Local Friends
In this chapter you will be introduced to your friends living in Los Angeles. You will see most of the people around your studio, and at openings. The majority of these friends are from grad school, with a few from high school. In case you need more background, some previous e-mail exchanges with certain people will be available. These emails are stored in your e-mail program Eudora. Most of these people you see haphazardly, but for those whom you make specific plans with, you can find their phone numbers in the address book of your Palm Pilot.

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Local Friends
Chapter Four

Local Friends
Haruko T
Kevin M
The Toxic Titties
Carla H
Adria J
Erlea M
Stephanie S
Michael and Adriana
Justin L
Grisha C
Tyler R
Your Professors
More Photo Students
More Art Students
More Friends
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