniture. His grip was amazingly strong when he grabbed my hand, or one of his toys when we would play. He was such a huge part of all of our lives. He had his ways of interjecting himself into virtually anything that was going on in the house, with any of us.

Everyone thought it was rare, the way he loved our dogs as well. Anakin was strictly an indoor cat, and the dogs were outdoors always. But when the door was open, he would run from where-ever he was to rub his face against their legs and bodies. At first, he was less than a quarter their size, and they weren’t sure what to make of him. But shortly, it seemed he had insistently won them over, much the same as he had me. They would lick his whole head with one swipe of their tongue, wagging their tails the whole time. He would just sit there as they showered him, literally. Then he would head off and spend an hour or more cleaning himself after we closed the door. Crystal was the only one in the house that didn’t absolutely adore Anakin.

The last week, it seemed as though he was getting a little too brave, venturing outside the door onto the mat anytime one of us would leave the screen door open, at which time we would chase him back inside. He never really got into anything bad, he just went places that he shouldn’t be (like outside) that made us worry for his safety. And he never really got ruffled when we scolded him for anything. Without fail, he would always come over a couple minutes later, as if to say “Is everything cool?”, and then jump up and lay right against you and clean himself as if nothing happened. Needless to say, all three of us love him dearly. He had a special routine with each of us that was an incomprensively huge part of our lives.

Monday night, while I was in and out, he apparently ventured outside, probably to visit his friends the dogs. They repayed all of his unconditional love and adoration, by killing him. I hate them for that. My wife found him in the back yard Tuesday morning, after frantically searching everywhere for him. There were no obvious injuries. I came home from work, and we buried him in his little bed, with some of his favorite toys.

We all feel different, undescribable guilt and pain, for not missing him sooner. In hindsight, all three of us disregarded the signs that something wasn’t right. For a little guy that was such a huge part of all of our lives whenever we were home, none of us can believe, or forgive, that we didn’t notice sooner… maybe we could have done something to save him. Even Crystal seems as though she might miss his antics a little.

As I read these posts, so many of the sentiments are my very own thoughts and feelings, word for word. As I read these heart wrenching stories, I feel a little comfort as I relate to people who don’t know what happened to their furry little family members. Although I am not entirely convinced that knowing what happened to our Anakin is any better. In some ways yes, and in others… no. Keep your hope! I sincerely hope each of you is reunited.

We are wondering if we will ever get over him. Will it ever get any easier to accept? If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would be this completely devastated over losing a cat, I would have balked at you. But Anakin was the most special kind of friend, and he was family. The guilt is terrible. The pain is almost unbearable. We muttle through our work day, hiding our tears, and then come home to spend pretty much every minute missing him, and wishing from our very core, that there was some way we could go back and do things differently. Hoping that our little buddy didn’t suffer while we were inside sleeping. While I feel terrible for all the people above, for their loss’, it is somewhat comforting to know that there are a lot of other people out there that feel the same way we do about our Anakin. Thank you for this forum. I’m glad I found it.

— Marc    Saturday October 13, 2007    #

Marc, I am so empathetic. I can’t even imagine. My story is tragic but different. 4 years ago, my life was blessed with the adoption of a tabby kitten. We named his Cash. As my husband is a huge fan of the man in black. We absolutely fell in love with him. To our surprise, we found out through the booster shot process that our Cash had a 4th grade heart murmur and wasn’t expected to survive the year. Well, he did and we still feel it was the love we had to give. One year ago we adopted another boy yet again named after a country legend... Willie! Our two boys fell in love and for the last year they have slept together, groomed each other, and had great times sitting in the back yard and playing. 12 days ago, Cash decided to venture over the fence (uncharacteristic) and we have not seen him since. We spent oodles of money on coloured posters, went door to door, and even made flyers for mailboxes. It has been so hard as we have spent many days searching and many hours at the Humane Society. Several late night calls with possiblilities, but it is always a different cat. We are devastated. I find myself breaking down often and I have so much guilt because I was the last one to let him out in the fenced in yard. How does one start to move on? I have always had pets and have mourned but he was my baby and I can’t imagine my life without him. Willie is okay but meows often and I know he misses him too. As I sit here at 1 a.m. I have many memories of our Cash. I am starting to lose hope... will he make his way home?

— Heather    Saturday November 3, 2007    #

I’m so sorry!! I really know how you feel. I have had cats all my life (like 13, right now I have only 1. Recently I lost his brother, and that broke my heart, not only because I miss him, but because I see my little cat suffering. He seems very sad, he’s looking for his brother everywhere. I hope he come back, sometimes they do. I hope the same for YOU. By the way another cat wouln’t replace your baby, but can make your life sweeter, YOU KNOW THAT. ;)

— Mary    Wednesday November 7, 2007    #

Thanks Mary! Guess what? He came back tonight!!! I went outside to take out the garbage and there he was. I was in complete shock. It has been three weeks. A few days ago I got 2 new kittens. Now I have 4 cats. I am so glad he made his way home.

— Heather    Thursday November 8, 2007    #

I never had a pet at home until 10 years ago when three little kittens showed up in our backyard. A couple of hours later another cat started meowing that later on we realized she was the mother. We fixed them all and gave the three kittens to adoption among our friends and kept the mother. We called her peeshee. She was my little daughter’s cat. My daughter was seven years old at the time. She was straight white with beautiful blue eyes. She was beautiful inside and out side. I never knew how much I loved her until one day she left and never came back. My father had got hospitalized and I stayed with him at the hospital. On Thursday October 17 our gardener had seen peeshee leaving our yard. That was the last time that anyone ever saw her. It was a disaster for our family. I have been crying for days now. I have looked everywhere. I have put fliers in everybody’s mail box. I have put laminated copies everywhere I could. She has vanished. I feel so miserable. I do not have energy to do anything. I have a lot of regrets about all the things I could do for her and I never did. I see her in the backyard and front yard all the time. My tears have not dried since we lost her.
I never thought I could get attached to a cat so much. I have not been able to get back to my normal life and I do not really think I ever will. I thank you all very much for sharing your stories.

— shahrzad Monday November 12, 2007    Monday November 12, 2007    #

On Thursday, Sept 20th at 8pm I let my beloved pet, Otis out, I adopted him from the local Humane Society when he was only 4 months old, I wanted another cat for my older cat, Milo. I had to keep Otis in a separate room for 2 weeks under quarantine as he had a parasite that I didn’t want Milo to get; now Otis has been missing for 2 months and like I read earlier “it’s the not knowing” that is tearing me apart, not a day goes by that I don’t cry, I have handed out over 500 flyers in mailboxes, ad in the paper, filed a report at the local Humane Society and gone there is person many many times, it’s like he’s vanished of the face of the earth, I don’t want to give up hope that my precious Otis is being taken care of OR has gone to Kitty Heaven, I can’t go into the room where he was when I first got him without crying, he was very different from Milo, much smaller and my baby, I miss him terribly, please come home…

— Laureen    Monday November 19, 2007    #

My cat trixie is missing she is a beautiful all white spayed female I took her and her sister pixie in and haved loved them trixie was my baby I love her so much I keep looking for her she disappeared thanksgiving day 07 she has been gone 24 hours I cried all day today and I am still hoping she will come home her sister misses her she wanders around the house meowing. I am broken hearted the pain of not knowing is eating at me I hope she will come back I feel so bad for all of you who have gone through this the not knowing is hard to deal with she was an indoor only cat and I hope she can survive outside and find her way back

— Debbie    Friday November 23, 2007    #

My baby girl Pixie went out yesterday and didn’t return. I am devastated. I can’t sleep or eat or function. She’s only 9 months old and always comes in within an hour of being out. I’m so afraid she’s cold and hungry. She always sleeps with me and I’m miserable. I have been crying for 24 hours straight. She’s so adorable, sweet and sassy. She plays games like Giddy-up kitty and upsidedown kitty. It’s almost Christmas and I can’t get a thing done. I’m praying she comes home, I love her so so so much.

— Patty    Thursday December 20, 2007    #

Ozzie, my precious snowshoe siamese who is one year old, and always goes outside from dusk to around 9pm failed to return home the night of December 3rd. A neighbor saw him the next day but I have not seen him and I have done everything – spoken personally to every neighbor within a mile, put ads up, looked everywhere. He is my whole life. Nearly 3 weeks have gone by and I’m still clinging to hope. I pray he is being taken care of by someone. God, bless my Ozzie wherever he is and bring him home to me.

— Laura    Sunday December 23, 2007    #

Mr. Whiskers just made five years old. He is fixed and has never slept outside a day in his life. As of today, he has been missing for one week. He would go outside and roam all day. I’m a firm believer in the song by Tim McGraw, “Live Like You Were Dying”. I did not want to take one once of happiness from him by keeping him inside. Needless to say, he chose to remain inside last Friday when I left for work. As I arrived home and opened the door, he darted out. I watched him for a few minutes as he pranced through the yard and towards the back yard. Within 15 minutes, I went out and began calling him (I knew to not let him stay out into the evening and then night). He never returned. I live in a decently populated neighborhood, however, I am towards the end of the road and am somewhat surrounded by areas of woods…at least to the back of me. Mr Whiskers knows this area. It’s been his for the past five years. It’s the only area that he has known. I’m convinced that he could find his way home if lost. Not to mention, I’ve called him and banged cans together. Obviously, that is a sign that he recognizes. Whiskers had his claws, but I am afraid that a coyote or fox may have hurt him. There is a huge void in my life. I won’t allow myself to grieve b/c that would mean that his life is over. His favorite cat food is sitting in the cabinet untouched. That cat was literally like my child, and that is b/c I have no children. I’ve done a brief search into the woods behind me, which again, is the last direction in which I saw him go. I can only search so much by myself.
Please pray for Whiskers. :(

— TMA    Friday December 28, 2007    #

I went on vacation to California and the DAY that I left my cat apparently got out. She is only an INDOOR cat and never goes outside. My husband finally called and told me 2 days later that she got out because his friend was over and he didn’t realize we had a cat. (she’s known for hiding when there are people over). Anyhow, he went out to his car and left the door open, he thought she came in from the Outside and shooed her out!! I was so upset and am very SAD! I came home early from vacation to try and look for her. I haven’t had any luck so far and its been soo COLD and rainy in the evenings. She has now been missing for 6 days! I call her name out our back door, I’ve walked throughout our neighborhood calling her name, and I check with our local “Saving Grace” in case someone turned her in. Its hard to have hope when you know or feel that she may not be able to survive the winter weather that we are having.

— Carol    Saturday January 5, 2008    #

Hi my beautiful tabby cat Angel has been in my life for the past 7 years. I love her like a mother loves her child. I came home from work today and no one has seen her since I went out this morning, I am devastated. God bless you Angel you brought joy to my life and I hope wherever you are you are happy xxx

— Noo Noo    Saturday January 12, 2008    #

A gray cat about 4 years old, male and neutered with beautiful green/yellow eyes was recently found in DC. He is sweet and affectionate. Any chance he could be Jake or someone’s cat? We are considering adopting him but wanted to try and find the owners first.

— Dinah    Sunday January 20, 2008    #

I just had to put my wonderful little cat, Tippie, to sleep. Is it normal to obsess over one little detail that didn’t go right at the vet’s office? The vet let me hold her for as long as I wanted to say my good-byes. I held her for ten minutes and said what a great cat she was and how much I loved her. I kissed her and held her tight. Then the vet came in and told me she was first going to put her into a sleep state and then inject her with the stuff that would make her die. It didn’t hit me and my Tippie fell into the sleep state before I said good-bye one more time. Why can I not let go of this one detail. I said good-bye over and over holding her before the vet came in. A psychologist once told me part of the shock and grief process can sometimes be lingering over one detail to avoid the real pain that you are just plain sad that you no longer have your kitty. And I feel guilty because most people on this bulletin board have no closure because their pets are lost. That also happened to me once and it is awful. Is there anyone out there who can tell me why I am obsessing so much over this….

— Cheryl    Tuesday January 22, 2008    #

I understand your pain. My beloved cat Hitchcock has been missing for three and a half months now. I am going to post something on this site about him because I am not sure what else to do with my pain. I had him for thirteen years and he vanished this past October, three days before my wedding. I am still devastated. The not knowing is the worst part of all. He was older and diabetic, so I am sure that he did not survive. We had moved into a new place a month prior to his disappearance, so I am not sure if he left because it was a new place or he was sick. I am full of guilt and sadness. We never saw him get out. It was as if he vanished into thin air.

— Lynn    Monday February 4, 2008    #

Dear Frog- We found a Gray Cat that appeared from nowhere and has been outside for a long time it seems. He matches your description of Jake. Where do you live?

— Dinah    Monday February 18, 2008    #

another heart broken cat owner. My daughter’s cat (RJ) is 4 years old indoor/outdoor never stayed out all night. He always slept with my daughter snuggled up next to her. On March 17th I let him out in the evening for one last run and that was the last we’ve seen of him. We posted the flyers, spent countless hours looking. Even Easter Sunday was spent looking while the Ham cooked. Like most of you have said it the “not knowing” that really hurts and looking into my daughter’s eyes and seeing her pain day after day is the worst! Parents are suppose to make everyting all better. I have offered a new cat but she says no one can replace RJ! It has been 2 weeks and 2 days now… please pray for us as I will do the same for you. I read one story that a cat came back after 3 weeks that has restored a little hope for me!

— Kimberly    Tuesday April 1, 2008    #

God, I feel everyone’s sadness. My darling ginger love sponge Floyd has been missing for 2 days. He’s such a needy, loving cat and it’s so unlike him to even get off the bed, let alone disappear. I feel sick and hollow. The worst thing is not knowing if he’s hurt, cold, frightened, sick… I feel I’ve failed him by not finding him. Someone told me to leave unwashed clothes or blankets in the garden, because the smell of ‘you’ can bring them home. Another web site I found gave me some hope is
Anyways, my heart goes out to everyone that’s lost a furry friend.

— Rebecca    Wednesday June 11, 2008    #

WOW for the past month I have felt crazy for feeling/acting the way that I am about my Lost cat Luke. It is comforting to read everyone’s story, but also sad.. Noone should have to go through the “not knowing”. I am such a control freak, and it kills me that I can’t be in control of this situation. I have always gone by the motto the harder you try the better results you get. But in Lukes case it is not true. I have tried so hard. I post flyers every week, go to 3 pounds, every week. I have gone door to door, snuck in my neigbors yard to look in their shed… and still no Luke. I have had Luke since he was a kitten and he has been there for me when noone else has. Luke is a indoor cat who got out one night when my 5 year old left the window open. He has gotten out before, but he is always waiting by the door in the morning. This morning was different. At 5:00am I realized he was gone and I just knew that I wasn’t going to see him for a while. Today he has been gone for 30 days and I am still searching. I also feel like I have failed him. I also think about him being scared, hungry, hurt. I can’t sleep at night and during the day I call for him at least 20 times. Everytime I pull up in the driveway I hope… but then he is not there. I am devastated. I am still hoping that he will come home, but at this point I just want to know what happened. I want to stop thinking about him, but I can’t because he is a part of my family. We are going on vacation next week and I don’t want to go because he might come home. I need to let go, but I miss his meow, sweetness, and most of all the way that he would cuddle with my son.

— Catherine    Friday June 27, 2008    #

Our boy sox went out as usual 9 days ago.He never returned.We live in a village and tried all 70 houses. No cat ,no body. We are so heartbroken. He was 8.

— irene cameron    Thursday April 16, 2009    #

I just lost my baby girl gracie this morning. I let her outside very early this morning cause she is an inside/outside cat and now it’s almost 7 at night. She is never out this long, I’m so worried I love her so much she’s my baby. She is only a little over a year old now. Please gracie come back home I miss you so much !

— Kristy    Thursday April 16, 2009    #

My husband & i found our cat when he had abandoned as a kitten at the local boat launch. It was obvious he’d been on his own for a while; he was afraid of us and would only finally approach for food. We brought him home, named him Poptart and for the last 12 years he has been our “child” (we have no children). He has always been an indoor/outdoor kitten/cat and would tear the screens off the house to get out. To protect him he has always worn an ID tag. We live on a cul-de-sac off another quiet road. The other cats in the neighborhood will lounge in the road because there is no traffic. i have never liked letting him out, but it always felt like everything was relatively safe for him. And he never left the vicinity of our house, and then, as he aged, he did not really leave the yard anymore. Until 8/28 when he disappeared into thin air. We contacted all the right people and places, gave out 500 “missing” posters door-to-door and scoured the neighborhood and beyond. We looked in every tangle of roots, in every shelter formed by a rock and called his name until i was hoarse. My vet told me to wait 2-4 weeks (!) as cats will typically come back during that time. He said it was agony to wait, he knew, but not to give up as he had a thick file of cats presumed lost that returned on their own. i do not know if he was just trying to have me use the time to adjust to the loss. He also told me to follow my gut instinct, but it is all over the place – one minute i believe something terrible befell him, other times i feel that he is on a kitty vacation and he is simply not ready to come home.

The waiting is pure agony, the reality is devastating.

i am sorry for all those who have posted here that they have lost their pets. i do not have any strong words of comfort and oh how i wish i did. Just as i hate to see an animal suffer, i hate to see a loving owner suffer as well.

i hope you find your pet, i hope you find peace.

— Lisa    Tuesday September 8, 2009    #

My cat has been missing for 4 weeks now… Not a single day I don’t pray for his safe return… but my hope is dying. I still can’t believe that he will never come back to me, I can never hold my little baby in my hands, never hear his “miaow miaow” every morning… I still cry everyday, I know that he’s probably dead now and I need to accept the truth, but I miss him so much…

I read about missing cat everyday, every time I go to the Internet… I created topics and questions on several websites… now I’m convinced that he’s stolen and killed… :(
He’s never been away for more than a day, there was 1 time only he’s gone for nearly 2 days (when he lived with my neighbour), but since he lived with us, he went out at night and came back every morning until one day, Sunday Oct 11, he went out at 2PM and came back at around 9PM, had some food, went out again at 9.15 and never came back. There’s no reasons for him not coming back instead of getting killed. There are many evil people here who killed and ate cats and dogs, there are many thieves go around the city every night to steal cats and dogs to sell. I tried to convince myself that he might just explore and get lost, but people tell me that cats simply cannot get lost, something must prevent him from finding his way back. He’s too young, just 7 or 8 month old. My hope is dying a little bit more everyday. I still miss him a lot, I can never forget my little kitten.

28 days, and I’m still hoping for miracle to happen, to bring my baby back to me…

The first thing comes to me every time I wake up in the morning is “My little kitty has not come home”... I know it everyday, and I know it’s been 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks and now 4 weeks… it’s gonna be 1 month, 1 year, forever… but I still don’t know how to get over this…

— Hoapham    Sunday November 8, 2009    #

6 years ago i went on vacation to Europe. left my cat with a cat sitter. she decided that the cat is going to have kittens and gave her to the pound.She was my baby and i miss her soo much.Even after 6 years i still sit in my bed and cry after her.i want her back so much.she was my best friend. i need her in my life again. Please pray that i will one day find her . Watka i will find you baby and remember i never forgot you.

— Beata    Tuesday December 8, 2009    #

i lost my beautiful cat, bella 5 years ago. I cried so much. I cried for her for years and years. I’ve only now began to recover. THing is.. i saw her. a week ago, she just came up to our kitchen window, and was staring at me. but when i went outside to get her, she went. I saw her again this morning, sitting on the fence, i took pictures, and she recognised me, but she was wary. One ear was badly torn, and she looked thin and rugged. I cried for hours. She wouldnt come to me. Sorry about your jack, i know how it is, bella was exactly like him. She once brought me a toy to cheer me up when i was sad, like she knew what to do to make me happy. She was so smart. I just wish shed come back to me.

— em    Wednesday February 3, 2010    #

I lost my Manny about 6-7 weeks ago. I loved Manny and I miss him so very much. I have called and went to shelters looking for him, I put out flyers, still no Manny. I am hurting so very bad. Manny was not just my cat he was my friend. Everyday when I came home from work he was waiting for me, sitting on the window ledge waiting for me to drive up into the drive way. Everywhere I go I look for Manny (manx) he was four years old, and I got him when he was only five weeks. I miss Manny, I can’t stop crying.

— Jean    Thursday February 25, 2010    #


— PEST (CAT)    Monday May 3, 2010    #

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. This just made me cry, I don’t know what I would do if I lost my cat.

— Alec    Wednesday June 16, 2010    #

One of our cats disappeared 6 weeks ago, spent days looking for it, driving around to see if possibly it might have been hit by a car, no luck. My wife was heartbroken. Yesterday, I came home and found that she had returned!!!6 weeks later!! To our dismay though, its gonna be a tough recovery for her, as it almost looks as though she has not eaten much since being gone. We are thinking she was trapped in someones garage or house nearby. Very skinny and she is constantly eating and drinking now. We had given up all hope of her being alive. The kitty angel must have been looking out for our Josie! Who now is Miracle Josie!

— Dave    Tuesday June 29, 2010    #

My cat boo boo disappeared 10/4/10, 2 days ago. I am hoping he will come back home. I’ve not stop crying since he left. He is declawed (front) and I’m so terrified for him being out there alone. I love you so much boo boo, please come back home. May God be with you and protect you out there. We miss you and Nixie our dog miss you too, she has no one to play with now. You will always be in my heart. My friend, my companion and light of my life, please come home.

— Sandra    Thursday October 7, 2010    #

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