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Cecilia Sandrini

United Kingdom
When I am within the clean white space of the gallery my ideas flow with the nature of two-dimensional beautifully displayed drawings, photography or screenprints, but when I am given a site with history and heritage I start to get excited about the possibilities of a location; I want to create an intervention. I am an artist, a creator, a fabricator, but must of all I\\\'m full of ideas. Ideas which are reactions to society, to my own situation, to others situations, to press and propaganda, to equality and ultimately to truth. The work is not meant to be viewed as a conclusion, just a starting point for debate, for conversation. I am an articulate, ambitious and prolific artist whose primary aim is to create new and exciting work. I am not restricted by medium, only the purity of a conception. My work is diverse ranging from print to embroidery, installation to drawing, neon to the ready-made. What will be the next piece? The idea will control everything. During my artistic career I have had to behave as a creative and businessperson, realizing that an exhibition cannot exist without organization, advertising, press releases and a great poster. This has then developed with the inclusion of limited edition prints, bags and postcards to allow the audience to remember my work. This commercial behavior is simply a reaction to the consumer climate we live in, and the need to make my name be known beyond the exhibition. Works that have been created have required different process; mostly being self-reliant adventures, but at times my work has required negotiation, planning permission and organizing technicians and fabricators to realize my vision. Aspirations for the future include a creative career, a solo exhibition in a European city and to be included in Art World publication.
still image

Leave Your WeaponsLeave Your Weapons 2008

Untitled (We may not be the Future) (embroidered)Untitled (We may not be the Future) (embroidered) 2008

Judge Me (close up)Judge Me (close up) 2008

Judge MeJudge Me 2008

UntitledUntitled 2007

Someones Loss Brightened My DaySomeones Loss Brightened My Day 2007