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How to search for sounds?

Step 01 : fill in search form
- Fill in a keyword, or choose from the pulldown menu a country, location and/or artist.
- Click SEARCH

Step 02: results
- A list of your search-results will appear.
- Click MAPVIEW to view your results on a map

How to upload your sounds?

- Click browse to select the file you want to upload.
- Give your soundfile a title
- Write down the description of the recording [story behind the sound, background information] in the 'description' field.
- Choose from the pulldown menu the country and location where your sound was recorded.
If the location does not appear in the pulldown menu, you can choose the exact location of your sound on the next page.
- Click NEXT

How to locate your sound on the map?

- Select from the pulldown menu a country
- Fill in the name of the location in the location field
- Find the location on the map where you recorded your sound, click on that spot and a red dot will appear.
To change your location, click again and choose a different location.
- To finalize your upload, click the button [save]
- Your personal info page will appear. The uploaded sound is added to your list of sounds.


If any problems occur in the process of uploading or searching of the sounds, please let us know. Send an email with the title: soundtransit-search-problem or soundtransit-upload-problem and describe your problem clearly. If any error messages appear, include them in your email.

Enjoy SoundTransit!
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