Self Confidence
Through the intensity of your introverted self criticism, you are fairly well aware of your abilities, your institutional achievements, and your knowledge. You know that you have been educated and indoctrinated well enough to handle most academic, professional, and social situations you encounter. You are confident in your abilities. You know your skills and your successes, and yet you tell few people about them to the point of hiding them. When asked where you went to school, you say "in Rhode Island" rather than specifying Brown University because you would rather not have people make judgments about you based on your institutional record, even though you allow yourself to use it for support. In the past your self confidence devolved into arrogance, though now it is not directed out at others, but is circulated inside yourself.

You know that awards, honors, and the C.V. are disciplinary structures that enforce the status quo — that academia and art history are dependent on hierarchies and structures. You allow yourself to take pleasure in these achievments within institutional systems, though you don't usually tell many people about them.

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Character Traits
Chapter One

Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
Systems and Structures
Self Confidence
Routines and Habits

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