Speech and Conversation
Your voice is deep, and when you hear it in recordings it seems a little nasal to you. You tend to speak very loudly and get rather animated when a conversation interests you. Often, when talking about something secret, or about someone who is in the same room, which should be spoken of quietly, you will slip out of a whisper and in to a louder talking voice, only to be reminded to speak quietly.

You have a pretty good control over your reading, or public voice, though you cannot sing.

Verbal Mannerisms

Often you belabor your points, creating somewhat of a maze of grammar, in an effort to create greater clarity, though ultimately confusing matters. This last sentence would be a fairly good example of this trend.

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Physical Presentation
Chapter Six

Physical Presentation
Physical Appearance
Physical Stances
Speech and Conversation
Hygiene and Physical Up Keep
Injuries and Medications

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