Roberto Pugliese: Digital Bio-Acoustics

audiovideo_claudiomusso031.jpgRoberto Pugliese: Digital Bio-Acoustics:: An Interview for Digimag :: … Pugliese put his expertise at the disposal of artists and while doing so he managed to develop his own personal poetic experience. Sound is the protagonist of his installations and the construction of a visual universe — he is actively involved in the creation of real environments. Nature is a model both for the sound industry and for visual production. The devices for sound reproduction are arranged in space according to phytomorphic lines, the cables inhabit the walls like climbing plants and the speakers are like flowers blooming. Music composition is then engaged in synthetic circuits, relying on computational logics which manage frequencies, inputs and tracks. Sometimes the presence of nature is represented through ready-made elements, other times it is suggested or evoked by the diffusion of sound.

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