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Phill Niblock: Aomori Water

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

phillniblock_0_301_740_358_682_330.jpgAmori Water will play at the Listening Gallery, SFCA [isaw+subtropocs] :: studio 101, 924 Lincoln road, miami beach :: until May 1, 2013 ::

“Aomori Water is a sound collage piece made in 1998, in Aomori Japan. I was in a residency with other artists. A Japanese sculptor was making a round house and wanted a sound piece to play in it. I recorded some very gentle waves lapping the beach, for the first part. And a very small mountain stream, flowing, for the second part. I layered 8 tracks. This was the first work that I did in ProTools.” — Phill Niblock

Live Stage: Soundcorridors [Brooklyn, NY]

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

event-2004-1.jpgSoundcorridors: Sound Engaging Architecture:: February 12, 2012; 5:00 pm :: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

Using a multichannel soundsystem throughout the entire space, a handful of sound artists activate the unique acoustics of Roulette’s new 1920’s Art Deco theater with multi-channel spacialized sound.

Featuring: Maria Chavez, Mario Diaz de Leon, Sabisha Friedberg, Alfredo Marin, Zeljko McMullen, Daniel Neumann, Tristan Shepherd, Doron Sadja, Ben Vida.

For more information here.

Call: Exploring Worlds of Participatory Art, Architecture, & Music

Monday, October 24th, 2011

overlaidrealities.jpgCall for Submissions :: Worldmaking as Techné: Exploring Worlds of Participatory Art, Architecture, & Music:

The editors of this book project were drawn together by a common outlook that the creation of work is the creation of concepts, joining the efforts of theory and praxis in one process (techné), and that the results of our works are the expression of an ontological proposition (worldmaking). This connection was the catalyst to host the panel discussion, The Volatility and Stability of Worldmaking as Techné, at the Inter-Society of Electronic Arts conference 2011 (ISEA 2011). (more…)

orbitor by Mark Bain renders architecture audible [Middelburg]

Friday, January 15th, 2010

mark_bain_orbitor.jpg orbitor by Mark Bain (USA) :: January 16, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. to February 14, 2010 :: De Vleeshal, Markt, Middelburg, Netherlands ::

From 17 January through to 14 February 2010 the Foundation for Visual Arts Middelburg (Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg) will present American artist Mark Bain’s exhibition orbitor at De Vleeshal, on the Markt. The exhibition’s opening, on 16 January at 5 p.m., will be marked by an audio performance by Mark Bain.

In orbitor, Mark Bain uses the De Vleeshal itself, once Middelburg’s town hall, as an instrument. As do all buildings, De Vleeshal produces sound: the resonant history of different materials in time and space. Here electricity, radio waves and other social systems continually circulate; hidden movements of which we are not always aware. (more…)

Live Stage: Shared Frequencies [NYC]

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

n180532063149_18.jpg30 Seconds off an Inch: Shared Frequencies with Kabir Carter:: November 22, 2009; 2:00 - 5:00 pm :: The Studio Museum in Harlem, 144 West 125th Street, New York, NY.

As part of the Museum’s current exhibition 30 Seconds off an Inch, come experience the synthetic sounds of Shared Frequencies (2009) performed by artist Kabir Carter. The work moves between sound, performance and installation by converting architecture to sound and vice-versa. Using radio scanners and synthesizers to process an array of street reverberations and noises, Carter creates an electro-acoustic chorus of urbane life and an urban landscape.

Call for Papers: Artech 2010 [Guimarães]

Monday, October 12th, 2009

call.jpgArtech 2010: Envisioning Digital Spaces, the 5th International Conference of Digital Arts :: April, 21 - 23, 2010 - Guimarães, Portugal :: Full papers submission: November 27, 2009.

Artech 2010 is the fifth international conference held on the topic of Digital Arts. It aims at promoting contacts between Iberian and International contributors concerned with the concept, production and dissemination of Digital and Electronic Art. (more…)

Live Stage: Corps Sonore [Lausanne]

Friday, September 11th, 2009

16609_desc.jpgCorps Sonre / Digital Art Weeks :: September 25 - November 27, 2009 :: EPFL / ARCHIZOOM, SG 1231 (building SG) / Station 15 /, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Participants include: Pascal Amphoux, Michel Bonvin, Art Clay, Enrico Costanza, Sabine von Fischer, Luca Forcucci, Thierry Fumey, Stephen Gill, Londres Florian Hecker, Alexandre Joly , Christina Kubisch, Ellen Fellmann, Bernhard Leitner, Christian Marclay, Yves Mettler, Max Neuhaus, Carsten Nicolai, Fréderic Post, Joel Vacheron, Tamara de Wehr

When experiencing architecture completely, all of our senses should be apprehended. The increased presence of images surrounding us nowadays privileges sight alone – which makes us forget that architecture is also a whole capable of resonance. (more…)

Situated Technologies Pamphlets 2

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

urb1.jpgSituated Technologies Pamphlets 2: Urban Versioning System 1.0 :: Matthew Fuller and Usman Haque with illustrations by David Cuesta :: now available from

The second volume of the Situated Technologies Pamphlet Series asks the question: what lessons can architecture learn from software development, and more specifically, from the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) movement? Written in the form of a quasi-license, Urban Versioning System 1.0 posits seven constraints that, if followed, will contribute to an open source urbanism that radically challenges the conventional ways in which cities are constructed. (more…)

David Byrne’s “Playing the Building”

Friday, June 6th, 2008

bmb_final_400.jpgThe Lower Manhattan Cultural Council has just announced the selection of 13 artists and arts organizations to receive support through its Grants for Art in Public Spaces program, made possible with the support of the September 11th Fund. The list can be found here. It includes the following by David Byrne:

The landmark Battery Maritime Building will be the site of artist David Byrne’s massive undertaking, Playing the Building, produced by non-profit arts organization Creative Time. The 9,000 square foot building will be transformed into an interactive musical instrument through the use of a retrofitted antique organ, which will serve as the interface for the public’s interaction, triggering musical sounds produced by the building’s structure. (more…)

Tuned City Symposium [Berlin]

Friday, May 30th, 2008

tuned.jpgTUNED CITY

Over five days, July 1-5, the symposium will approach the topic architecture and sound from five different theoretical and spatial perspectives. The chosen venues - spaces built for the production or reception of sound, acoustically flawed or impossible spaces, public and semi-public urban spaces, finished and planned spaces, wasteland or cultivated spaces, indoor and outdoor locations - each serve to illustrate the topics of that day, and offer a mixture of lectures, artistic presentation, performances and examples of working architectural practice.

Below you will find a rough overview of the themes, places and times. For information on the single slots of these blocks and to the participants please visit our website: (more…)