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New River: redesign and relaunch


Digital Writing

The New River is a journal of digital writing and art. Founded by Ed Falco in 1996, with help from Len Hatfield, a computer wizard then on the faculty at Virginia Tech, it is thought to be the first journal ever devoted exclusively to digital writing and art. After a period of dormancy, New River Journal has now been redesigned and reborn, complete with new works by some of today’s leading digital authors, including Jason Nelson, David Herrstrom and Dan Waber.

Beginning with this number, The New River plans to post new issues twice a year, in December and May. The New River is currently hosted by Virginia Tech’s Center for Digital Discourse and Culture. Continue reading

Mar 31, 11:21
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The Schism Around Voice:


Multicasting vs. Broadcasting

“Imagine that you would have an awesome technology that allowed you to create an universe you have just pictured in your mind, to the extent of detail you wish, and that you could get realistic characters walking around your universe, so perfect in its minutiae that their behaviour and looks would be completely impossible to distinguish from real human beings. Now imagine if that technology were available to everybody in the world and that anyone, anywhere could have access to it.

Actually, that technology does, indeed, exist. It’s even quite old, having first been developed over 6,000 years ago. It’s called a book.

Nevertheless, a “book” is not perfect — there is an author, and there is an audience. The author can do with their book whatever it wishes; but you, the reader, cannot. All you can do is read and imagine with the author, but not contribute to the book. Continue reading

Mar 30, 17:58
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Platform for Virtual Demonstrations

Each individual truth has as its origin an event, according to French philosopher Alain Badiou. An event is located within a certain situation. The locus of the event is the point of departure for a radical change. Every radically transformative action has as its origin one spot. The first spot in the space of marchonline is placed by an individual, defining and positioning themselves as the initiator of a march. This spot will/will not initiate the formation of a manifestation as a truth event. – where every individual can initiate new or take part in existing virtual demonstrations. Demonstrations, i.e. marches, are created spontaneously or in an organised way, but they must always be launched by a user. They can be initiated as an opinion about or reaction to a current local or global problem, they can be an expression of a political will, they can affirm or protest, they can be a celebration or an uprising. It is possible to have pro and contra demonstrations at the same time. Continue reading

Mar 30, 17:25
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Lev Manovich


Deep Remixability

“During the heyday of debates on post-modern, at least one critic in America noticed the connection between post-modern pastiche and computerization. In his book After the Great Divide (1986), Andreas Huyssen writes: “All modern and avantgardist techniques, forms and images are now stored for instant recall in the computerized memory banks of our culture. But the same memory also stores all of pre-modernist art as well as the genres, codes, and image worlds of popular cultures and modern mass culture.” [1] His analysis is accurate – except that these “computerized memory banks” did not really became commonplace for another fifteen years. Only when the Web absorbed enough of the media archives it became this universal cultural memory bank accessible to all cultural producers. But even for the professionals, the ability to easily integrate multiple media sources within the same project – multiple layers of video, scanned still images, animation, graphics, and typography – only came towards the end of the 1990s…” From Deep Remixability by Lev Manovich, Piet Swart Institute, 2005/06. Continue reading

Mar 30, 15:44
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Outside <> Inside:

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Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark is known for her body and cloth related work which tried to transform the relation we traditionally establish. The interesting artist has been working and exchanging ideas and thoughts with the other famous brazilian artist Helio Oiticica >> Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica: A Legacy of Interactivity and Participation for a Telematic Future. The work of both has been shown in Europe during Documenta X in 1997 and more recently under the title ‘Tropicalia’ – the name of the 1960s the brasilian art movement.

Just recently I came across some texts and a website written and published by Suley Rolnik, whose texts provide a profound insight into the work of the artist by looking at the trans-generational relations between the ably andonment of the museum space by the artist Lygia Clark, and more generally connecting her work to the fluid inside/outside movement now practiced by politically oriented artists in Brazil. (see on multitudes) Continue reading

Mar 29, 17:14
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Pure Mediality in Serres and Agamben

“What is a Medium or, what do the means mean? Isn’t it strange that our desire for newer and ever more dazzling media machines is equaled only by our wish to escape them? From mathematical perspective to the camera obscura, from photography to cinema — television, the internet, virtual reality environments and all the more far-out sorts of artificial intelligence — innovations in media have always been driven by the desire to overcome mediation. Whether it is the frame, the wire, location, bodies or simply physical presence that it eliminates, each new device promises to deliver the same content as its predecessor, only more immediately, which is to say without the clumsy medium in which the signal had been trapped. Jay Bolter and Robert Grusin have shown how this desire to escape media by means of media has developed according to a logic that they call “remediation.” Television gives us everything film offered, but without the apparatus of the projector and the centralized theater. The laptop accomplishes what the portable computer was supposed to do, just as the PDA puts us in touch with everything the laptop promised but failed to deliver. And now wireless technology promises to accomplish all of this without the restrictions of any centralized location at all.[1]” From Noises and Exceptions: Pure Mediality in Serres and Agamben by Stephen Crocker; CTHEORY: 1000 Days 053 :: 28/03/2007 :: Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. Continue reading

Mar 29, 14:57
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ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art


ReMix / Broca II (Letters / Numbers)

The multimedia installation ReMix / Broca II (Letters / Numbers) will open the international exhibition tour of the work of Mischa Kuball (*1959), a light and media artist from Düsseldorf, Germany, at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition will be open from March 31-May 13, 2007.

Kuball has worked conceptually with light for more than twenty years, and in a unique way has linked light, which is otherwise largely considered an aesthetic medium, with social and political statements. Within his complex and multifarious work, the pieces that confront human communication form a specific concentration. “I am interested in language as a function of a code—that is, in the sense of coding and de-coding,” says Kuball. Presented for the first time is the new, extensive multimedia installation ReMix / Broca II (Letters / Numbers), which is a further development of his earlier work, broca’sche areal. With both of these works, Kuball refers to the eponymous brain region, which forms language capability, and thereby the basic conditions for human communication. Continue reading

Mar 29, 14:18
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[iDC] Art, Lifestyle & Globalisation


“…Big Brother goes inside…”

Dew Harrison wrote:

Digital media and new technology is reconfiguring our relationship with the world and is also affecting how artists relate with their public. Now, new locative technology can position art in the everyday of people’s lives and activities outside the gallery space. Although psychogeography and mobile media enable the ‘interactive city’ for artists to key into, they also promote ideas of corporatised play in an urban space and tend to be interventionist and intrusive. ‘Big brother’ media and cctv surveillance allows for few informal, ungoverned social meeting places. This means that artists are having to find interstices between the formal constructed and observed social spaces where unorthodox art can happen to engage with its audience. Just how is such practice being supported within the neo-liberal economic structures of globalistation? Julian Stallabrass suggests that this only produces artists (in Brit Art particularly) who posture as edgy, risky individuals but who are in real terms busy establishing market positions for themselves. The answer lies somewhere in the inter-related issues of art, lifestyle and globalisation. Continue reading

Mar 29, 14:02
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April 3 + 4 Upstage Walk Through

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+ 070707 Matchmaking Event

hi everyone,

this month we’re doing something different with the regular UpStage walk-through, in response to discussions about the difficulty in finding collaborators: it’s going to be a “matchmaking” event, for those of you who are keen to collaborate on a performance for the 070707 UpStage festival and need to find collaborators.

if you’ve got an idea, come along ready to pitch it. if you don’t have an idea, come and see if there’s a project for you to get involved in, and meet potential collaborators. we’ll also answer questions that you may have about the festival and about creating your show. Continue reading

Mar 29, 09:29
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OurFloatingPoints 4: Participatory Media


Log on Tonight!

Emerson College and New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./ present OurFloatingPoints 4: Participatory Media: McKenzie Wark and David Weinberger :: DATE: March 28, 7 pm :: VENUE: Emerson College, Bordy Theater, 216 Tremont Street, Boston :: STREAMED LIVE online and BROADCAST TO SECOND LIFE :: FREE AND OPEN TO ALL!

McKenzie Wark: “Gamer Theory from Screen to Page” :: GAM3R 7H30RY 1.1 / “Gamer Theory” was created to investigate new approaches to writing in the networked environment, and to see what happens when authors and readers are brought into conversation over an evolving text. Wark will discuss the issues and questions that came up in the process of designing, writing and publishing the book, due out this month from Harvard University Press.

David Weinberger: “Everything is Miscellaneous” :: The digital revolution has created billions of shards of knowledge and information. Now we are inventing processes and techniques for pulling them together, unconstrained by the physical limitations that have silently guided our traditional principles of organizing ideas. From Britannica to Wikipedia, news media to blogs, the Dewey Decimal system to “folksonomies,” we are overturning the old assumptions about who is an authority, who is an expert, and who gets to decide what’s worth knowing.
Continue reading

Mar 28, 18:03
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