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United Kingdom
storms, trees, rain, mountains, birds, people, tea, music, words, light, breathing, flying, metaphysics, spirituality, dreams, memories, humanness. -------- My work lies mainly within painting and drawing, though I find it hard to differentiate one from the other. They separate only on a very technical level. In a sense all my work is drawn; to draw is to extract or pull, to pull together and encapsulate from a variety of sources. The metaphysical implications of the term drawing interest me. To extract from implies a source, where is the source? Well the mind immediately springs to itself - It acts as a channeller of information and experience. The body can fall into the category of vessel too. Modern science and ancient philosophy from all over the world have placed our being in the body and not just the mind, from neuromuscular tension (memories being stored in the body) to the belief that our soul is found in the blood. Perhaps the soul, then, is the source? I would hazard a guess at all three, collectively. The universe itself. So we are pulling out from the soul a symbolic experience of a space, a time; a way of being.
still image


DremountamedainDremountamedain 2008
The process is healing, the product is a landscape of the ethereal, the psyche, the universe and its children.

I am as Fluid as I am FragileI am as Fluid as I am Fragile 2008
Movement outside the physical, movement without the object?


They're like abstract machines sometimes. The workings of which must be left to themselves for some time before the painting can be finished. My paintings are always painting themselves.

In the Caves of WitchesIn the Caves of Witches 2008