Beliefs and Art Practice
During your time as an undergrad you were given a heavy dose of leftist and Marxist cultural and art theory. You understand and believe in the premises of these philosophies, but have a hard time dealing with the practicality of it all.

You understand and believe that all production involves the exploitation of labor, but there is no easy way out of this. There is no way outside of these systems of exchange, save the already suspect "back to the land" yeoman farmer approach. Even one's own production involves the exploitation of one's own labor.

Personally you try to consume less, both from a political/economic stance (by consuming less, you have to sell your labor less,) and an environmental stance (for fear of entropy.) Despite this approach, you realize that it doesn't solve the problems, it just to a certain degree moves you further from the center of the system. With all of these things you don't know if there is a viable solution, when the system moves in the path of least resistance, and that path is constantly made easier. Despite this pessimism, you consistently vote in elections (registered as a Green Party voter.)

To a certain degree your work tries to address this impasse. Even though you have problems with work that is just political, you try to make your work aware of these political/philosophical issues, but not concerned with these things foremost.

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Beliefs and Practice
Chapter Five

Beliefs and Art Practice
Reasons you Make Art
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