Systems and Structures
Your reliance on systems and structures is evident both in your intellectual and artistic work, and in your educational history. Art history, literature, philosophy etc. are all structures in which you create works that are dependent on these structures for meaning.

In the past you needed the structure of the class critique to force you into fits of production, though now you have internalized it. You have the regulatory voices of art history, past instructors, and close peers in your head so you can re-enact a simulation of the institution whenever you need it. That you don't need the actual institution to regulate yourself shows how thoroughly you have absorbed the institution, rather than signifying your escape from discipline. You feel comfortable in the institutional structure.

Your work itself depends heavily on logic and systems to create meaning. One of the central problems in your work is the production of meaning through conflicting systems. It is this use of systems that led you to take an e-commerce site and use it as a form of self-portraiture in order to describe a person who was aware of the disappearing difference between subjectivity and consumer identity —personal style and brand allegiance. The resulting character described could only have arisen out of the conflicts of using these two logics simultaneously.

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Character Traits
Chapter One

Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
Systems and Structures
Self Confidence
Routines and Habits

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