Family History
You are the first of two sons of Joseph and Linda Mandiberg. You were born on December 22nd, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan where both of your parents were born and raised. Your parents moved from Detroit to Portland, Oregon, where they currently live, when you were six months old.

Your maternal grandparents both arrived from Poland in roughly 1913 as children, escaping the pogroms of the era (this is the number you remember, though it could be off by as much as five years.) Your grandfather died before you were born, and your grandmother died when you were 10 (again, the number you remember.) Your paternal family arrived from Russia in the 1870's, also escaping religious persecution. Your great grandfather Joe Jaffe had a side business buying and selling art and antiques at the turn-of-the-century. Both of your paternal grandparents are still alive, though they are nearly 90 and having serious health problems. Both sides of your family are Jewish, and though you were Bar Mitzvah'd, you were effectively raised as a non-believing Jew.

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Chapter Seven

Family tree
Stephen Mandiberg
Linda and Joseph Mandiberg
Helen and Jack Mandiberg
Mickee and Karlee Mandiberg

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