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United Kingdom
Performance Art Dance In the dance improvisations and visual performances I develop, I focus on the transformative potential of human beings and their existence as a creation. Using a dreamlike movement expression, I am attempting to give form to the formless, revealing with my body, psychological states only perceptible through the senses. The interaction between time, stillness, sound, silence and (when possible) lighting is at the centre core of my practice interest. This specific articulation reinforces the sculptural quality of the movement I do, thus expressing poetically the flow of human emotions. In this constant exploration, I am investing the relationship between the forms, the contents and the spectatorship, hoping to stimulate spectator’s imagination and unfold our capacity to hear, see and perceive our inwardness.
still image

SenseSense 2008
Attempt to articulate my practice as a visual artist and performer. Woman are you dancing inside?