Self Criticism and Doubt
The combination of your intensity of thought, and your tendency towards introversion leads you to a high degree of self criticism. You are a perfectionist, and are self aware enough to know that nothing is ever perfect. To this end you exert an enormous amount of control over your work. You will find the flaws in order to not repeat them next time, but also will dwell on them in a masochistic self critical way.

Your self criticism tends to focus on your own thoughts, beliefs, and art projects. Your intellectual and social rigor will often lead to moments of doubt, which can turn toward depression. These moments usually come during the formative moments of a new project, and after a project has been completed, and usually last two days up to two weeks, and can come in cycles repeatedly. You know this cycle, and understand that it is a necessary part of your intellectual and emotional cycle.

You often mentally revisit social interactions where you feel like you did or said something wrong — something incorrect, offensive, or unbecoming. You rest on these failures, re-enacting them in your head. You replay the scenes out of a sense of shame, which you feel compelled to linger in, both out of repentant shame and also to possibly learn from the failure so as to not repeat it in the future.

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Character Traits
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Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
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