Heather, Julia, and Clover

The Toxic Titties
The Toxic Titties are three different people, and one collective identity. Heather C., Clover L. and Julia S. have been working together as artists for two years now (Barb C. worked with them for the first year). They are "a lesbian biker gang with no bikes." Their most recent project involved forming a business partnership which they are a metaphorically turned into a marriage contract, complete with a wedding ceremony, rings, cake, invitations, and a party.

They befriended you upon your arrival in Los Angeles, and have remained trusted friends. They are all really smart about art, and in particular appreciate and sympathize with your interests in performance art and practice.


Heather C.

Clover L.

Julia S.

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Local Friends
Chapter Four

Local Friends
Haruko T
Kevin M
The Toxic Titties
Carla H
Adria J
Erlea M
Stephanie S
Michael and Adriana
Justin L
Grisha C
Tyler R
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