Physical Stances
There are several key postures in which you tend to sit and stand in.

Your most important sitting posture is when you cross your legs, right knee over your left knee. You usually sit in this position during class, or other formal moments.

The other position you sit in is with your elbows or hands on your knees, with your shoulders brought forward, almost hunching. Because it is sometimes difficult to hold the cross legged position for extended periods of time you will alternate this position with the elbows on the knees position.

Your primary standing position is a simple contrapasto, either with your hands in your pockets (particularly while wearing jeans) or with your arms crossed and your hands under your armpits. On occasion you put your hands in your back pockets.

An alternate standing position involves crossing one leg over the other, and locking your feet together. In order to maintain balance it helps to bring your hips forward a little bit.

Because of your high school running background, you have an athletic posture to your gait. You walk with your head up and your shoulders back. Because of your bowleggedness you tend to walk on the outside edge of your feet.

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Physical Presentation
Chapter Six

Physical Presentation
Physical Appearance
Physical Stances
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