In line with your healthy diet, you tend to forgo the excessive use of intoxicants. You don't smoke cigarettes or pot, and no longer use caffeine.

While in the last few months you have taken a liking to a beer or glass of white wine with dinner, you tend not to drink to get drunk very frequently. You usually will binge two or three times a year, only when you are happy, and usually when you are going to go out dancing. When you do get drunk it is usually on vodka. When you are drunk you speak only in French, much to the dismay of your English speaking friends, and your French speaking ones as well, on account of your degraded accent. And you dance maniacally.

Your drug of choice is actually caffeine. You used to use it in order to concentrate for school work, and for creativity. Your abuse reached its peak three years ago during finals period, when you had an enormous amount of work. You were so dependent on caffeine that you did not sleep, had no appetite and ended up working yourself to exhaustion and spending a week in the hospital. Since then you have cut out the use of caffeine entirely. This has been extremely hard because of your psychological dependence on caffeine for creativity and the ability to concentrate. It has taken you this entire time to get to the point where you can create without that stimulation.

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Physical Presentation
Chapter Six

Physical Presentation
Physical Appearance
Physical Stances
Speech and Conversation
Hygiene and Physical Up Keep
Injuries and Medications

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