chaos is the first in the iPak trilogy.

chaos is a generative art work that is an ever-changing, random interplay of video, still images, poetry, sound/music, on the themes, generated by a computer programme.

This programme utilises a database of works initially created by Ajaykumar, and eventually augmented by you. Through this constantly transforming montage, new meanings, ideas, feelings may be elicited, each time chaos is viewed.

While initial images, audio, and texts are engendered by Ajaykumar, chaos evolves and comes fully into ‘being’ through your art and that of others.

You can upload stills, video, animation, texts, sounds, which engage with iPak’s themes, and which become a part of chaos.

Through chaos' montage of random interplay, new meanings, ideas, feelings may be generated each time the work is viewed.

chaos’s random generation works from an initial template design. This template will be changed periodically so that there will be various version of chaos  - chaos 01, 02, 03, etc.

chaos is constantly evolving over two years and more. Each time you view chaos, it will be a unique, special experience, never to manifest again.

to begin uploading your art works go to platform

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