Character Traits
Character traits will form the basis of your guidelines for improvisation. Because a strong understanding of character and personality is so crucial to your success, this chapter and the next will present the many facets of your character initially through psychological personality assessment, and then a thorough character trait analysis.

It is helpful for you if these essential character traits are stated at the outset.

One. An ambitious intensity, and goal oriented productivity to the point of detriment.

Two. Reliance on control, structures, institutions, routines, and habits.

Three. A simultaneous introspective arrogance and modesty, confidence and doubt.

Four. Introversion, and solitariness.

All personalities are composed of opposing forces —the yin and the yang —and yours is no different. It is important to remember that while these are your primary traits, the complementary opposite trait is present, and will come into play frequently.

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Character Traits
Chapter One

Character Traits
Intensity and Concentration
Self Criticism and Doubt
Systems and Structures
Self Confidence
Routines and Habits

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