Live Stage: Corps Sonore [Lausanne]

16609_desc.jpgCorps Sonre / Digital Art Weeks :: September 25 - November 27, 2009 :: EPFL / ARCHIZOOM, SG 1231 (building SG) / Station 15 /, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Participants include: Pascal Amphoux, Michel Bonvin, Art Clay, Enrico Costanza, Sabine von Fischer, Luca Forcucci, Thierry Fumey, Stephen Gill, Londres Florian Hecker, Alexandre Joly , Christina Kubisch, Ellen Fellmann, Bernhard Leitner, Christian Marclay, Yves Mettler, Max Neuhaus, Carsten Nicolai, Fréderic Post, Joel Vacheron, Tamara de Wehr

When experiencing architecture completely, all of our senses should be apprehended. The increased presence of images surrounding us nowadays privileges sight alone – which makes us forget that architecture is also a whole capable of resonance.

Sound is omnipresent, from the rumblings of a city to the reverberations of a room. For the exhibition, many artists / architects / engineers / musicians will tune the space with “acoustic phenomena” that cover the greater part of the spectrum. These will act like “sonic freeze-frames” that may be heard and observed to understand a bit more of the sound-filled world which we inhabit. The acoustic installations are on par with “mute” ones, thereby forming a conversation through which the authors can express their respective approaches.

This body of works maps a ringing journey that will transform the Archizoom space into a vast echo chamber, where, in the words of Claudel, the eye is invited to listen.

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