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Chas de Swiet
Chas was on course for a fairly conventional life before first being not in consensual reality (NICR). He has seen some of the best and worst that the system can offer and sees his ‘breakthroughs’ as having had a positive influence on his life. He has been working in the field of disability / mental health arts and media for the past seven years. First at London Disability Arts Forum and then at Mental Health Media as Production Manager and Head of Operations. He is currently working at London 2012 as Disability Cultural Associate. Chas plays electric violin in the band Demons in Paradise (shortlisted for the 2006 Dada music award), has released several CDs, has been commissioned to make sound tracks for Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, Historic Royal Polices and Graeae Theatre Company, and is an independent filmmaker. In 2003 he was awarded a grant by Artsadmin to create – an online interactive first person portrayal of hearing voices. The site has been selected to be showcased in Washington DC and New York as part of Renascence 07. He has a keen interest in the parallels between some mental health experiences and shamanism. Chas has run workshops on subjects including, mental health & civil rights and mental health & film at the National Film Theatre, University College London, various conferences and in schools.
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