Intensity and Concentration
Your foremost personality trait is your intensity of thought and practice. You don't "turn off " —you don't stop thinking and engaging with your world in an analytical way. You pursue ideas, beliefs and art making with an obsessive singular focus.

If an idea, project, or situation interests you, you will devote all of your concentration to it. Conversely, if you're not interested in the idea or social situation, you become removed, drifting into an internal space of thought, often analyzing why you are not interested in the idea or situation.

When you are engaged in a task, be it completing an artistic project, having a conversation, or washing the dishes, for the duration of that task you focus entirely on the task to the point of forgetting your surroundings, and your other responsibilities. You often will forget to eat during long periods of concentration while working on a project.

One facet of your intense focus is your ambitious drive for success. You want to succeed — you have been thoroughly conditioned into wanting this success, you realize that this desire has been constructed and is an institutional disciplinary function that insures your compliance with the system. You know this, which confuses things, yet you still have that drive for acknowledgment, to make your parents proud, etc. It is not in a financial desire, but a symbolic desire.

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Character Traits
Chapter One

Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
Systems and Structures
Self Confidence
Routines and Habits

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