Kevin M.
Along with Haruko, Kevin is your other closest friend in Los Angeles. Kevin is probably your closest companion, as he lives up in Valencia as well. You often make a dinner together at your house, and will frequently car pool to events in Los Angeles together. You usually stop by his studio (where he lives) daily.

You talk about your projects with Kevin, and he frequently talks about his work with you as well. The two of you also talk about your mental states, your feelings, and your respective relationships; this is remarkable and shows the level of trust you have in Kevin, as you have had difficulty building friendships of that nature with men. You definitely trust Kevin in that way.

Right now Kevin is working on a series of photographed collages, which work with tidbits he has collected over the years. Through the scraps themselves, and the way he's combined and rephotographed them, they begin to talk about gay identity, among other things. Kevin is also working on a performance in May called "Gen.Mod" in a storefront in Hollywood, in which you will take part in as well.

You should know that Kevin does not drink alcohol, and cannot eat shellfish because of a really bad allergy. Kevin's studio is in Butler Building #3. You stop by there once a day or so, when you are parking your car to go into your studio, or when you are going home for the day. You can tell when he is there at night because of the light coming up through the sunroof.

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