Carla, Adria and Erlea

Stacen and Erlea

Erlea M.
Erlea is feisty in the best way. In discussion or conversation she is quick on the draw and will take issue with anything she disagrees with. She is usually dead on in her opinions and beliefs. It is apt that "Erlea," as she has told you, is Basque for "bee".

Erlea's work is a literal blend of politics and aesthetics. She makes delicate labored wall paintings built out of line drawings of photographs from the front page of the New York Times. These images, usually of violence or men in suits, blur into abstraction.

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Local Friends
Chapter Four

Local Friends
Haruko T
Kevin M
The Toxic Titties
Carla H
Adria J
Erlea M
Stephanie S
Michael and Adriana
Justin L
Grisha C
Tyler R
Your Professors
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