Michael U. and Adriana Y.
Michael and Adriana are somewhat of a unit, though they are not boyfriend and girlfriend as they will both point out. They grew up together, went to the same college together, live together and often collaborate on projects. They are intense and opinionated.

Michael's work is photographic and documentary; despite the fact that he is studying with Allen Sekula, he seems to eschew the marxist rhetoric surrounding documentary practice. You haven't really seen any of Adriana's work since the two of them put up a collaborative show in the fall which was called "Tilt," as in to cheat in a pin-ball game.

Michael and Adriana are involved in the traveling show project, and your most likely to encounter them in that setting.

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Local Friends
Chapter Four

Local Friends
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The Toxic Titties
Carla H
Adria J
Erlea M
Stephanie S
Michael and Adriana
Justin L
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Tyler R
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