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October 02, 2005



Clothing as Palette

FlirtSkirt by MICHAL BRIL and SONALI SRIDHAR: Explorations in wearable technologies began with our interest in arbitrary social interactions among people in public spaces. Instances of interaction seem to occur through body langauge, common interests and common brands. Some of our observations led us to see that the i-pod, when new in the market, called for the silent nod when you passed another person with white ear buds. Walking dogs are almost an instantaneous conversation starter, and people who might otherwise come from disconnected lives start a conversation on the same frequency. This struck us as a good starting point for our piece.

User A wears her skirt and turns it on and her skirt holds the colours that have been initialized. On reaching a particular distance from user B the outfits start communicating with each other. They recognize the initial colors, mix them and display the shared color on both outfits. In addition when in range the outfits dim. When user A and B have separated from each other and moved beyond the range of frequency, they leave with the shared color ready for interactions with new users.

Posted by jo at October 2, 2005 09:56 AM