platform is an evolving, ever-changing gallery

This gallery enables you to create your own personal gallery. You can easily upload and display your stills (photography, graphics, scans of paintings etc.), sound/music, poetry, video, animation and texts, which are artistic and/or intellectual responses to iPak's themes.

Works created with mobile/cell phones are particularly welcomed as this was the aesthetic and technique of much of the initial work composed for iPak.

gallery is open to all. You do not have to be 'mad', 'disabled', have experienced racism etc. to upload work. You just need to be interested and stimulated by the themes.

gallery also allows you to upload biogpraphic and other information about yourself that you can edit at any time, as well as edit and deltete your work whenever you want. You can use your real name or any other of your choosing.

You can also view the uploaded work of other people.
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