Purchased CD's

Aphex Twin, Come to Daddy

Bad Religion, 80-85

Beastie Boys, Ill Communication, Pauls Boutique

Bethoven, Symphony No. 9, Piano Sonatas Moonlight, Pathetique, Appasionata

Bowery Electric, Lushlife

Brahms, Requiem

The Clash, London Calling

The Cure, Wish

Dead Kennedys, Give me Convience or Give me Death

Don King, One Two Punch

Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde on Blonde, Greatest Hits Volumes 2 and 3

Fugees, The Score

Jawbreaker, 24 hr Revenge Therapy

Matmos, A Chance To Cut It Is A Chance To Cure

Metallica, Kill 'em all

Minor Threat, Complete Discography

Make Up, Save Yourself, Destination Love, Sound Verite

Nation Of Ulysses, 13 Point Program To Destroy America

New Order, Best Of

Operation Ivy, Operation Ivy

Orbital, Middle Of Nowhere

Peter Sellars, Territory Of Art Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon

Pre Basso Continuo, Welcome To The Dude Club, Dropping The Deuce, Mustache

Sonic Youth, 1985

Velvet Underground, Loaded, (with Nico-) Andy Warhol

Wu Tang Clan, Enter the Wu Tang

Burned CD's

Bandwidth, Bandwidth

Beastie Boys, Check Your Head

The Faint, Danse Macabre

Jawbreaker, Dear You

Make Up, I Want Some

Moby, Hymn.Alt.Quiet.Version, End Of Everything

Nation Of Ulysses, Plays Pretty For Baby

Paul Oakenfold, Global Underground 002

Radiohead, OK Computer

Kurt Schwitters, UR Sonata

Eliot Smith, Roman Candle and Either/Or on one Disc

Souxsie and the Banshees, an Assorted Mix of songs

DJ Spooky, A Pre Release Mix of Under the Influence

Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense, Sand In The Vasoline

Velvet Underground, Velvet Underground

Ypants, Periodic Document

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