Welcome to Readers of The Score

Thank you for your interest in composing your own version of Piano Etudes. To create your own version and share it with other readers of The Score, a series of writings by composers on The New York Times’ Web site, follow these steps.

1. Click on an etude below to begin creating your own version.

2. Once you are happy with your version, click the sharing menu on the left side of the screen, click the “Save and share my etude” link, and then click the button labeled “submit to a special gallery for readers of The Score.”

I am no longer considering new submissions to the gallery for performance by the pianist Jenny Lin. Look for an upcoming post on The Score to feature recordings of the etudes I chose and thoughts on all of the submissions.

Please also take a look at the special gallery of versions submitted by other readers of The Score.

I: Observing Squirrels

While writing this etude, I faced some writer’s block and often stared out the window of my home office, marveling at the acrobatic agility and acorn-munching expertise of the dozens of squirrels outside.

II: Learning to Dance

The pitch material for this etude is loosely drawn from the music for the first dance at my wedding.



III. Reading a Poem

This etude expands upon a musical passage I originally wrote for a setting of a poem by Mark Strand.




IV. Trying to Be Hip

This etude began with a cheesy techno bass line I used to demonstrate sequencing software in my computer music class.

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