Grisha C.
Grisha exudes the best most vibrant energy. You and her bonded over missing New York, though whereas you simply spent some time there, she is a real New Yorker. She is a dancer turned musician, and has a corporeality that is really refreshing, and which you don't feel from many of your other friends.

You and her do not see each other very often, though. You are both very busy, and in order to see each other you have to make specific plans to go do things in L.A. together. Once you went dancing at a hip hop Club, and another time you went to an electronic music performance.

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Local Friends
Chapter Four

Local Friends
Haruko T
Kevin M
The Toxic Titties
Carla H
Adria J
Erlea M
Stephanie S
Michael and Adriana
Justin L
Grisha C
Tyler R
Your Professors
More Photo Students
More Art Students
More Friends
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