iPak - 10.000 songs, 10.000 images, 10.000 abuses

generative art as re-generative force, art as medicine, polyphonic narrative

consider this an invitation to play and display your art

iPak - 10,000 songs, 10,000 images, 10,000 abuses is a playful, inter-active art work, that integrates your creativity, the random generation of works by a computer, and art engendered by Ajaykumar.

iPak organcially evolves over two years through your art work.

iPak synthesises conceptual, social, and therapeutic process - in an open, participatory work engaging with global themes:

 -  'ecstasy from agony': the re-generative force of art, of art-making as a medicine to transcend suffering and pain; of inspirational art emerging from tragedy; of trauma engendering original insight.

 -  the notion, that marginalisation because of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, creed, status, may engender mental illness.

iPak is open to all. While art emerging from personal experience is particularly welcomed, you do not have to be 'mad�', 'disabled', or have experienced discrimination to upload your art. You just need to be playful, imaginative, and responding to the themes in whichever way you creatively wish.

Together with its playful inter-activity, and generative processes, iPak facilitates a space of immersion and contemplation. iPak involves three inter-connecting works: chaos, jukebox, and platform:

platform is an online gallery where you can exhibit your works in response to the themes, as well as upload your biographic information. You can upload still images, videos, animation, texts, music, sounds, and ideas on the themes.  You can also upload the art of others that inspire you, if there are no copyright issues. Your art becomes a part of chaos and jukebox: creating an organic ever-changing, evolving, relational entity in cyberspace.

chaos and jukebox involve random generation of art works, to create an entirely new composition each time you view it.

jukebox also allows you to select and play with combinations of material: creating your own private chaos: unique and different with each play.

ready to play and exhibit your art:  platform     chaos      jukebox   


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