How to book a transit?

Step 01 : select location of departure / arrival
- In the booking window, choose a location of departure [from] and arrival [to].
- Choose the amount of stopovers you wish to make.
- Click SEARCH

Step 02: wait a sec
- The system is checking available sounds in the database.
Just wait; after a few seconds, your transit-selection will appear.

Step 03: select your transit
- You will see an overview of your chosen locations. Below the overview, you select your final transit.
- When you have made your selection, click NEXT

Step 04: final transit
- You will see an overview of your final transit.
This exist of information about the sounds from the chosen locations [sounds], the stories behind the sounds when they were recorded [information] and information about the soundartist [by].
- To see exactly where the sounds are coming from, click VIEW MAP
- To download the generated soundfile, click the link in the download window.
- To send your transit to someone else, fill in the send form. The link of your transit with the overview of your transit, including the link of the downloadable soundfile will be send.

You still have a problem booking your transit? Write us an email with the title: soundtransit-book-problem and we will try to help you asap.

Enjoy your transit!
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