Your personality is moderately introverted, skewed towards your internal thought, and strong relationships with a few intimate friends. A party is a place to go spend time with people you know well, and not so much a place to meet new people. Partly you are shy, but often you are simply not interested in interacting with other people, especially in large social settings. You are not the "life of the party," and in general prefer time alone, or with one other person, to social events.

While with other people you are more likely to detach from the group into your own thoughts, or into watching the other people interact. On occasion you will move into an extroverted mood, where you are significantly more gregarious. Often you'll do things in this mood that don't necessarily reflect other aspects of your personality, often acting spontaneously in ways that sometimes bother you afterwards.

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Character Traits
Chapter One

Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
Systems and Structures
Self Confidence
Routines and Habits

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