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Radius Episode 57: Amanda Gutiérrez [Chicago, IL]

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

radius.jpgRadius Episode 57: Giants Are Sleeping (00:00*) by Amanda Gutiérrez :: Installation and Broadcast from Comfort Station, Logan Square, Chicago :: November 29, 2014, 7:00 - 10:00 pm (CST).

Giants Are Sleeping aims to reflect the identity, transformation, and ownership of one Chicago electrical substation. Exploring the relationship between human memory and architecture, the installation pairs an interview with Kenneth Corrigan, a bookseller who inhabited the abandoned electrical substation in 1984, with a charcoal animation that uses substation photo archives as its main reference. Drawing techniques are the vehicle to convey symbolic connections that link the historical aspects of these buildings, while the radio becomes the narrative’s voice over. (more…)

Net_Music_Weekly: n-Polytope: Behaviors in Light and Sound after Iannis Xenakis [Gijón]

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

chris_salter.jpg[Chris Salter working at his installation in the Exhibitions Gallery of the Art Centre. Photo:LABoral/Sergio Redruello] n-Polytope: Behaviors in Light and Sound after Iannis Xenakis - A performance-installation by Chris Salter in collaboration with Sofian Audry, Marije Baalman, Adam Basanta, Elio Bidinost and Thomas Spier :: until September 10 :: LABoral, Los Prados, 121, 33394 Gijón, Spain.

n-Polytope: Behaviors in Light and Sound after Iannis Xenakis is a contemporary re-imagining of the Greek composer and architect Iannis Xenakis’s radical architectural environments called Polytopes (from the Greek poli, ‘many’ and topos, ‘space’). (more…)

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot [Troy]

Friday, September 9th, 2011

empac.jpgCéleste Boursier-Mougenot: untitled + index :: until November 5, 2011 :: EMPAC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY. (more…)

Calabi Portal Project RFQ

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Calabi Portal Projecta laboratory for ideas and the imagination :: Call for Proposals — No Deadline.

This competition is open to visionary designers, artists, architects, and scientists, and any collaborative combination. All designs will be theoretical. No background or experience in engineering, construction, or actual fabrication materials is required as the structure will be self-generating and assembling. The challenge is to conceive of the possibilities of an architectural visualization of 10 dimensional space incorporating the six dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold. The proposed structure is to take the form of what we loosely describe as a “Tower”, and is open to interpretation. It may also contain or emanate light and sound.

See website for more information. Sponsored by the Multiverse Research Institute.

“Coincidence Engines” by [The User]

Friday, March 26th, 2010

ce1_santral_crdt.jpgCoincidence Engines by [The User]: The first two works in the Coincidence Engines series are subtitled One: Universal People’s Republic Time, and Two: Approximate demarcator of constellations in other cosmos. These two installations approach the idea of “co-incident” events from complementary perspectives. Coincidence Engine One (watch) assembles a large number of unsynchronized clocks whose combined ticking sounds produce an unusual and intriguingly organic sonic environment. Coincidence Engine Two (watch) develops a sophisticated synchronization control and amplification system around a group of specially-modified clocks that enables the artists to articulate audio-visual compositions by programming and sequencing the clocks’ ticking behaviour.

The notion of concrete sound, and the specificity of the listener’s relationship to sound sources in space are central to [The User]’s approach. (more…)

Live Stage: Experiments on the Notation of Shapes [Hong Kong]

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

ens1.jpgExperiments on the Notation of Shapes by Joao Vasco Paiva :: February 12 - April 4, 2010 :: Opening Reception: February 12; 7:00 - 9:00 pm :: Artist Talk: March 24; 7:00 pm :: Unmeasured Music: March 31; 7.30 pm :: I/O (Input/ Output), 31 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Experiments on the Notation of Shapes by Portuguese artist and Hong Kong resident, Joao Vasco Paiva, is a generative multi-channel video installation where Hong Kong cityscapes are used as coordinates for sound synthesis. Computational translation, footage of urban planning and architectural elements are used as a musical score. In this work, a post-apocalyptic aura consumes the concrete form of the metropolis. Two wall-based projections present Hong Kong cityscapes. The city, its emptiness and its structure are kept in “time images” that solicit contemplation. (more…)

Novi_sad North American Tour

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

noramtour_2009.jpgNovi_sad’s North American TourNovi_sad (Thanasis Kaproulias, b. 1980) graduated from the Economic University of Piraues. He lives and works in Athens, Greece. Influenced by the pioneers of audio assault, he began generating sounds in 2005. Amplified environmental recordings, drone manipulations, structured ambient soundscapes, microtones vs overtones, all come together in a hyper structure of iconoclastic form.

Novi_sad’s artistic output displays a high level of technical ability, as well as a sensitivity to the nuances of location. The strength of his soundscapes works in the same elaborateness for the whole creation process, starting from a basis of very strong conceptualism, the intense examination of field recordings over the actual composition work, to the point of performing back the result onto location. Every sound that occurs is treated with a sculptural integrity and his sonic power operates on a level in which the audience participates as transcendental listeners. (more…)

Net_Music_Weekly: Shotgun Architecture at P40

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

shotgun.jpgFILTER and ONOMATOPEE at P40 in Hamburg present Shotgun Architecture at P40A sound and light installation by Justin Bennett :: until 11th of January 2009 :: Alte Pathologie/P40, Friedrichsberger Strasse 32, D-Hamburg.

Can one make sound visible? What happens to our thought processes and emotional perception when sound and its movement is performed or even manipulated in space? Mapping urban space and its architecture through the sound of a gunshot, the method Justin Bennett is currently using, entails numerous domains of expression.

P40 is a turn of the century building with an ornamental red brick facade, a cupola roof and spaces with high ceilings. Built as pathology department for the Eilbek hospital until its privatization, the space has been used and redefined for different purposes over the last decade. Bennett analyzed this piece of architecture with a gunshot and recorded its echoes. (more…)

“Corpus” by Art of Failure

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

corpus.jpgCorpus, by Art of Failure (Nicolas Maigret and Nicolas Montgermont), uses the potential which has any object to be set in vibration, and to produce its own tone. Every presentation is based on a specific place and context, and aims to express an usually imperceptible potential of the various present elements (furniture, walls, objects). These various elements are set in vibration by low frequencies via an computer program which analyzes the resonances of the site. Every element then produces its own sound signature. The architectural space is discovered in the form of a complex volume but also through the resonant specificities of its various components.

This installation is based on a program which analyzes, in a given place, the frequencies that makes the objects and elements it contains entering in vibration. This first phase is realized by the broadcasting in the place of a test sound signal that is simultaneously recorded and analyzed. (more…)

Net_Music_Weekly: Soundscape Forever

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

n26171166327_2135.jpgThe concept of ‘Soundscape’ appeared in the sixties in the work of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer- reaching a larger audience in 1973 through the World Soundscape Project and in the book The Soundscape - Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World, published in 1977.

Even if one disregards his naturalistic approach to the idea of a landscape, there remains in Schafer’s work an obstinacy to make art out of what is perceived as sonic nuisance — an important step which laid the foundation of an attitude that is still alive among scholars and composers today.

More than 30 years on, the programme Soundscape Forever revisits the concept with an original series of sixteen pieces by international artists (Michael Batalla, Yannick Dauby, eRikm, Xavier Fassion, Zoe Irvine & Mark Vernon, Damien Magnette, Patrick McGinley aka Murmer, NG, Etienne Noiseau, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Kassian & Ulrich Troyer, Els Viaene, Chris Watson). (more…)