jukebox is the second in the iPak trilogy of interactive and inter-connecting works.

jukebox offers you playful interactivity. Drawing from iPak’s gallery archive, you can choose, from a selection, which sounds and music to listen, in relation to a particular flow of texts, still images, and video; or which stills, texts, videos to view in relation to particular sounds and music. These inter-act with a random generation of items engendered by the computer programme. This programme utilises a database of works initially created by Ajaykumar, and eventually expanded through the submission of works by you and others.

Each time you play the jukebox, it is your own private chaos. In jukebox, new meanings, ideas, feelings may be generated each time you play through your personal montage in relation to the computers. The particular montage of images will almost never again be repeated, even after a hundred million years.

With jukebox you can have playful interaction with the entire archive of art works uploaded by people on the themes. At any one play you can choose up to two videos and any number of sounds, texts, still images, animation, which then randomly interact with each other.

It is your personal jukebox, your own private chaos, where new meanings, ideas, feelings may be elicited each time, through your private montage, each time you choose to play.

select items for your personal jukebox