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Turbulence.org Commission: besides by Annie Abrahams and Martina Ruhsam besides, 3 networked performances
by Annie Abrahams and Martina Ruhsam
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Annie and Martina will investigate the performative potential of real time computer-mediated communication. By listening to each other's gestures (in a visual and acoustic sense) they will choreograph each other's actions, despite Annie being in Montpellier, France and Martina being in Berlin, Germany. Will they be able to create an intimate space within two webcam windows framed side-by-side on their screens? What will emerge when two vulnerable bodies, their silences, fragmented communication, a few mundane objects, and a lot of uncertainty collide?
A Travel Guide by Allison Parrish A Travel Guide
by Allison Parrish
with funds from the Jerome Foundation, now celebrating 50 years
of the creative spirit of emerging artists

A Travel Guide is a web-based, location-based, mobile-centric application for randomly creating short, poetic texts in the style of the travel guide. A Travel Guide has as its goal to give its visitors an alternate reading of place, through the serendipitous juxtaposition of their current location with evocative procedural text. [Enable/Allow Geolocation in your browser]
text_ocean by Zannah Marsh text_ocean
by Zannah Marsh
with funds from the Mational Endowment for the Arts

text_ocean is an experiment in random access reading and text visualization, using Herman Melville's notoriously impenetrable whalefishery epic Moby Dick as source material. Selections of the text are blown apart and become a dynamic sea of words, animated according to grammatical function. The user "reads" the text by 'hooking' and releasing words and, in the process, disconnects them from their original lines. Thus Moby Dick is slowly, randomly rewritten by the user, word by word, as she reads. [Opitmized for Google Chrome]
Xanadu The Xanadu Hijack
by Curt Cloninger
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Curt and Jordan Cloninger have created a logo that will hijack the proper noun "Xanadu" in Google Images; so that a Google Images search for "Xanadu" returns a tiled collage of Xanadu Hijack logos. At the Xanadu Hijack website, various versions of the Xanadu logo are available for participants to download, manipulate, watermark, tag, and upload. Or, they can simply use the social media buttons to tag and repost the logos. Curt has also provided several pre-watermarked, Xanadu-related images – Olivia Newton John, Kubla Khan, Citizen Kane, Ted Nelson, the New Jersey Mall – which can be reposted and tagged as well. If you want to hijack Cloninger's hijack by associating the logo with cats or unicorns that would be wonderful. Participants who demonstrate a lot of network influence or just have clever ideas will be paid, until the money runs out.
"Making Love: Poetry In Motion" by Omer & Tal Golan Making Love: Poetry In Motion
by OMTA (Omer & Tal Golan)
with funds from the Jerome Foundation, now celebrating 50 years
of the creative spirit of emerging artists

We cannot predict whom we will fall in love with, where s/he will be from, or in what language we will hear words that stir our emotions and excite us to our core. Poetry In Motion appropriates real time tweets about love from http://twitter.com and – by using semantic analysis algorithms – generates an endless, variable poem based on random choices made by each reader's computer. Thus, Poetry In Motion relies on global telecommunications networks and social groups to crowdsource poetry and reveals all the love in the world at any given moment. [Sound on. Optimized for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari]
Global Direct by Paolo Cirio Global Direct
by Paolo Cirio
with funds from the Jerome Foundation, now celebrating 50 years
of the creative spirit of emerging artists

Promoting global, participatory democracy Global Direct is a political philosophy driven by information technology and the failure of current political systems to respond to the complexities, crises, and speed of contemporary life. Inspired by the tradition of utopian artistic visions, and informed by extensive research, Cirio's fifteen organograms illustrate alternative protocols, procedures and policies for actualizing a global democratic system. On the website you will also find an invitation to "Suggest a Slogan," video statements by prominent advocates of participatory politics, and more. The slogans and printed posters of the Global Direct campaign will be disseminated through social networks and in physical public spaces. Global Direct showcases how distributed networking technologies can be used for participatory decision-making, transparent accountability, and civil awareness.
Turbulence Commission: "Grow Old" by Jason Freeman Grow Old
by Jason Freeman
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Grow Old is a streaming EP that reflects upon the malleability of digital audio in a cloud-based musical world. The music, regenerated daily by a simple computer program, changes subtly from one day to the next and more dramatically over the course of weeks, months, and years. So just as we constantly bring new perspectives and experiences to the music we hear, the music itself also changes over time. The web site includes the current version of each of the EP's four tracks, extensive notes on each track, the computer source code used to generate each track, and subscription links to automatically receive new versions as a podcast.
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