The average contents of your refrigerator

About 10 years ago you became a vegetarian, and have maintained a primarily non meat diet since then. At this point you eat cheese and egg whites on occasion, and have a sweet tooth for sushi, but other than that you eat mostly pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, beans, and soy products. You drink a lot of water, and soy milk with cereal.

Every morning you have a bowl of cereal with sliced banana in it. Often you forget to eat lunch, but when you do remember you either have a sandwich in your studio, or food from the salad bar in the cafeteria. For dinner, if you have to stay at school to work, you grab a black bean and cheese burrito at Cabo Cabana, the Mexican place next to school. But if you have the time, you go home and cook yourself either a burrito, sauteed vegetables and tofu over couscous, pasta, or some soba noodles.

As a result of 10 years of healthy eating, your stomach can't take most fried foods, most dairy, and other heavy foods. Though you can't afford to eat out often, when you do you like to go for sushi or Thai food.

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Physical Presentation
Chapter Six

Physical Presentation
Physical Appearance
Physical Stances
Speech and Conversation
Hygiene and Physical Up Keep
Injuries and Medications

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