More Friends
  Peter D.

You have known Peter since fifth grade. You were good friends in high-school, running a marathon together amongst other activities. Peter has since evolved into a champion runner (while your knees are so wrecked you cannot run anymore) and is also interested in photography. Peter it is currently in Napa, California, living with his parents who relocated to start a grade school. He is planning on coming down to the L.A. area in the next month to visit Art Center and stay with you, so expect an email from him about this.
  Lindsay K.

Lindsay Kelley was the person who introduced you to the idea of making art on the Web. Her website is You met her in the winter of 2000, and had many nice conversations with her with that spring. She lives in San Francisco, and works as a web designer/programmer. She is going back for her Ph.D. in next year. You e-mail with her on occasion, and see her if she comes through town.
  Edrex F.

Along with John, Edrex was your senior your roommate. He is an electronic artist and musician. He wants to start a recording studio in Providence. Your e-mails are primarily technical in nature, with you asking him for software or server technical help, and him asking you for advice with an art project.
  Hilary R.

During the spring of 2000, Hilary was your friend at RISD, where most of the students distrusted you as an outsider. Your friendship continued when you moved to New York City and until she moved out for San Francisco in December 2000. Your relationship with her was marked by a sexual tension that was constantly being acknowledged, but as something in the past tense. Also, Hillary is from Alabama.

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Non-Local Friends
Chapter Three

Non-Local Friends
Ruth A
Charles B
Laura F
Katriona M
John S
Vera B
Tess T
Sara D
More Friends

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