Ruth and her toungue

Still from an eye-lid painting peformance

Ruth A.
Up until a month ago you and Ruth were boyfriend and girlfriend. You met her at your mutual friend Ryan Peters' party. That night, in the middle of this loud party, you had a really intense conversation about art, and making art in New York; it was amazing to you that you felt this connected with someone you had just met.

She is really smart, and especially about art, and in the many conversations you had you grew a lot from understanding her perspective on the difference between personal creativity and what art aistory and the art market deem art. She has had a large effect on you, and on the way you relate to your own creativity, and how that is made public as Art. You spent a lot of nights going out to gallery openings, watching the bizarreness of the scene, and generally having a good time.

You and Ruth starting seeing each other in roughly March 2001, and by May you were mostly living at her apartment, though you still had your place. You spent all your time together, and really enjoyed each other. About the same time you did some web work at the magazine publisher she works for (Ruth writes for an art magazine called Art On Paper, you worked for the now defunct ArtByte.) You were working together and living together, and it was intense and fun. It was kind of like playing house, except real.

During this time, however, you both knew that you were leaving for California in August. At first the long distance was not a problem; she visited in October and you were in New York City in January. After January you and her began drifting apart; you are still trying to piece together exactly why it happened, but partly your work absorbed all of your attention, and her life in New York took over hers. About a month ago you both decided it was best to let go.

That said, you still feel close to Ruth. You have spoken about once a week since then. You e-mail with Ruth every few days; usually you send short off the cuff emails, or forward links to each other. Your recent conversations have been open and honest as you both sort through your emotions, and transition to being good friends.

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Non-Local Friends
Chapter Three

Non-Local Friends
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